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  1. Hi and welcome to the forum. Check out goldsilver.be and silver-to-go.com and europeanmint.com all three will offer savings compared to UK VAT inc prices! Happy hunting!
  2. Hi Nick and welcome to the forum!
  3. Pleasure mate - Glad you like it! ;-)
  4. for sale or exchange

    I will take the OPM bar and the 2009 toned eagle if they are still available
  5. Hi all! Some of you may know that I hand pour silver :-) I have an ongoing "Ripple Series" in which I aim to get unique and diverse ripple lines on my silver bars. Rather than post pictures of all the pieces I have put together a compilation video of all the pieces showing their stamping as well as their Ripples. All of these pieces are for sale My pieces are priced at £20/oz (silverforum exclusive rate) and I will offer free signed for shipping on orders over £50 otherwise its postage at your choice and cost. Paypal F&F or G&S +3% Please get in touch if any are of interest and I can PM or post pictures of the pours you want to see more of. Thanks in advance!
  6. for sale

    No the left over was used doing other pours that day. Because of the running costs of the graphite crucibles it makes sence for me to do at least 12 oz worth of pouring in any one pouring session. So the leftover was used to make various other pieces!
  7. for sale

    A custom birthday heart made for a silverforum member. If you would like a custom piece get in touch!
  8. Hi and welcome!
  9. for sale

    It would be a little silly to be honest! even a 1oz heart is a little bulky! You would get neck ache for sure!
  10. for sale

    I haven't experimented with this yet, maybe one day but there would be a couple of things to consider if I were to do this. First - It would most certainly have to be hallmarked as it will no longer be in the grey area of an Ingot or bar, as it would be classed as jewellery. If I did not do a hallmark then I would have to sell this item without using the word silver. It would be a "white metal" object for you to make of what you will! Strange old laws here in the UK! This would increase the price of the item as I would have to get it sent off for hallmarking etc etc. Probably looking at +£10 if I were to send it on its own to get hallmarked - maybe less if I got it in a batch to send off. Second - the large heart is 2.2 oz, which is quite a lot to have hanging around your neck! It would mean that I have to do a pretty sturdy solder of a loop, and I haven't ever done this before! Cost of loop, solder and a silver chain, just an estimate +£10 maybe? Dont know really! Any thoughts from jewellers etc please let me know!
  11. for sale

    Another custom heart made for a silverforum member. Get in touch if you would like one of your own!
  12. for sale

    Thanks for posting Sixgun! For others interested - If needed I can melt down your Milky coins! Fee would be £6 per oz for a melting service!
  13. for sale

    This is a video I just uploaded for a customer. Its to give you an idea of the flavour of the video you can get with your Custom Backyard Bullion Piece!