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  1. In Focus Friday Series!

    My limited researching (i.e. Wikipedia) was not enough to say what the difference in alloy was. I might do a follow up on old Vs new gold coins at some point in the future. In my defense I was quite rushed to get that video filmed, edited and uploaded as I am working on a set of very special Christmas Eve weekend videos 😉
  2. In Focus Friday Series!

    It really is just bullion to me and as it is likely to be held for 25 years or so it will probably tone up and not be perfect anyway. If you wanted it to be perfect then it needs to be slabbed, but even then it won't guarantee perfection.
  3. In Focus Friday Series!

  4. Today I Received

    Group order?
  5. 4 Ducat

    Wasn't me!
  6. TopCashback - eBay 10% Today

    If anyone wants to make fair offers on my stuff to take advantage of that 10% cashback then go for it! https://www.ebay.co.uk/usr/backyardbullion1978
  7. Lucky sod! Your's was posted 2nd class on Saturday morning and arrived in Aberdeen today....yet there are people who had their items posted on Friday by first class and they have not arrived yet... ROYAL MAIL - Please explain!!??!?!?!?
  8. You are not the only one that has not had their parcels come through. It seems to be the 1st class signed for ones that are being delayed. Hopefully it is just the Christmas rush and they are just being delayed.
  9. Hello silver forum

    @Rycas a great bug to catch and you have done the perfect things to start - silver from Europe and Gold from UK. Welcome to the forum!
  10. Official 2017 Christmas prize draws[emoji318]

    Aren't we all guaranteed to win? 😉