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  1. Received my 100 cedi coins today,sent signed for. I'm at work all day,but they were delivered and signed for back of 12!! Not even printed my name correctly. Lol
  2. Nice that they sent coins showing both sides. 😊
  3. Trust,with a capital T.
  4. Yorkshire bullion are advertising them for £32.99. Bought a couple last night. They state it is the 100 cedi,with a mintage of 5000,but not shipping till end July. So just need to wait and see. 😕
  5. I would like 1 as well. To keep the mintage down,you should maybe limit it to 1 bar per member,till you see what the demand is.
  6. No. 18 + 19,arrived safe and sound. Lovely!!! Reserve the same numbers for future releases. Ta.
  7. 2 bars for me please,any numbers will do. Ta.
  8. completed

    Reduced to £130. Will withdraw tonight,if no interest.
  9. Looking to sell the 3 together. £140 which includes first class signed for postage. PayPal prefered. Thanks for looking.
  10. I've sold a couple of times on here,and before sending I just simply look at it,and think if I would be happy to receive it.
  11. completed

    Bump, now £93 including delivery.