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  1. im jealous , you will love it .
  2. not coin related but obviously pompeii is worth a visit although i preferred herculaneum - not as busy and a more manageable size ( you dont realise just how big pompeii is ) . naples can be a bit rough in places , sorrento and positano are beautiful . i love italy and was planning on going back to sorrento sometime this year myself . thats quite some trip you have planned @rarecoinanalyst , how long you going for ?
  3. i buy quite a few items from china (not coins) and the tracking pretty much is useless on all of them , if you order from china i wouldnt even bother checking the tracking as it will drive you mad . usually the items arrive before the tracking on the website you are checking it with is updated .
  4. https://www.dashlane.com/ its free and works a treat . only have to remember one password , automatically fills in forms with name , adress etc (saves no end of time when searching for insurance etc), auto login of websites ,password changer , password generator , saves receipts . essential bit of software
  5. trust me , collectors will notice it . most of us will check coins under a magnifier on receipt . so if you sell make sure you mention it then you have no comebacks
  6. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-38131028 exactly what i said earlier , the bands and management themselves are no better than touts .
  7. The thing is mate I don't think you will find much love on here for the rip off that was the royal mint face value range or for coloured coins.
  8. @barney milk spotting is very different to toning imo , nice toning can improve a coin and looks natural and you can still appreciate the coin . milk spotting on the other hand is the devils work and completely ruins a coins appearance
  9. if anyone wants the ringed caps , the ones i got off @Stu73 are a great fit and well worth the money
  10. small order from stg/coininvest , i will say they there packaging on this order was excellent very well bubblewrapped so no coins banging together. really like the fiji iguana and i actually really like the new brit design with the radial lines .
  11. for sale

    Just a note @RareAGstrikes These coins are bu not proof