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  1. As above please pm me if you have one in hand for sale, I'm not concerned about labels, but definitely do not want one with a black core.
  2. @Gav If you click on someone's avatar there is a record of their trades both buying & selling, similar to ebay. Re buying yes you usually send payment 1st. Re videoing things that would be up to the buyer & seller.
  3. 2015 NGC PF 70 Britannia Definitive Piedfort silver proof & 2016 NGC MS 70 plain fields Britannia.
  4. @Gav Integrity, giving ones word, doing the right thing are all things you can associate with buyers & sellers on here. I have bought & sold many times on here & have never had any grief. Like any buying or selling medium use your common sense, eg if someone who just joins the site is offering 1oz gold coins & has no feedback here ask them to send the coins 1st before payment, usually if they are genuine they do so. Please have no fear buying from sellers with feedback they are decent bunch of people.
  5. Jeremy's new young voter, as mathematically illiterate as the Labour party. Turn sound on & enjoy VID-20170408-WA0002.mp4
  6. @sovereignsteve Hi Steve I guess that is what it must have been, but as I have already said, it is categorically not on the coin,I have looked at the 2 RRs under the microscope at 45x magnification & it has no spotting or smudge & I'm happy with the coin.
  7. Well why ask then, as I said I'm not concerned why are you so bothered.
  8. Thanks for your concern@shortstack68 I have had a good look at the coin & there is no spotting visible I don't know what that is but it is not on the coin.
  9. @MarkWI wouldn't have sent back a coin that is competitively priced for a small fault on the capsule. I think I'll do the lottery this week as the 3 coins I got arrived intact no loose capsules or marks/scratches on the coins.
  10. Now there's a thought I'd buy a Piedfort Britannia
  11. kook is Bu@shawy2510