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  1. First time ever Archangel Michael proof coin

    You've no idea. One of my previous posties used to say some of my parcels felt like someone had wrapped a brick. This wasn't too far from the truth as they were sometimes mineral samples and it wasn't unknown for me to get Japanese waterstones.
  2. First time ever Archangel Michael proof coin

    I don't know about that I bought five or six cheap pesos and dollars from a US based ebayer and as I did it over a couple of days they sent them all as single items so I got a pile of RM customs and handling charge cards through my door all at once. £8 handling plus VAT each because I was a few pounds over the limit. I thought they might have let one or two through at least but it just seemed to draw their attention.
  3. Updated Michael Marsh book

    I received the booklet inside from speedyhen. It's just a small plain paper booklet and is quite thin so could be tucked in between pages somewhere or maybe you missed it upon opening the parcel?
  4. Today I bought.....

    Are you sure purchase is the correct word and you haven't been raiding bank vaults or making offers collectors can't refuse? You must have numerous copies of all the more common dates by now?
  5. Today I received.....

    It must be difficult to hollow out one coin so well and to make the other fit exactly into the hollow.
  6. Loupes

    Kind of like https://www.ebay.com/itm/Leica-StereoZoom-4-Microscope-with-Stand-and-Eyepiece-Set-31-15-74-Used-Working-/382197973071?epid=1108120536&hash=item58fcc6404f:g:zIQAAOSw-GFZldkM but the stand is slightly different and comes with illumination which can be removed and placed in its own adjustable stand as well. It's also the Bausch and Lomb model, not that there is a difference as Leica bought the rights and started badging them under their own name. Very reasonably priced secondhand for the quality. If you see a Wild stereo microscope for a reasonable price I'd go for that over these Stereozooms but I think these can beat any of the modern Chinese made scopes while often costing less.
  7. How does goldline work

    Yes they will save money because of card transaction charges. They also say it is because of fraud and perhaps they are worried about chargebacks?
  8. 1855 sovereign help

    I had to pay 2.80 postage from them for my copy. Bookdepository cancelled my order due to lack of stock and speedyhen had to send a second copy out as I never received the first or maybe they just forgot to send it and didn't want to admit it.
  9. GOLD DEALS - See a deal, post here :)

    Hatton have got the 10 dollar liberty heads back. They either got a pile or someone has changed their mind about buying them as they had them yesterday but they went and returned with shield sov and a couple of 5 dollar liberty heads at just after 12 today. Everything went quickly but the 10s are back again. strange goings on unless there is something wrong with them and buyers keep changing their minds or they have a lot and are only adding them bit by bit?
  10. Loupes

    I have a reasonably cheap belomo which is of decent quality (much better than those far eastern things) and use a larger cheap eschenbach magnifier with light for quick inspections. I also have a stereozoom microscope for much closer examination.
  11. Should I return this 2018 Lunar Dog to dealer?

    Not the start of tarnishing?
  12. First time ever Archangel Michael proof coin

    From one of the other sellers? I went with an offer of 57 but they responded with 66 delivered and wouldn't drop to split the difference so I had to pay just under their 66.
  13. How to handle gold coins?

    Non soapy soap, lol. Isn't that the same as water? Detergent maybe, or soap that hasn't been superfatted perhaps?
  14. 1855 sovereign help

    Chard also had both listed as sold at approx. the same price so I doubt they would have sold it as cheaply if they were rare.