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  1. withdrawn 2018 proof full sovereign

    Final bump before withdrawal. Can't believe this hasn't sold.
  2. withdrawn 2018 proof full sovereign

    Reduced to £410. Will withdraw at 7 if not sold.
  3. withdrawn 2018 proof full sovereign

    3 day bump. Will withdraw tonight if no interest.
  4. withdrawn 2018 proof full sovereign

    Had a rest,so might just manage another bump😉
  5. withdrawn 2018 proof full sovereign

    Bump before bedtime.
  6. £410 posted special delivery. PayPal f+f preferred. Cheers.
  7. Today I Received

    My first piece of gold,and it's lovely!!
  8. 2018 proof Sovereign - 65th coronation "crown privy"

    Just noticed,there's already 2 three coin sets for sale on e-bay. Both about 20% mark up. Lol
  9. Was down in Blackpool last week with work,and actually went to that game. Enjoyed it,although thought your defence think there better than they are,always trying to play out.
  10. for sale gold and silver

    Maybe a wee introduction as well wouldn't go amiss. Although I can see from the top photo as your prob quite close to me,as that looks like an all-day bus ticket! 😉
  11. for sale rhodium 1/2 oz

    No good to me then,as I'm in central Scotland. Lol
  12. completed Cheap job lot silver

    Bump. Reduced to £330.
  13. completed Cheap job lot silver

    Need to raise some quick cash,so looking to sell the following as one lot. - King Canute 1oz proof, Platinum Wedding 1oz proof, 3× 1oz perth mint bars, 4×1/2 oz ampex rounds, 1oz 2015 elephant, 1/2 oz 2014 koala, 2014 stock horse, 2× 100 cedi, and a 2017 1oz proof britannIa. Price including first class signed for is £330.PayPal prefered. Cheers
  14. I'm 53 just now,have a pension from a previous job,which I had looked into transferring. But have decided that in 2 years time I'm just going to cash out as a lump sum. I realise I'll lose a chunk in tax,but would much rather have the remaining lump sum than the pittance I would receive monthly when I get to pension age.