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  1. Mouse & Ox is my guess
  2. @sovereignsteve Which are you missing Steve.
  3. Check that the scratch is not on the capsule, the capsules unscrew, if it is on the coin send it back, RM are very good when you send coins back. Although it would be better if they checked coins properly before dispatching to collectors.
  4. for auction

    Cheers Chris pmd
  5. @Kman That old chestnut LOL, personally as I don't collect the £1 coins I wouldn't like to say one way or the other, but if any £1 coin was going to be a flipper this being the 1st of the new coins I would say it would be the one to go for. The problem being with the price being high to start with for all the guys obsessed with the spot price of silver its a risky one for the flippers.
  6. You've hit the nail on the head Mike, the RM know the collectors will be out in force for the £1 coin & as you say they are going to milk the collectors.
  7. @MikeSol That may be but there is a very large collector base for £1 coins (anyone collecting the silver £1 coins will no doubt have to have the new one) & not so much interest in the more recent £2 coin.
  8. for auction

  9. You've answered your own question the 1oz singles are they way to go if you are looking at it purely from a financial stance.
  10. @RareAGstrikes Numismatic & sought .
  11. LOL to each his own.
  12. Low mintage does not mean desirable, you need a number of things, desirability, rarity, quality/credibility & demand from collectors, I've had a look at the coins shown & have zero interest in purchasing any of them at any price. There are numerous private mints minting similar sets/series some of which are interesting to collectors some are not. But very few if any of the private mints have anything that appeals to serious collectors. The exception to that is maybe some Chinese medals minted by private mints. This has all the above & is hugely sought after by collectors worldwide.
  13. 2008 1oz Britannia proof.