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  1. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-shropshire-39655769 That's some find , if i find a quid in the street I'm chuffed
  2. Best of luck mate , i was in my last job for about 10 years and grew to hate it , i used to sit and dread going into work every night . it really stressed me out . In the end i said to my Mrs i cant do this anymore and surprisingly she told me to jack it in as she could see how miserable it was making me . I didn't go in that night and went in the next day to tell them I wasn't going back. The very next day i got a phone call from a factory i had applied to about six months before and had heard nothing back from , i went for a interview and started that night , I'm still there 14 years later. Sometimes things just work out so i hope it does for you as well mate as if you are in a job that you end up taking home with you it really is the pits and can easily drag you down. So best of luck
  3. for sale

    I'll have a single as well please
  4. I just edited that as you replied , would only lose 50 not hundred personally i would use the free bet to try and win some cash so would take a gamble with it which might explain why I'm a crap gambler and always skint but each to their own . I can't see Leicester winning but twelves is good long odds imo , can get 14s elsewhere though
  5. If you think about the best thing to do would be to put the pre game bet on Leicester at twelves then put your in play bet on something absolutely ridiculous that will never come in to make sure you get your fifty back or if it does you will win a fortune. Like athletico\ Leicester half time \ full time At worst your 50 down at best your 3 grand up or 600 quid up
  6. Same as that , i had only just started collecting and it seemed a hell of a lot of money for a coin to me at the time . So only got the one ounce . Still my favourite design.
  7. it looks like it woud work , you have written the outcome down wrong for the draw but the outcome is the same . also you are presuming you get the same odds on your inplay bets that your making your calculations on pre game which might not be the case
  8. I reckon I put my bets on the wrong race i had three horses never heard any of them mentioned once
  9. i will buy one if i can get it for the same price as a brit or eagle , i certainly wont pay the silly prices at the moment for a design that is going to stay the same year after year and tbh its not that special a design is it ?
  10. welcome to the forum @ChardLizzie , good to have you here as you will find a lot of us are not on facebook or other social media sites so it will be a good way of letting us know about whats going on at chards. my dad was buying from chards back in the 60's ( they are all in my collection now! )
  11. i was saying exactly this to a scot at work the other night , also if they dont guarantee the rights of eu nationals that already live here then surely scots ( as eu citizens if sturgeon gets her way ) will lose the right to live , work and claim benefits in the rest of the uk as well ? and vice versa for english living in scotland ? its all a absolute **** storm .
  12. That CWC final in Copenhagen against Parma was my first European trip , remember it well . They had one hell of a team Zola , brolin and asprilla - great night. I don't have a programme though . Like a lot of people I went to the 93 cup final but not the replay . I got decent money for my anfield 89 programme and the t shirts they handed out for the last game at Highbury (although I do regret selling that)
  13. one of my mates makes some good money buying football shirts at boot fairs and charity shops then selling them on , some of them go for ridiculous money. as for programmes a lot of them dont go for much tbh , but it all adds up . if youve got a 93 cup final replay programme , that goes for good money though if it is in mint condition . it is about the highest price of any relatively recent arsenal programme