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  1. all depends how you vape . you can get mods (batteries) now that are not much bigger than a box of matches and are more than enough for most people. each to their own but im really not keen on smok products , i like to be able to see my tv
  2. Parents and grandparents both died without wills as far as I know and also they all died long before we moved to this address . From what I can figure out it's the bank reorganising the shares , for each 7 of your old shares you would get one new share .I know nothing about shares it's not something I've looked into She says she's had No dealings with the post office financial side that she can remember , It's just intriguing , it could be 12p ( one share) or it could be a couple of hundred quid . Who knows ? It certainly isn't going to be a large amount as no-one in her family that she knows of had a pot to piss in . It's just strange that this letter has come out of blue and haver never had any notifications from them before so where would they even got her address ?
  3. Bit of a wierd one this , today my Mrs recieved a letter from the bank of Ireland saying the have written to her about her stock holding , the letter looks genuine and it says she doesn't have to do anything and the address to contact for any queries is the actual bank of Ireland address . A copy of the actual letter can be found here http://www.londonstockexchange.com/exchange/news/market-news/market-news-detail/BKIR/13225781.html So it certainly looks genuine but my Mrs doesn't know anything about her being a shareholder ? Her family was Irish so there is a possibility she was bequeathed them somewhere down the line but this is the first she has heard of them . How do you go about finding out if you do actually own shares in a company ? Obviously don't want to pay a lot of money to find out as bank of Ireland shares are pretty worthless unless you own thousands of them. Any advice would be welcome
  4. 78 Thanks @Numistacker nice comp😀
  5. Cracking fight , best heavyweight fight I've seen in a long time . When aj went down thought that was it . Nearly took his head off with that uppercut
  6. so you dont want to sell then ?
  7. think we might have our wires crossed i wasnt commenting on the quality of the coin posted being cracking , but the design . when you said it was awful i thought you was commenting on the design as well . may be im wrong and you do actually think its awful so want to sell me yours ?
  8. yep i think the design of Victoria side is stunning . better than this abomination anyday ( but what isnt ?)
  9. what a result , i might have to start going to car boots again !
  10. it might be overpriced but its still a cracking coin .
  11. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-shropshire-39655769 That's some find , if i find a quid in the street I'm chuffed
  12. Best of luck mate , i was in my last job for about 10 years and grew to hate it , i used to sit and dread going into work every night . it really stressed me out . In the end i said to my Mrs i cant do this anymore and surprisingly she told me to jack it in as she could see how miserable it was making me . I didn't go in that night and went in the next day to tell them I wasn't going back. The very next day i got a phone call from a factory i had applied to about six months before and had heard nothing back from , i went for a interview and started that night , I'm still there 14 years later. Sometimes things just work out so i hope it does for you as well mate as if you are in a job that you end up taking home with you it really is the pits and can easily drag you down. So best of luck