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  1. Is it worth it?

    I feel save with silver. I could be making much money with something else. But with stocks or cryptos I feel a big risk from it crashing down. Silver could go down a little more but not much.
  2. stacking goals 2018

    No clue, can be everywhere between 32 and 300oz. The 1 kg dog I pick up for sure. Maybe some more bullion, depending on the price. Got the feeling most people don't stack much silver anymore, I didn't buy much last year also.
  3. Goldsilver.be advice

    I have 16 orders made by them. Often there goes something wrong that I get some wrong coins. But their costumer service is good and it is always fixed quick. They also film their packaging Everytime so they know I'm not just lying.
  4. Why we don't own bitcoin

    I didn't use any app,I just went to their website coinbase.com for buying cryptos or checking them. I only had the app for 1 day to withdraw my money. Didn't remember what I downloaded. Feel pretty bad about selling them but I don't want to jump back in on these prices. I bought eth for 87 euro before and litecoin for 30 euro.
  5. Silver to Gold ratio is around 78!!

    I own 100% silver. I want to swap half of it to gold but the ratio is holding me back. I hope to see a 50-1 ratio in the next 10 years.
  6. silver price by 2020

  7. Why we don't own bitcoin

    I had a problem before with coinbase too. I had bought a small amount of Bitcoin, litecoin and etherium. 1 day I check my account on my phone and it said I have 0 BTC 0 LTC and 0 eth only the amounts I had in my euro wallet still showed. Then I opened my account on my PC and the BTC,LTC and eth were still there. Few days later also on my PC it said everything was gone, my phone also said 0-0-0 I had the account already several weeks maybe months without problem before. Then I downloaded the app and everything was still there. But I lost my trust and withrawed everything. This was 3 months ago, too bad if you look at what it gained...
  8. I don't know, i didn't hear about it before yesterday. I will still try it then.
  9. Just spend a few hours setting everything up but i give up already, too much work for me. - open a wallet - register at some website to buy the bitcoins Much paperwork these 2 steps but not so hard. Only to find out then that the wallet not work from belgium... so start over again and fill everything it again... - make a wallet - registered at coinbase After finally having everything set up it keep getting the message that my creditcard isn't authorized. No idea what i have to do from here, nothing about it in the FAQ Then i tried by bank transfer that will take several days. To active bank transfers i need send a small amount of money to them to active it. Trying to do that my bank blocks transactions to Estonia. Spend a long time figuring out how to enable sending to Estonia. Finally i want to send them and then i see they only accept sepa payments. Ok.. now i need to figure out what sepa payments are. Registering myself on another website for sepa to figure out you need to have a registration number from a bussines and etc... So, i'll think i stick with silver;
  10. Milk spots and value

    I went ahead and send an email to the dealer. They said milk spots don't affect the price and you will get the price on the website with or without the milkspots. (only for the cheap bullion coins ofcourse)
  11. Some people still buying bitcoin at this price ?
  12. That was an ounce easily made !
  13. Milk spots and value

    Most dealers in belgium have a buy back price for bullion about €1.5 a coin over the spot price. i might assume if it is spotted they drop the 1.5 ?
  14. Milk spots and value

    How does the milk spots affect the value on bullion coins? If you buy kangaroo's/maples/phil or whatever and they get spots, will a coin dealer pay you spot price ? Or the same as a not milked bullion ? Or even below spot ? For semi numismatic there will be a huge drop of course, that's a no-brainer.