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  1. Rwanda - New Series "Nautical Ounce"

    Think this could be a really good series going by that design . Like it
  2. eBay Shipping Overcharged

    If it was a couple of quid I wouldn't bother but that is taking the piss imo. If it states DHL then it should be DHL . I would complain to the seller first and see what he says , if he doesn't offer a refund then take it further
  3. 2017 Britannia proof

    yes , but then you have to find a 26th person whos mug enough to buy it , which going by the reaction wont be easy
  4. 2017 Britannia proof

    I've ordered the silver proof to keep my run going but it's not nice is it . Wish they would do a vote on the design each year , blue Peter viewers would come up with a better one than that . Gutted really . Wouldn't have thought the 5oz will sell out quickly
  5. You'll get a lot more interest with pics and prices mate
  6. Exactly , I posted a rant about this on another forum . If I'm lucky enough to get a space near my house it's 30 yards away and across a path everyone in my street is in the same boat . If I can't get a space (which happens often) I have to park in a car park about 100 yards from my house , I can't even see my car from my house . Driving around my town I would say there are more houses that don't have a drive or garage than those that do and most that don't , don't have any prospect of adding one. Battery technology will have moved on massively in 23 years but the infrastructure needs to be installed in the next few years to be ready for the changeover. Also this is great news for the French and the Chinese that are building our new power stations and will be charging us some of the highest rates for electricity in the world
  7. claire balding must be on minimum wage as she seems to be on everything
  8. Or the cost of HS2 , which has been estimated to cost over 100 billion Personally I use the BBC far more than any other provider , I do agree though that you should have the choice in this day and age whether you receive it or not Without a doubt those presenters would earn more on commercial channels
  9. Sales thread etiquette

    I'm sure most members on here would check prices elsewhere before any purchase so no need to point it out really.
  10. Tapatalk pic loading test

    Random photo
  11. Instagram Competion - win a 1/4oz Noah's Ark

    No link showing up in the app@chrissilver
  12. Today I received.....

    Recieved my coins from @BackyardBullion monthly order , many thanks mate It's my first 10z and it's so big and heavy it made the koala look so small that at first I thought I had been sent a half oz instead of a 1oz ! Absolutely love it
  13. Spiderman spiderman

    Do these sorts of coins ever increase in value ? . I know there is a big collector market for Star wars ,star trek , superhero etc but does that cross over into coins just because it's got a picture of it on ? (That's a genuine question , not a sarcastic comment ) I could see that the one ounce silver would sell as it's not overly expensive but there can't be that many people that would shell out for the gold surely ? Not that I'm thinking of purchasing one , just wondered.
  14. Opinions on my first purchase

    As has been said, on older coins it's all about the condition rather than the silver content . If the condition is high then the price can be many times the actual silver content price . Nice coin to start with . I would happily buy it off you for what you paid for it !
  15. Atkinson's selling the first set pre-owned for £219 , less than the issue price so there can't be that much demand for them