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  1. completed

    No problem, as I said I would have felt sorry for Mick.
  2. completed

    You really want me to buy it, lol. I would feel bad about taking it from Mick though.
  3. 7 halves. I checked out 1 and it let me but while I was waiting for the page to finish loading someone else got them all. Only 1 young head anyway. I thought I had it with it letting me past the checkout page and not throwing up the out of stock red cross straight away. If only they stopped all the clicking no to bags and how you are paying rubbish. No luck recently. I managed a couple last week and got yet another 1892. I also thought I was going to get a $5 liberty head from HGM but they said it wasn't up to scratch so they wouldn't send it out. Then I saw another listed a few hours later only for it to be the same one back again. I also missed out on a few items on DNW that I put prebids on by 1 bid. Managed to catch some of Fridays auction live but there wasn't much I was after even though I bought a couple of little things just for the sake of buying something!
  4. All 8 gone just as I was waiting on phone to see if there was any I wanted.
  5. Shields in at HGM 8.
  6. The BU will be like a standard 50p and made of cupronickel while the £60 ones are silver proofs.
  7. I think some of those might not be silver (I think I see a end of ww2 10 franc CuNi but it could be a prewar one which is around 2/3 silver) and others like a post 64 half dollar are only 40%. If you go to sell them you won't get spot price or near it for lower purity coins unless you stick them on ebay. Is that 30 ozt and is it the gross weight? tbh I wouldn't be looking to pay north of £250 if that was the gross weight and preferably less without looking at them in more detail.
  8. The horse looks a bit flat as well. The dragons tail starts of smooth then looks to get fatter and ribbed which seems strange to me. The dragons wings look like they were made for a fairy and stuck on as an afterthought.
  9. Matalslug Maybe your just thinking of the BofE notes when you say Brit notes are uninteresting? There are other British banknotes and some are quite nice. The British Linen bank. Commercial Bank and then National Commercial Bank of Scotland, North of Scotland bank, Union Bank of SCotland, Clydesdale and the other current Scottish banks. Then the NI banks and Isle of Man notes from a number of banks.
  10. I haven't bought that much from them lately as I find shield sovs and especially halves go in under 1 or 2 minute. There is no way I'm paying the extra for a jubilee half so I usually miss out. I can often buy a known grade and year from a dealer for around the same price in many cases now once I have haggled the price slightly. This is much better than paying for an unknown grade from HGM. I've had a few that look exmount judging by the dirt in places where the mount clasp would have been or are dinted. I don't think many of the staff are experienced enough to give you a good estimate as to the grade etc,.
  11. I doubt that loupe is really 40x mag. You'd have a tiny field of view and have to hold it something like 5mm from an object at that magnification. If you want a half decent loupe you can pick up a Belomo for around £20+ which is cheaper than the likes of Zeiss and Schneider but almost as good
  12. I can't recall any major problems but I have had delays in receiving items from them before but it was no big deal. I don't think I've had any problems worth complaining about or that have tested their customer service. They can be a little expensive at times but I have also seen the odd deal as well. I would rate them above Bairds who I recently bought and paid for US gold coins from only to later receive an email informing me someone else had put a deposit down a few minutes before me. This was followed by an email the next morning to say the coins had been advertised at a higher grade than they actually where and asking if I wanted to go ahead with my transaction at a reduced price. I said I would but was a little confused given they were supposed to be sold to someone else. Bairds then replied the original buyer had agreed to take them at a lower price so they wasted my time again. Why they couldn't had asked this other buyer if they still wanted them and then emailed me only if they had turned down the offer I don't know. At least when Atkinsons have sold me something that they no longer have they have offered me a small reduction in price if I take another coin instead.
  13. You must have a great collection. Wow.
  14. Pity the seller is so far away or you could have picked them up in person. If I was a little nearer to Mr Shen in the Broch I'd have offered to do this for you. I find asking about picking up items in person often scares of dodgy sellers.
  15. Silver soon fills safes up. I don't bother with a lot of my bulkier or cheaper stuff as a decent safe would cost as much as the silver value. I just use big plastic cases and put rarer silver and gold in safes.