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  1. In Focus Friday Series!

  2. Today I Received

    I like my brews to have a coppery taste and colour thank you very much!
  3. Today I Received

    I was basing my maths on this article from Jan 2018: https://www.leftovercurrency.com/is-it-legal-to-melt-coins/ Is it worth it? For UK pennies: Copper one-penny and two-pence coins made before 1992 are 97% copper. Modern day British 1p and 2p coins are made of copper-plated steel. Before melting the copper coins, you’ll need to separate them from the copper-plated steel coins. It’s easy to do this: Copper-plated steel pennies are magnetic, while older, copper pennies are not. There is 6.9 grams of copper in a pre-1992 two-pence piece and 3.45 grams of copper in a pre-1992 penny. At current copper market prices, the copper value of a one-penny coin is £0.0157 pounds. The copper value of a 2p coin is £0.0314. If you buy 100kg of 1p and 2p pieces, and 25% of the coins are pre-1992, the copper value for these coins is £88.20 pounds. The face value for the coins is £56.18 pounds. The potential reward is £32.02. For that money you’ll need to transport 100kg of coins across the Channel, sort them out magnetically, find a metal dealer and melt them. It’s questionable whether the potential reward of £32 per 100kg will cover your travel expenses, time and effort (and a cut for the metal dealer). Therefore, at current copper prices, it’s probably not worth melting your British pennies.
  4. Massive price rally on gold and silver today

    I didnt release another video... What on earth is going on!?
  5. Today I Received

    Yep - but getting 1000kg of copper coins into the back of the car would be a mission! Be my guest - would make an interesting youtube video for sure!
  6. Today I Received

    Another little clue of what is to come this weekend!
  7. Today I Received

    Quick bit of research - 100kg of copper pennies would yield you about £32 profit (assuming you had all the kit already!) And that is assuming you melt them outside the UK otherwise you are committing a criminal offence. So, a tonne of copper pennies in the back of the car over the ferry and have ourselves a merry melting session!!?!?!
  8. Today I Received

    I could have done this - but I just could not be bothered! Where do you even take the copper ones to get more value for their metal anyway!?
  9. Today I Received

    You will have to wait and see! Saturday afternoon!
  10. Today I Received

    Yes indeed - I thought I would have a lot more shiny new ones considering I ordered them in. Apparently not! Got a couple of little gems from the batch though - a 1994 Ellan Vannin isle of man penny & a 1998 Falklands Island penny. Not that I was coin roll hunting - but I do have something very special planned for these pennies!
  11. Today I Received

    Technically not precious metal - but I took delivery today of a very large pile of pennies! Fun video (and much more!) coming this weekend to celebrate the 3000 subscriber milestone!
  12. Greetings from new member

    @kabod Welcome to the forum!
  13. Today I made.....

    The lines are created as the silver cools. It comes out of the Red Hot Crucible at 1075 degrees centigrade, the blow torch makes a hotspot on the molten silver which means it cools a lot slower and then by tapping the mould and moving the liquid silver around you can create these ripples and patterns. It's like waves on water that solidify it's like waves on water that solidify!
  14. Today I made.....

    I actually had another bar planned for this project - but thanks to a late donation I had the perfect excuse to remelt it and make something better. So glad I did! Before... After... I also had 2 other bars come out with not very pretty ripples on them so they have to go back into the melting pot. I really want to get the perfect ripples on every piece I make - it is one of the most frustrating hobbies because replicating things is almost impossible. So many things affect it - Temperature of the silver, temperature of the mould, temperature of the room - the type of silver you use, the age of the crucible, speed of the pour...the list goes on and on. I will spend lifetime trying though!