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  1. Anyone know how it was spread?An unsuspecting employee opening an email or a direct hack?
  2. Just how my paranoid mind works but the fact these hackers are asking for bitcoin is maybe an excuse for governments to "SHUT IT DOWN"?What do you guys think?Aparently its affected all over the place! http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-05-12/real-time-malware-attack-map Although I saw somewhere yesyerday Australia is making bitcoin legal tender
  3. A new paradigm?When cars came along they said short buggy whips.I don't know which crypto will be last man standing so should i short "buggy whips" what i'm saying is what are cryptos ACTUALLY replacing?Dollars?Gold? Or are they just a vehicle to absorb the inflation of currency for the last 100 years?I've been looking at bitcoin for years and even tried to mine some approx 4-5 years ago.Thing is its not simple enough in my opinion setting up wallets etc.Its just too clunky and i like to think of myself as at least fairly competent with computersI figured the amount of electricity i was gonna use wouldnt be a good return(how wrong was i!).Then theres the jargon involved for the average person.I may regret not buying some but at 1.2x the price of gold I'm kind of thinking its a bit expensive.At the same time though as the algorythim gets longer and more energy is required to mine bitcoins how could it not go down?I'm also of the opinion that other alt coins will fill the gap in the market for cheaper alternatives then you have the phenomena similar to when city states and different banks printed their own currencies which leads to confusion and then an eventual bust of massive proportions.Missisippi bubble anyone?South Sea bubble? I've no doubt a lot of people arw gonna get rich of it in the near future and make out like a bandit but caution is needed i think.
  4. So your saying we're in a bubble?What exactly is in a bubble in your opinion stocks,bonds,houses,gold?Just curious.
  5. Yeah thats about same as stg. The £100 is for 2!
  6. Thinking of buying one as a gift which one would you go for.They all seem a bit pricey to be honest but the designs are nice. I'm thinking of buying one for myself while i'm at it and I'm erring towards the swan but around £100 delivered is making me wince a bit for 2oz of silver.
  7. The shart scene in the restaurant was good as was the long nosed carpet croaker!I think that film made me laugh more than freddie got fingered [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  8. Same with gold,people will realise that the government never pays its debts so what do you do?I think Adam Smith said the best thing to do with money is to spend it before the government makes it worthless or something along those lines.I could be wrong but it sounds good!
  9. Thing is everyones calling for a crash but the only things in the market are robots.Everyone else is out or short and a short is a guaranteed buyer either to take profits or when the market goes up and he has to cover his short to save his ass.I was in the sky is falling market is gonna crash camp myself but there comes a point where you think damn thing is just going up [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23].
  10. The point i'm trying to make is at the moment would you trust say the British government to give your money back in ten years or would you rather have shares of apple?In theory the government should be a safe bet but factor in low interest rates and future inflation and stocks look a lot better.Yes apple could go bust but the government could default or just print off "devalued" pound notes to pay your bond back whereas provided apple doesn't go bust you'd have stock price rise around or above inflation plus a small dividend.
  11. Put it this way if you had a billion dollars where would you put it?Real estate?Well you could put a bit in but a billion?Ok so where do you put the rest?Gold?Ok a bit but where would you keep it?Classic cars?Yeah ok but a billion?!!!The only other alternatives are art,stocks and bonds.Ok art yes,but a billion how many picassos can you take out od the country?Government bonds?A bit risky in my opinion so the only other option is stocks. Ok for mere mortals a billion is an unfathomable amount but this is how much money hedge funds etc. have to play with.Just think about it.
  12. Apparently the swiss central bank is a major shareholder in apple.So the money is backed by something afterall!
  13. Belangp quality youtuber!
  14. Dunno why buy that photo makes me think "witches of eastwick" dunno why [emoji2]