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  1. best safe for under £250?

    If you buy a safe that fixes to a wall the chances are it isn't fireproof and fixing one to a wooden floor isn't going to slow down removal very much. Also as previously mentioned most reasonably priced safes are going to be easy to grind open so if you have power tools lying around your supplying the burglars with the means to open them. If you have a concrete floor you can fix a slightly cheaper safe to that and still deter casual burglars, which are all your likely to get unless you've been advertising the fact you have something worth stealing - things like big house, obvious alarms and speaking about precious metals to neighbours or down the pub.
  2. GOLD DEALS - See a deal, post here :)

    Had it in my cart but someone else got there first. Same thing today with the other indian head $10. A few half shield backs today as well but all jubilees.
  3. Coin Rings

    I haven't done one of those fancy bent over types but when I was a kid I did do the tap tap tap on the rim of the coin and drill a hole in the middle and it takes ages taping away with a heavy spoon (didn't have a little hammer). More time when you're doing it on the quiet while you're supposed to be doing some work for your father which gives you access to plenty of tools like pillar drills, lathes etc,. You just end up with a smooth band doing this however as you aren't hammering the face of the coin over on a mandrell.
  4. My new toy - USB Microscope

    Says it comes with Mac and android software as well so wouldn't they be a good place to start? Didn't apple start basing their os on unix and Android was based on linux?
  5. chard

    I can't understand why they won't refund you if they haven't sourced them already. It's not like they bought them and will lose money.
  6. Old tray marks

    88 as in Russian silver purity?
  7. Marvel Coins Anyone?

    Lol, I thought you meant around £15 odd when you said 50p more than Maples not £23 or slightly below.
  8. How much silver is too much silver ?

    A number of firearms safes are nothing but lockers in the UK and can be opened in seconds with a crowbar or grinder. I've seen fairly cheap little 10 to 15l safes that weight more than twice as much as a cheap full length gun safe. Hoping that your home is broken into isn't very sensible either. No matter how well armed or 'hard' you think you are there are always people far more dangerous.
  9. Anyone collect Gold Fanams?

    Seems like there are so many. They really are tiny. I bought one just to see it/have one and out of interest about Tipu sultan who mine was minted under.
  10. gold ring ?

    You can usually see some of the back of the coin in sovereign rings as they are only held at the edges. No point in using extra gold to hide the rear. Is it a V? I know they used a triangle as an import mark at one point for foreign items that had been imported and tested again here - Birmingham for the triangle and Sheffield for an omega iirc. I don't know if they ever used a V.

    Sounds painful. Makes my eyes water to just think about it.
  12. GOLD DEALS - See a deal, post here :)

    Even back in 1980 shields were really the youngest sovs that you had to pay a premium for. Not that I had many back then.
  13. The half yesterday was a 1890 and there were two fulls today. I went to the page when they came in but because this is really the bottom of the see what you're getting price range I just couldn't buy blind. They disappeared within a minute or so anyway. I have to admit to buying a half from them at £140 delivered but only because I had credit with them from a previous order. If they listed them as young heads I would probably be willing to take a chance on buying at those prices but not when the chances are it would be a jubilee.
  14. silver salvers

    With the advent of the internet the likelihood of finding anything worthwhile at charity shops, car boots etc, has dropped considerably. Bring back the good old days when you needed some knowledge to make a profit.
  15. Proof coins for investment - worth it?

    There are far too many different proofs released and in large numbers for many of them to increase in value any time soon. Even ones that do increase soon after release often trend downwards over a longer time.