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  1. Opinions on the Best collector coins right now?

    Take a very good look at the photo thread, that will give you a good indication of what collectors on this site think is worth buying & what is of lesser interest. DYOR & buy what you like, if you like it chances are someone else in the future will. Personally I would avoid most commemoratives & collectable rounds.
  2. U.K. Isaac Newton Gold Proof - good buy or no?

    Things are going off tangent here, price is what it is, the coin will in all probability not hold its value but if you are a collector & like it buy it, who cares if it may be worth less at sometime in the future view it as a small piece of art & if the subject interests you buy it. If money is an issue buy the silver proof you'll get similar pleasure from looking at that.
  3. Australian Lunars loosing demand?

    @mongo28 S1 & S2 snake are the lowest value lunars it appears people don't particularly like the snake design in bu or proof, just the way it is.
  4. I had the same sort of grief with BT last year. I asked them when I was out of contract, they replied you are out of contract now.So I said unless you drop your price to a sensible level I'm leaving. They immediately dropped the proposed increase & matched a competitor basically saving me £17 per month. So 1st I would get in touch with customer services at SSE & see if they will play ball. Could save you a lot of grief by not switching to another provider.
  5. Today I Received

  6. for sale 2012 5oz lunar dragon silver proof

    Now £175 inc postage.
  7. Today I bought.....

    1oz PF70 silver swan.
  8. for sale 2012 5oz lunar dragon silver proof

    New pics added.
  9. 2012 5oz proof lunar dragon in mint condition, comes with outer box, case & cert £175 inc postage to a UK address PPFF
  10. Today I Received

    Slabbed lunar 1/2 ozers.
  11. completed Kooks BU & proof

    All sold thanks.
  12. completed Kooks BU & proof

    1995 10oz Bu & 1996 2oz proof sold thank you.
  13. completed Kooks BU & proof

    2013 10oz Bu kook ------------------------------------------------------------------SOLD 1995 10oz Bu kook ---------------------------------------------------------------------------SOLD 1996 2oz proof, spade guinea gold privy with case & cert ---------------SOLD 2011 1oz Bu kook in genuine air-tite capsule ----------------------------------SOLD All plus postage of your choice payment paypal FF thanks. Buy 2 or more & I'll post free to a UK address.
  14. completed Kook 1oz twins

    Sold thank you.
  15. completed Kook 1oz twins

    1997 1oz proof & 1998 1oz Bu coins selling as a pair £65 inc postage to a UK address, payment paypal FF. Note re proof no case or cert, coin only. Just to save anyone asking Perth mint used the proof design for the following years 1oz Bu coins thanks.