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    Sold now
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    Not sure, I think the only way to separate it is with acid and melt it all away then separate the pure silver out.
  3. completed

    A customer of mine sent me what he thought was 999 silver that he wanted melting down into something nice. What he had was not 999 silver. It is (as best as I can tell doing a specific gravity test) 900 - 925 silver. It is most likely melted old silver jewellery and/or cutlery. Anyway, he wants me to sell it so that he can buy some of my 999 work and is happy to let it go as a scrap lot at close to spot. Total weight is 5.54 oz (assuming worst case 90% silver = 5 oz of real silver) So We are looking for £70.50 delivered (2nd signed for, additional postage at your cost if you want it) So that Works out at £14.10 per oz which is spot at the time of posting. Payment via Paypal F&F or G&S (+3%) OR banks transfer. I will be featuring these in a video on Sunday where I do a specific gravity test - but if you buy and subsequently test at different levels I will of course offer a full refund/return. Any questions please just ask!
  4. There is still time to tag on orders for this. I have to wait until April 1st for the QB's to be shipped so if you want anything go check them out and let me know!
  5. I use old cardboard from other deliveries (like amazon) and make a 2 sided package to go over the coin. It is then wrapped in packing paper. No need for a jiffy bag and as the cardboard is usually nice and thick no chance of seeing/feeling what is inside. No need to buy expensive jiffy bags! Bigger items or heavier items I would buy some premade boxes. I bought small parcel sized ones in bulk from Amazon. Worked out about 25p per box which is a lot less than the £2 the local post office charges! I always send recorded delivery unless it is a very small value coin (i.e. less than £5).
  6. I have been watching this thread closely as I really value the opinions of this great community and it helps me (I think!) make a more informed decision on all of my investments and purchases. I have decided to pull the trigger and get one of these bad boys. My reasoning for both getting and not getting have been discussed here already but basically it comes down to a gamble - and to be honest life is a gamble! My thoughts are that it is a popular series, this design is awesome and it is low (although not extremely) low mintage. I also figure, worst case scenario I have a lovely coin to enjoy, and all I would have to do is wait for gold to be at £1,800 per oz to get my money back on the value of the gold only, nevermind the numismatic and proof value bonuses. £1,800 per oz might seem like a pipe dream, but in 20 years time it will be that with inflation alone. Yes I am aware real money terms I lose out but I am a numbers man and as long as I enjoy the ride and am not losing everything then it is all good! Same goes for the 1 oz silver proof too, picked on up as well! If you are going to get one use topcashback for 2.1 % on gold (£9.55 off!) and if you use the code BND103 you will get a free £20 coin (1/2 oz free 999 silver!) I also used my dad as a friend refferal on topcashback to get £15 referral so all in all I (my family) get nearly £45 off. So a 1/4 Proof QB can actually be worth it at £410!?
  7. Here we have the last review for Powercoin.it Historic Guy Fawkes Mask! Dont forget to use the discount codes!
  8. Hi All - I have posted a link to a video in the Youtube Videos thread but just wanted to let you all know there are some exclusive discount codes for powercoin! 10% Code: BACKBULL10 This is good for the following coins: Hand of Fatima, Guy Fawkes Mask (2 versions), Cupid & Psyche & Venus De Milo Valid until April 30th and 1 time use per customer. ALSO 5% Code: BACKBULLPOWER This is good for anything on the powercoin site and is valid until March 31st, again only one use per customer. Enjoy!
  9. I have just done an exclusive hands on review of a new collectable Numismatic coin from Powercoin.it I have also arranged an amazing 10% off voucher code for this and their other speciality coins: BACKBULL10 AND there is a 5% discount code for ANYTHING on their site: BACKBULLPOWER www.powercoin.it
  10. Hello and welcome!
  11. completed

    If you wanted some of them turning into some hand poured silver just PM me!
  12. wanted

    I am about to order a bunch of things from goldsilver.be including 1/4 oz queens beasts so if you are interested in tagging along on the order it would reduce international shipping costs! They would set you back about £294 - £300 (depending on exchange rate and your potential share of postage) which is about as good a price as you are going to get for a new one. Unless someone has a less than perfect one to sell on of course! PM me if you want to get more info.
  13. Just finished this wonderful "Ripple Heart" as a wedding gift for a customer! If you would like something like this for a special gift for someone get in touch!
  14. completed

    If you did a split I would take the 12 standing lib quarters - but might make it hard to sell the whole lot without them. Standing offer if you want - just PM whenever mate.
  15. Just an idea I had! Feel free to PM me next time you are going to order from them!