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  1. Hand poured

    Drop me a PM when you have decided as I can offer a 10% premium member discount for you assuming you buy off my website (I get charged 4.5% PayPal there!)
  2. for sale Backyard Bullion "Tombstone Bar"

    I had this really unique piece come out of the melting cruicible the other day. Weighs in at 5.85 oz It is un-hallmarked at the moment but can be hallmarked at no extra cost if you are willing to wait a few weeks. Faster Hallmarking turnaround will cost a little extra. I think it is pretty awesome, like an Excalibur sword in the stone type thing! £130 including delivery & premium member discount. Payment via PayPal F&F or via Banks transfer.
  3. Hand poured

    @Fatmalky So good to hear another hand poured enthusiast! It is amazing stuff and the fact that every piece is different is amazing. As to selling it on the other side you need to remember that there is a premium on mine (and others) hand poured silver. It is a craft and not cheap bullion afterall. Most of my pieces (with the exception of a few larger bars) are hallmarked by the Edinburgh Assay Office which will really help down the line when you come to sell. No doubting the purity. If you took an un-hallmarked piece to a bullion exchange they would probably give you not a lot maybe even not at all. But as it is hallmarked you would easily get what you would for regular 999 coins. So if you fancy any of my pieces make sure to look for that hallmark if it is something you think will help with your stacking strategy! The 100g bars will have hallmarks too which is great!
  4. 100g Hallmarked Silver Forum Bars - Update

  5. 100g Hallmarked Silver Forum Bars - Update

    Pretty sure there will be enough to go around!
  6. I have been Antiquing - Hand Poured Silver for sale!

    Thanks! I love the way they look!
  7. 100g Hallmarked Silver Forum Bars - Update

    Hi everyone - starting a new thread to get the message out wider! I have been busy over the last few weeks making some of the 100g Silver forum bars! I am very proud to announce that we have a completed "Prototype" bar and production is coming along nicely! As you can see we have kept the design true to the original 1 oz bars, but just scaled it up! Everything is hand poured and hand stamped! They will be hallmarked by the Edinburgh Assay Office - as you can see underneath the "2017" this time so as to make a feature of the hallmark. PLEASE NOTE WE ARE NOT TAKING RESERVATIONS FOR BARS OR SERIAL NUMBERS AT THIS TIME PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING FOR MORE INFORMATION! The following contains all the important facts that you need to know! Total Mintage: 150 (there will not be any further 100g bars minted this year). Delivery date: First week of October 2017 Prices: Based on membership as follows* Standard member £83 Premium member £75 Premium gold member £67 * We feel that these prices are fair for these particular bars based on their quality and the fact they are hallmarked. The whole point of this exercise is to support the forum and promote the benefits of premium level membership. Some of the proceeds from these bars will be used to maintain the forum and ultimately help keep this forum running and keep premium member fees down. Postage: +£3 - However free postage will be offered if you purchase more than one bar. International postage will be more - if you would like an accurate quote please get in touch. Maximum order per person: 5 bars (initially) Serial Number Reservation date: Sunday 3rd September 2017 @ 6pm UK time We have been thinking about the best way to satisfy everybody who might want a bar for the first time and also members who have previously bought the 1 oz bars and want to match their 100g bars to an existing serial number. But sadly we cannot come up with a way to satisfy everybody. Therefore we feel the best thing to do is to level the playing field for everyone involved and offer a fair chance for everyone to reserve their desired serial numbers on a first come first served basis. To that end I will be releasing a thread on Sunday 3rd September 2017 @ 6pm UK time in which you will be able to reserve your desired serial number(s) on a first come first served basis. We know that this might not seem ideal to some people but we want to be as open and fair as possible to everybody who might want to purchase a bar. I will be communicating more information on this over the coming weeks but if you have any concerns or questions about this please let me know by commenting here or by PM. Payment will be required before the end of September to secure your bars and serial numbers. Serial numbers 1, 2 & 150 are not for general sale. 1 & 2 are reserved for @ChrisSIlver and myself respectively. #150 will be raffled off to the lucky individual who wants to own (and pay ) for the last number in the mintage. @ChrisSIlver and I hope that you really like this design as we have worked hard on them over the last few weeks/months. More information will follow in due course - but in the mean time if you have any feedback or comments please leave them here or PM me!
  8. for sale Hallmarked Hand Poured Silver "Aztec Heads"

    3 sold, 3 remaining
  9. If you want one like this just get in touch!
  10. for sale Antiqued Silver Aztec Rounds by Backyard Bullion

    Thanks 😉
  11. for sale Antiqued Silver Aztec Rounds by Backyard Bullion

    Thanks 😉
  12. I have been experimenting with an antiquing process called "Patina" using a chemical called "Liver of sulphur". These are the first two items I have "antiqued" and they are looking great! One has been polished after the process to shine up the raised areas of the silver. The other has been left blackened as there are some amazing colours happening on the back of this item. They are currently NOT hallmarked but are scheduled to go up for hallmarking within the next few weeks at no extra cost (assuming you are happy to wait!) Prices include the 10% premium member discount but are higher than my regular base price (£24/oz) due to the cost of the antiquing process. Pour 183 - 3.50 ozt - £85 + postage Pour 184 - 3.44 ozt - £83.50 + postage Free postage if you take both items. Payment via Paypal F&F or G&S +5% & Banks Transfer. Any other photos or questions just ask!
  13. I have 6 of these Aztec Heads They have been hallmarked by the Edinburgh Assay Office. Prices include 10% Premium member discount. 1.09 ozt - £23.50 + Postage 1.1 ozt - £23.50 + Postage *SOLD 1.15 ozt - £24.50 + Postage SOLD* *SOLD 1.2 ozt - £26.00 + Postage SOLD* *SOLD 1.24 ozt - £26.75 + Postage SOLD* 1.42 ozt - £30.50 + Postage Free postage if you buy more than 1! AND 1% discount for each additional piece you purchase! Payment via PayPal F&F or Banks transfer If you would like to see close ups of a specific piece then just let me know!