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  1. for sale

    Last item & final reduction 2010 kangaroo at sunset $1 silver proof £35 inc postage to a UK address
  2. for sale

    Proof roo Artist set Sold thank you.
  3. for sale

    It's your MZ PM me your address Cheers MB
  4. for sale

    Price reduction on Koala.
  5. for sale

    More coins added.
  6. for sale

    Panda sold thanks.
  7. for sale

    Kook sold thanks.
  8. 2012 1oz gold panda in OMP --------------------------------------SOLD 1994 1kilo proof kook ------------------------------------------------SOLD 1/4oz proof platinum koala, ----------------------------------------SOLD 2009 kangaroo Artists silver proof 3 coin set -----------------SOLD 2010 kangaroo at sunset $1 silver proof £38 inc postage to a UK address 2012 1oz gold nugget -----------------------------------------------SOLD Any marks are dust or scratches on capsule/plastic not coins. Will post worldwide but contact me by PM for postage costs. Payment by PPFF or Bank transfer.
  9. VAT free 1oz PF 70 Queen's beast lion to go with my ungraded coin
  10. @Danny-boy I wasn't talking about you in particular, however you dress it up cars loose massive amounts of money unless used as a tax tool. If you enjoy your cars fine.
  11. Unless you run your own successful business & use buying an expensive car as a tax saving tool they are the fastest way of wasting your money. I have had my fair share of expensive cars over the years(when I was in business) & they are a superb depreciating asset & I use the word asset loosely LOL.
  12. No problem with me signing in, I am a paid up member if that makes any difference.
  13. 2017 1oz plain fields Britannia & 2015 1oz £50 Britannia.
  14. 1oz NGC PF 70 Lion of England.