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  1. silver Britannia 2018 ornate border

    Think that looks really good , I would buy one if available elsewhere .
  2. woo hoo ! great stuff . many thanks @Bullionbilly and especially @Piggybank
  3. Picked mine up today , thanks again @BackyardBullion and Mrs
  4. Ugly Coin Designs

    its a dog in every sense of the word
  5. Bugger it , been red carded . Many thanks byb and Mrs byb.
  6. I read a article yesterday where they reckon it's possible it will rise to 60k next year but then they are predicting a massive crash to 1k by 2021
  7. Ugly Coin Designs

    that florida one is a shocker , but the wyoming isnt too bad tbh be nice to have a bit more detail in it though. the pesetas is not bad at all either imo but i dont think we need to go any further than the 2017 britannia proof as the ugliest coin ever with a honourable mention the royal mint lunar dog
  8. Is patience a virtue/ long wait for a coin.

    i certainly remember tutti frutti , never did understand wtf was going on but you didnt really need to
  9. Premium members Christmas prize draw.

    I haven't really got any coins to part with , but if allowed I'll put in twenty quid cash (by PayPal to the winner)
  10. Premium members Christmas prize draw.

    So is it all sorted now then ? It might be a idea to start a new thread with exactly what's happening as I'm a bit lost here
  11. Not as big a task as you will have , checking , packing and sending it all out in separate orders
  12. ive edited it for you @jmichael99
  13. Hi mate and welcome , no need to start four threads saying the same thing though.
  14. I'm with plusnet fibre which I think is a arm of bt , not the fastest , about 35Mb but that does me and it's reliable and not a bad deal