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  1. @sovereignsteve Hi Steve I guess that is what it must have been, but as I have already said, it is categorically not on the coin,I have looked at the 2 RRs under the microscope at 45x magnification & it has no spotting or smudge & I'm happy with the coin.
  2. Well why ask then, as I said I'm not concerned why are you so bothered.
  3. Thanks for your concern@shortstack68 I have had a good look at the coin & there is no spotting visible I don't know what that is but it is not on the coin.
  4. @MarkWI wouldn't have sent back a coin that is competitively priced for a small fault on the capsule. I think I'll do the lottery this week as the 3 coins I got arrived intact no loose capsules or marks/scratches on the coins.
  5. Now there's a thought I'd buy a Piedfort Britannia
  6. kook is Bu@shawy2510
  7. This isn't a specific 30th anniversary design it is just another plain fields coin, which I bought about 3 months ago the cert makes no mention of 30th anniversary. The RM is just playing on words & is milking the coin up, I only bought it to keep my run going. See below from RM website specifically "Coin comes at a special time" LOL it is exactly the same as the 2015 & 2016 plain fields coins other than date of 2017 This year the annual release of The Britannia One Ounce Silver Brilliant Uncirculated Coin comes at a special time, as Philip Nathan’s modern masterpiece celebrates its 30th anniversary. His design appeared on the very first Britannia coins issued in 1987, chosen for its contemporary approach to tradition.
  8. for sale

    Dog now £47 inc postage Pig now £50 inc postage, £95 for both inc postage.
  9. PF 70 may not be that rare, currently around 1500, but there is & will be a big demand for the PF 70s as it is an iconic 1st & the gold Krugerrand is the best known 1oz gold bullion coin out there. Another one for my PF 70 box
  10. NGC PF70 2017 1oz silver proof krugerrand
  11. As above dog £50 inc postage to a UK address any marks are on capsules not coins. pig £55 inc postgage to a UK address take both for £100 inc postage PPFF or bank transfer.
  12. Let me clarify I HAVE RECIEVED 3 PROOF SILVER KUGERRANDS FROM COIN PORTFOLIO as I posted earlier in this thread. Yes they are slow & unusual in the way they do things, but I also did a company search on them 2 weeks ago & they are part of group with over £28 million turnover as @ 2016 . Their accounts are fully up to date & I'm not giving lessons on company searches & am not going to publish anything regarding coin portfolio here either. Their year end is the 30th of April & I was also told by phone they are stocktaking, which as anyone in business will know is a huge pain in the backside, so all I can say is I have received mine hopefully everyone else will receive their order. Just as an add on this company is a dream to deal with compared to Samint who I have been talking to on & off for 6 months I even have a named contact within the mint itself & have got no where with them LOL.