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  1. Haha this popped up in my feed and i thought it looked familiar!
  2. for sale

    Damn bargain
  3. wanted

    Wrong dates but would you be interested in any of these?
  4. The blower fan in my truck broke yesterday so i spent last two hours of my shift with no aircon.Luckily it was just the fuse had welded itself to tge fuse box as had the damn thing running full whack all day.Replaced fuse and everything ice cold again.Its like landing in Ibiza now everytime i jump out which is nice.Couldnt do with working in an office today!
  5. Whats happened is a tragedy but the socialist workers party have no shame.Infiltrating a grassroots protest for political gain and **** stirring.We don't know exactly what happened yet how the fire started,evacuation procedures,etc.I know there is a lot of stuff flying about at the minute but it seems that this tragedy is being turned into a political football.They were even hectoring Amir Khan telling him not to support may etc. Just find the whole thing a bit disgusting.I understand people are angry etc but it seems they are being used to push an agenda.These people just don't ****ing give up. A criminal trial should take place and people made an example of if there has been incompitence/negligence but the way things are going it seems mob rule wins.At least arrest someone so it at least looks like something is being done.Otherwise the way things are going we're gonna have riots again which i'm sure Corbyn,the socialist workers party etc.would love.
  6. Just heresay but the ex labour councilor had ties to the company that refurbished it apparently.
  7. I particularly like the bit on the BOE website where it says that its pays a 25% dividend to the treasury once a year out of profits.Where does the other 75% go then?I thought it was supposed to be "nationalised" under Churchill?!
  8. Since waterloo if rumours are to be believed.
  9. Find attached PDF from the bank of england explaining how money is magicked from thin air when someone takes out a loan.I know most people on here will be familiar with the process. Anyway the next time someone calls you a bullshitter when you try to explain how our money is created and dont believe you when you say it comes from nothing! You can refer them to this document from the horses mouth.Enjoy! qb14q1prereleasemoneycreation.pdf If you think deeply enough about it you will see that this method is inherrently deflationary and the only way to pay back these loans is the fofeiture of assets to the lender.ie.slavery. Bankers not politicians or governments truly do rule the world. The hand that gives is above the hand that takes.Napoleon.
  10. I agree he's a little "kooky" however there are always two ways to look at stuff kind of like those pictures that change Its about how you interpret information. Regards NLP,propoganda,brainwashing etc. Governments have been doing it for millenia why would they be any different now just beacause its 2017? I'm sure you'll be the first to agree that the bbc is the biggest propoganda institution in the world if you take into consideration all their tv and radio stations links to channel 4 and the "soft" international power the British government exerts via the world service.So you say his stuff is pretty wierd I say its an alternative angle. Who does like communists,marxist,fabians or common purpose? As for bilderberg are you saying thay arent trying to subvert democracy? Touche' Mr Bilderberg "new vurld order" kissenger. "Luck is the residue of design" eh 😂😂😂
  11. http://www.ukcolumn.org/article/faux-facts-disturbing-truth-about-fullfactorg Fake news?
  12. why not give everyone a trophy and admonish the winners for being better than the others.We could make an example of them somehow.😂😂😂
  13. I called it terminal socialism the other day!
  14. 😂😂😂 i guess we're not european enough (reichstag) or American enough (911)
  15. http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-06-10/palladium-pandemonium-short-squeeze-sends-precious-metal-spreads-parabolic