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  1. Yeah I meant shop! Sainsbury's may not be the cheapest for sure, but we have found that the quality far exceeds Tesco for things like fresh fruit and veg, fish and meat too. # Its each to their own though!
  2. If you want to convert shopping points into precious metals then I would highly recommend Nectar through Sainsbury's. I never paid attention to points and then I checked after about 8 years and had about £250 worth of points to spend. You can get Ebay vouchers. Lots of free silver for me! I now really pay attention to the nectar points and offers and it all adds up! I recon in the last 6 months I have had about £60 worth of Ebay vouchers which I have used to get PM via ebay! Of course this does mean switching your regular show to Sainsbury's!
  3. for sale

    @SilverGrain I could repurpose these into some hand poured silver if you wanted to covert it into something a little more aesthetically pleasing! Drop me a PM if interested!
  4. Hello and welcome!
  5. Hi all - I dont mean to spam this so if any of the moderators want to move it to the "youtube video section" I would be more than happy. But I have just done a big unboxing of an order of shot from www.europeanmint.com so if anyone was curious as to my experience please take a look and share around. Overall great service but the giant bag of shot did split all over my table! Maybe my fault, maybe their fault. I got everything I ordered though so none was lost :-)
  6. completed

    Dam you and your buzzing @Madstacks :-) you saved them from my melting furnace!
  7. It could also be your scales are calibrated wrong. Worth checking.
  8. Today I made a Valentines heart!
  9. Hello and welcome to the forum! eBay is a great place to sell - but you are paying close to 15% in fee's. I would suggest trying to find a direct sale wherever possible. This Forum is a brilliant place to sell and buy coins at a great price. If you are asking whether it is better to split up coins so you get multiple buyers, yes it could be but unless a specific year has a very low mintage or is very rare then I suggest you separate out the auctions end dates/times as two similar coins ending at the same time will cannibalise each others price. Both ending at the same time will ultimately save you a little bit on Paypal fee's and also if one buyer buys both coins you are only paying for one package to be posted, instead of two. Hope that makes sense and remember...its just my opinion ;-)
  10. I did not see any armed guards but they had quite a few security guards. But there would have easily been £15 million of coins at that show...big gang storming in would have a field day! Maybe they have a SWAT team in the conference centre on standby! 😉
  11. Yes indeed lots of very nice and very expensive coins for sure. One cabinet had some coins at £50,000 - £60,000!!!!
  12. This last weekend I was at the London Coin Fair! I met @Numistacker and @Platinumskies! If you have never been its a good day out!
  13. Hi and welcome!
  14. Lots of amazing coins but 99% of them overpriced! I picked up a 1913 20 Franc Gold Rooster for Spot +1% and a bunch of walking liberty half dollars for £5 each! @Numistacker @Platinumskies Not always something for everyone but its always nice to see a £60,000 coin from 1693 in person! Fun day out!