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  1. silvertogo and GS.be are good companies. @Rhyseyson I am organising a group delivery at the moment from GS.be (Closed for may) but will be opening one for June next week I think! DM me for more info!
  2. welcome to the forum! Be sure to check out my beginners guide series. Part 2 is going live in about 2 hours time!
  3. #127 & #128 are yours. I will PM you payment info.
  4. Hello and welcome!
  5. Hello and welcome!
  6. for sale

    Hi All, I have for sale some BYB branded silver bars. These are some of the "overpoured" bars that were a little too heavy to include in the 1oz Silver Forum bars run. They are branded with my BYB logo and a Leaf on the side. I have 3 sizes available at the moment: x1 1oz - £22.50 each x6 1.1 oz - £24.75 each x2 1.25 oz - £28.12 each Postage of +£2 for just one bar but will offer free postage if you buy two or more (to the UK 2nd Class Signed for). They are not hallmarked but if you wanted them to be hallmarked I can offer this for +£1.50 per bar as I can send them with "the silver forum bars" for hallmarking at the same time (early June). Payment via Paypal F&F or G&S +4% or via Banks transfer. Open to offers so PM with any questions!
  7. expression of interest

    I don't think anyone was having a go or anything Kimchi. Silver-to-go is a great company that has great coins and great service. But...for best prices GS.be is the place to be... I would be more than happy to organise a STAG group order too. I actually quite enjoy organising these and I get a lot out of it as I will be able to unbox everybody's silver which gets me good publicity for my YouTube channel and my fledgling business!
  8. expression of interest

    So I have found that GS.be are generally much cheaper than STG but only if you order in enough volume to offset the shipping. Think we will be sticking with GS.be for now!
  9. @MancunianStacker welcome to the forum!
  10. Hello and welcome to the forum! @universalcurrency