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  1. I'm with plusnet fibre which I think is a arm of bt , not the fastest , about 35Mb but that does me and it's reliable and not a bad deal
  2. September 2017 Premium Member Prize Draw

    congrats @Madstacks, nice haul there
  3. I'll happily vouch for @Silvergun , I've purchased off him with no problems whatsoever
  4. Silver Full Crowns

    Personally I think they are cracking coins , especially the 1818 . I love the old crowns I've no idea on price though so sorry can't help you there
  5. Today I bought.....

    Id be a bit worried if the packaging on the 100g said monkey like on the first pic !
  6. 1 Dollar Czech Lion Niue Islands 2017

    having the queen on it puts me off tbh , i like the lion design but having her maj on it doesnt seem right to me
  7. Coin catalogues and guides?

    bullion book is good and well worth the money for those of us that prefer books to screens
  8. If you were going to stack just one series of coins

    Britannias all day long for me , can get the older designs for not too much money so easy to back date and get a full run and by far my favourite series . Just a shame that they are now using the same design every year.
  9. PVC/flimsy plastic envelope

    When my old man gave me his collection a couple of years ago they had all been kept up the loft for 40 odd years in pvc flips and there was no damage to any of the silver coins. A couple of the bronze and copper had gone a bit green and were stuck in the flip but nothing major and no idea if this was down to the pvc or other atmospheric conditions.
  10. Im up to date on the few series I collect , can't afford to back date the others at the moment. Not a stacker so not really interested in generic bullion or Westminster type coins Can't afford gold however well it's priced and Not interested in graded coins. That sums it up for me
  11. New coins from Now til 2018

    Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse from the royal mint , that is even worse than the britannia . Absolutely awful
  12. I watched a French stream so couldn't understand the commentary but when the fight ended I put radio 5 on to see what they said about it , the BBC commentators were all saying what a great fight McGregor has had and how close it was ???? Fair enough he landed a couple of shots but they didn't mention the holding , the punches to the back of the head and that a lot of his punches were with the inside of the gloves like slaps . I was biased as I wanted floyd to win but I didn't see anything from McGregor that troubled floyd.
  13. Don't know about that , @Kman in the later rounds all the quality was coming from Mayweather .
  14. It's not like Mayweather hasn't faced people that can punch before though is it ? He's been facing the best boxers for twenty years . The only thing McGregor has got that could worry Mayweather is unpredictability . Of course he's got a punchers chance like you get in every fight but he's never faced anyone with the defensive skills of Mayweather . They are completely different disciplines , to me boxing is far more tactical . Hitting and not getting hit , wearing your opponent down .it's not like the explosive fights you see in MMA. Landing that big punch will be so much harder in boxing than in MMA . Let's see McGregor put on a few pounds and fight GGG a man in his prime , he would batter the **** out of McGregor