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  1. for sale Walking Liberty 2007 Color 1 oz Silver Coin

    Don't think you can say,will sell if price suits. If you want to auction it with a reserve then fine,but otherwise think you have to set a price.
  2. completed 2018 Proof Sovereign

    Sold pending payment.
  3. completed 2018 Proof Sovereign

    Will upgrade to special delivery,now £405 including special delivery😝
  4. completed 2018 Proof Sovereign

    Need to raise some funds,so will let go for £405,first class signed post included. PayPal or bank transfer. Thanks for looking.
  5. completed 2017 forum bars.

    Year of the monkey 1oz and 2 x 2017 forum 1oz,nos.18 + 19. £60 including post. PayPal prefered. Thanks for looking.
  6. completed 2018 full proof sovereign

    Should have bought the one I had on sale a few weeks ago then.
  7. withdrawn 2018 proof full sovereign

    Final bump before withdrawal. Can't believe this hasn't sold.
  8. withdrawn 2018 proof full sovereign

    Reduced to £410. Will withdraw at 7 if not sold.
  9. withdrawn 2018 proof full sovereign

    3 day bump. Will withdraw tonight if no interest.
  10. withdrawn 2018 proof full sovereign

    Had a rest,so might just manage another bump😉
  11. withdrawn 2018 proof full sovereign

    Bump before bedtime.
  12. £410 posted special delivery. PayPal f+f preferred. Cheers.
  13. Today I Received

    My first piece of gold,and it's lovely!!
  14. 2018 proof Sovereign - 65th coronation "crown privy"

    Just noticed,there's already 2 three coin sets for sale on e-bay. Both about 20% mark up. Lol