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  1. I thought that said " crack" , thought you had a drug problem !
  2. you best book a couple of weeks off work to sort all that lot out !!
  3. St Helena silver 2018 trade dollar

    something along those lines
  4. St Helena silver 2018 trade dollar

    Cracking looking coin.
  5. silver Britannia 2018 ornate border

    Think that looks really good , I would buy one if available elsewhere .
  6. woo hoo ! great stuff . many thanks @Bullionbilly and especially @Piggybank
  7. Picked mine up today , thanks again @BackyardBullion and Mrs
  8. Ugly Coin Designs

    its a dog in every sense of the word
  9. Bugger it , been red carded . Many thanks byb and Mrs byb.
  10. I read a article yesterday where they reckon it's possible it will rise to 60k next year but then they are predicting a massive crash to 1k by 2021
  11. Ugly Coin Designs

    that florida one is a shocker , but the wyoming isnt too bad tbh be nice to have a bit more detail in it though. the pesetas is not bad at all either imo but i dont think we need to go any further than the 2017 britannia proof as the ugliest coin ever with a honourable mention the royal mint lunar dog
  12. Is patience a virtue/ long wait for a coin.

    i certainly remember tutti frutti , never did understand wtf was going on but you didnt really need to
  13. Premium members Christmas prize draw.

    I haven't really got any coins to part with , but if allowed I'll put in twenty quid cash (by PayPal to the winner)
  14. Premium members Christmas prize draw.

    So is it all sorted now then ? It might be a idea to start a new thread with exactly what's happening as I'm a bit lost here