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  1. Today I received.....

    Don't really know why I bought it,but glad now i did.
  2. completed 2011 silver libertad

  3. completed 2011 silver libertad

    10 x 1oz libs. Bullion condition. Looking for quick sale £175 including 1st class signed for postage. PayPal f+f. preferred.
  4. full sovereigns price

    When selling I just use pp,f+f. But I have bought using both.
  5. Hi,know some of you collect these. Anybody needing this one for their collection?
  6. Rosland Book of Gold Adverts on TV

    Advert looked good,but kept thinking,must be a catch somewhere.
  7. Rosland Book of Gold Adverts on TV

    That must just be an English advert,as never seen it up here in God's own country.
  8. Good video,although I disagree,I quite like mine,and it's safely tucked away until everybody comes to their senses and starts chasing them,or I pop my clogs and the kids sell it for spot! Oh the joys of pm's.
  9. Hello Silver Forum

    Just had a quick look,some nice coins. How about a discount code for forum members.
  10. Today I received.....

    Received my prize draw prize today. Thanks again.