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  1. Today I Received

    @airmac click the arrow top right.
  2. Britannia BU & Proofs + Photo Albums

    @richatthecroft There were 1997 1oz proofs issued as singles but they are pretty expensive. You don't really need that coin to complete a Bu set though as there were no 1997 Bu's.
  3. Today I Received

  4. Silver 1 ounce Red Dragon of Wales Proof NGC PF 70

    All the MCM QB 1oz dragons PF 70s were pre sold 3 weeks ago, just a case of waiting for ebay sellers.
  5. Britannia BU & Proofs + Photo Albums

    @JohnAnsink I haven't got any Bu's with milkspots 2011 has a bit of fogging the rest are mint, I have them all in US made airtites. I only have 8 1oz proofs & all are perfect. Plus half a dozen slabbed which are also perfect.
  6. @Xander I think if the BBC was an incumbent media channel in the US Trump would brand it a fake news channel. Carney is another peddler of fake news, why he is still at the bank of England I don't know, the man is a disgrace in his continued efforts to talk the UK down.
  7. Britannia BU & Proofs + Photo Albums

    @NewMSmatist15 @richatthecroft @JohnAnsink Here's my video on Bu Britannias
  8. Strange now we are leaving the EU there is no mention by the remoaners & Junkers Barnier etc about the continuing crisis in Greece & the precarious situation in Italy. Funny old world politics, keep silent & take the p--s out of the people, while the politicians continue to feather their own nests.
  9. Britannia BU & Proofs + Photo Albums

    @richatthecroft 1 no idea although 2005 & 2007 are fab designs IMHO 3 no its not sacrilege to remove from a card I did that myself as I couldn't find one in a capsule. I use coin trays for most of my collection. Like below .
  10. Today I Received

    Hi John, yes they were a special issue, they were issued in both gold & silver 1/2oz proofs in 2012. @JohnAnsink Mintage on the silver is 1656 sets, gold only 25 sets. Each coin is actually named within the brochure by the Royal mint
  11. Today I Received

  12. Today I Received

    LOL you got me Steve, as you know I'm a collector & what has annoyed me about Perth Mint is they set the 1/2oz proofs off ( as singles) with the 2011 rabbit. I have the full run of 1oz & 2oz proofs to date but could not complete a set of 1/2 ozers. So my only option was to buy slabbed 1/2ozers which hasn't been that easy to put together as mouse, ox & tiger only come in 3 coin sets , fortunately Perth Mint also pissed off the 3 coin set collectors (by bringing out the 2oz 12 coin set) some of whom split their sets up & slabbed them including a few extremely rare 1/2 ozers which I have, only pig to go & I'll have the full slabbed set of 1/2ozers.
  13. Today I Received

  14. Different NGC holograms?

    Could have been graded years apart & one is a newer version hologram.
  15. Queens Beast Unicorn Stock - Royal Mint Bullion

    OP is talking about 2oz bullion coins, you are talking about 1oz proofs, lion & unicorn come with screw type capsules dragon come with push fit.