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  1. Its a medal, minatge 2000 by casa de moneda mexico
  2. Medal/ round is in very good condition, no major faults. This unique and rare medal illustrates migrating butterflies en route from Canada to the Sierra Madre Mountains of Mexico. It was issued in celebration of the 96th Anniversary Convention of the American Numismatic Association in Atlanta, Georgia, in 1987. This silver commemorative Proof medal was coined at Casa de Moneda de Mexico by authorization of the American Numismatic Association (ANA), with a maximum mintage of 2,000 worldwide. £165 ono exc shipping charges
  3. 5 oz / 5 onzas Piedra de Las Soles - Calendario Azteca Silver Proof Coin - In extremley great condition £160 ono exc shipping
  4. Nice condition £110 ono exc shipping
  6. 5 oz / 5 onzas 1993 Piramide De El Tajin Silver Coin .999 Silver £137.50 ONO exc shipping
  7. 5 oz / 5 onzas 1986 450 Anos De La Primera Acunacian Silver Proof Coin - Casa De Moneda Mexico £142.50 ONO exc shipping
  8. 5 oz / 5 onzas Fusion De Dos Culturas Mexican Silver Coin .999 Silver Proof coins , unsure of date minted Has hairlines and scratches £125.50 ONO
  9. 5 oz / 5 onzas 1992 Piedra Te Tizoc Silver Coin .999 Silver Very good condition £142.50 or ONO exc shipping
  10. 5 oz / 5 onzas 1998 Atlantes Mexican Silver Coin .999 Silver Very nice condition Price £152.50 - ONO exc shipping
  11. Libertad Photo Thread...

    5 oz Libertads BU 1996 to date. Glazed both sides by myself. Capsules are from Casa de Moneda, Mexico , held in tightly in 8mm of foam board and card; holes cut in to foam board to house numerous silica sachets.
  12. NGC Grading Submissions Open

    Hi Numi when are you next sending coins to NGC fir grading , I have a few I would to get graded. If you can let me know that would’ve awesome, thank you
  13. 2017 Swan PROOF Coin ON SALE NOW!

    I have 5 proof Silver Swans for sale - £95 exc shipping. PM me if you are interested.