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  1. GOLD DEALS - See a deal, post here :)

    Their terms say if there is a pricing mistake they will inform you and even receiving your money doesn't count as an acceptance.
  2. GOLD DEALS - See a deal, post here :)

    What's up with the You'll need to pay with a card for this item on HGM on some items like those sovs?
  3. GOLD DEALS - See a deal, post here :)

    Bairds - goldline- are pretty reliable. I have had a few little problems with them like coins being oos after I've ordered them but nothing too bad or often. I bought a young head from them the other day which I just received. Slightly quicker than the HGM coin I ordered at the same time. HGM only sent it yesterday morning. As usual they got another shield in about an hour after they had posted that coin so I got hit with two postage fees.

    Possibly Hanau pseudo marks?
  5. Gold sovereign shieldback prices

    That's the 71 isn't it? The 80 half looks like it has a die number to me instead of an m.
  6. Half sovereign pricing thoughts

    Not collectable so just bullion value give or take a few percent.
  7. e bay bargain

    Lol, I managed to pick up one years set of 5 silver atb quarters that had been graded for under £30 including postage from the US but never bothered trying to obtain the other years or buy the 5 ounce ones even when they were selling for around £85.
  8. Two 2014 Aus Koalas?

    Which magnet test? The magnet not sticking to them or the slower slide of magnet or coin when at an angle or even the swing the magnet over them and see how quickly the swing is damped? What about dimensions are your fakes the wrong size as per previous post?
  9. Magnetic slime

    A lot of Chinese items probably have above legal limits of possibly dangerous substances.
  10. Looking for a solid sterling silver watch is hard

    It would mark clothing but should wash out. I guess it could rub off on your skin as well as my hands are black after cleaning silver but how much of that is due to the polish making the tarnish come off more easily I don't know.
  11. Looking for a solid sterling silver watch is hard

    Probably because they tarnish and people don't want to clean them or put up with it?
  12. Description of these 2 Crowns

    You don't think the dirt around the letters makes it look like both have been cleaned?
  13. $200 Half Sovereign. Good Price?

    Not all restrikes. Lots of kinds Conventionthalers, Kronenthalers, Prussian thaler, Hanover thaler etc,
  14. Victoria Proof Sovereigns

    You could always get a wild stereo microscope. Very well made things. I think Leica bought them out at some point so you may find a Leica badged version a little cheaper. I think Leica also took over the Bausch and Lomb Stereozoom range but you'd probably find the B&L version a bit cheaper. Not quite Wild heerbrugg quality but still good.
  15. Boooom - it's going nuclear

    Listened to a few minutes and it sounds funny to me. A yield of over 8%and probably as much as 50% for just holding your investment. Where is this money coming from? If it's backed by gold why would anyone pay over the gold market price for this? Even charging a tiny fee for exchanges isn't going cover the estimated yields. Didn't many people start cryptos to avoid a centralised controlling body?