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  1. for sale

    Bump http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_sacat=0&_nkw=2004 masterpieces set&LH_Complete=1&LH_Sold=1&rt=nc&_trksid=p2045573.m1684
  2. Not only that if you got less than a MS/PF 70 for a relatively unknown coin/ round with very little collector following, the coin would in general make less than the raw coin if you needed to sell. I have seen some cracking bargains on ebay for silver MS/ PF 69 coins(at auction) which have made well less than the raw equivalent, grading is a mine field you have to choose very carefully what you grade or buy graded or you will build an instant loss into your collection. I'm only talking about modern silver coins as I have no real knowledge re modern or older gold coins.
  3. @Vacendak Yep I get the irony, the 1oz gold Krug is probably the best known gold 1 ozer in the world & as it is easily recognised the world over, it is easily traded & sold close to spot. SAMint are obviously trying to do the same as other world mints & milk the collectors but the price they are/were pitching a 1 million run of bullion coins is going to backfire badly IMHO.
  4. @RareAGstrikes You can do an auction on here, a few members have done so, inc myself.
  5. Yes I know they are sold out or possibly EMK sent them back because of quality issues. SAMint have had quality problems with the coins & are no longer quoting prices on their own site. I emailed SAMint twice around 2 months ago re buying directly from them, as it worked out at around £35 per coin. They had them advertised on their site @600 rand I have had no response so I think I'll forget about bullion version. If you are right & proof is 250 euros I'll forget about that as well, at 100 euros I'd buy one as I like the iconic design SAMint never quoted a price for the proof version, so it will be interesting to see how much it will be.
  6. From the off EMK have had it listed for 59 euros, which is ridiculous for a bullion coin with a mintage of 1 million coins, you do get a cert though LOL.
  7. 2013 NGC PF 70 1oz Britannia.
  8. EMK have them on pre sale @ 209 euro https://www.emk.com/en-us/new-releases/pre-sale/panda-150-gram-ichi391709?returnurl=%2fen-us%2fnew-releases%2fpre-sale%2f%23ichi391709
  9. completed

    All done thanks.
  10. completed

    Only 1/2oz coins left.
  11. @silversky Unfortunately nothing is ever simple where politicians & the judiciary are involved & as for the European parliament complete fantasy world those cretins live in.
  12. @sg86 LOL no spots if it had any I would have sent it back, I like the coin & will most likely collect the set, I would have liked to see that design in 2oz proof version but the 1oz is good for now. I'm contemplating the 10oz but it is expensive we'll see.
  13. 1oz Lion of England silver proof.
  14. completed

    Yes 1/2oz coins & roos still available.