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  1. Same here. Must be the Christmas rush delaying things or the fact it is a Saturday?
  2. How ridiculous is this getting?

    Is that the one with pack up your troubles in your old kit bag as that's the only thing that has stuck with me from that programme. Blakes 7 was great but I think it tailed off a bit after Blake went. I remember getting a speech synth chip for my BBC computer but it never did speak to me like Orac.
  3. Scottish stackers

    Maybe he just wants to know who to stay away from since they'll never pay a good price and might turn any bullion into wire in a face to face deal.
  4. NGC 1965 MS 65 sovereign for....

    Maybe because there are no better conditions than unc as this implies it is as it came from the mint?
  5. I'm surprised that one household has taken two motability cars and the loss of benefits associated instead of just taking one. They must be cheating the system considerably or have other means of income as they'd struggle on a couples allowance or even the £100 per week support group esa payment as two single claimants who are deemed unable work at all. Most people who survive on benefits alone are probably doing just that, surviving. Anyone flashing the cash and taking holidays abroad must have an alternative income or are making multiple claims in a number of names etc,
  6. Thanks, I'll look into that. It's been years since I looked at PGP for encryption and verification of emails. Not since the time pgpdisk was still freely available with it.
  7. I can't believe the price that Bitcoins have reached now. Makes me sick about losing some I mined years ago. I can't even remember what I did with some I put in a paper wallet for safekeeping at the time of the MtGox problem either.
  8. A lot of these people that the media are picking out are really sailing pretty close to the wind setting up companies and pretending they don't actually own anything and are getting 'loans' or are advisors to the companies who tell them to buy everything from houses to wine that they may have to sample from time to time.
  9. But then that's just going to maintain the status quo. Not everybody lives by that maxim although it is surprising how many openly religious and people who espouse high moral codes seem to. I imagine many/most of the people here have spent most of their lives in the 40% or higher tax band and most of those probably don't actively look for ways to avoid paying most of their taxes. Nobody is happy about losing half their wages to income tax before you have to lose even more to other taxes but as long as the system is biased to allow huge amounts of tax avoidance it's probably a necessity.
  10. Half Sovereign Price guide

    Pearls near the rear of the neck a different shape and maybe more of a bulge on the left hand pictures neck/
  11. Half Sovereign Price guide

    Lol, middle of the night and not thinking straight. The other one looks a bit bright in that area and is there a hint of a chest line under the pearls in the normal one but not the right hand one?
  12. Half Sovereign Price guide

    Pretty faint pearl there. Could even just be a mark.
  13. Probably a large order because of the 2018 versions starting to sell?
  14. Details Graded Coins...what to do?

    Not exactly honourable is it. Selling it without mentioning any grade could be argued as honest but I, personally would be inclined to tell any buyer that I had had it previously graded.
  15. Pound notes. I miss the little green things. Much nicer than the brown 10/- note or the brown tenner.