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  1. I don't think they have any sales tax on silver - but it may vary from state to state!!!! Paypal Friends & Family is OK but the exchange rate is not good Have a look at www.transferwise.com Any gift over £39 is subject to charges (I think) and they will probably at very least X-ray it and then have a look see what it is.
  2. Not if he brought britannia's - they have a £ denomination so you can bring up to £10,000 in cash can't you!? Who knows. I just had a big shipment come from a friend in Canada. Whilst not 25 oz of silver there was probably at least 15oz and also a bunch of graphite moulds, some copper bullion rounds and a few other bits and bobs. It got ransacked by customs and Border Force...but no charges at all! https://youtu.be/FFSAT5WFvJo This is the unboxing and you can see what fun the Border Force team had with my box! Best thing to do is to get him to bring it over, schedule his flight to arrive at 5am, never anyone at the customs desks!
  3. Hello Gareth and welcome to the forum!
  4. I presume you will cast them - I need to get myself a casting kit and give it a go - get some perfect cubes!
  5. I need to perfect the pour, they are tough to pour and get looking right. I have no doubt what you make will be 1 million times better!
  6. Pretty sure these little dice would raise some eyebrows by a gaming commissioner but they are bloody fun to roll around :-) They weigh in at about 22g each (+ or -)
  7. Hello and welcome!
  8. Congratulations and good luck! Welcome to the forum!
  9. I had a reply about the "Lost parcel" situation... Hi thereAs regards the parcels, either party can claim for a lost parcel. Just covering myself for people who don't want to pay for recorded delivery then will moan if they don't get the parcel. Have had one person try to mess me around with postage then claim they haven't received the parcel. As standard now, I send things recorded delivery for standard items. The more expensive sets are sent Special Delivery. Since I have used Recorded and Special Delivery I haven't had a problem with parcels going astray.cheersIan
  10. This reply was on a 16 coin britannia set which he had marked £45 for postage. In his defense if it does weigh over 2kg then it will cost £27 for special delivery. Still a bit short of the £45 he wanted! Seems like a decent bunch of replies. He has not clarified the point about lost parcels and where the responsibilities lie!
  11. And a second reply to another message Hi thereAs mentioned in the other listing, I would agree the postage on these sets is a tad overboard. Let me know what sets / coins you are interested in and I will happily give you a discounted postage cost. cheers Basically he is trying to pad his sales for a unwitty buyer to come in and pay TOOO much and he pockets the rest!
  12. I got a reply from the seller! Hi there As regards this particular item, it weighs 2.3kg and to get it sent via Special delivery insured is £27.60 excluding VAT if I buy it online. In the past I have been caught out with postage costing me more than I expected so I always err on the side of caution. Dont bid on this item as it has been sold elsewhere. As regards the other items you are looking at. I have checked the postage on them and would agree it is way over. Must have been a bad day when I listed those. I will reply to you on the other listings about this. If you are interested in a couple of items, I am happy to supply you with a quote for sending multiple item together before any bids are placed. If you bid on multiple items, don't pay until after you receive an invoice for payment as I can't adjust the postage once you have paid. regards
  13. I really don't understand why people do this now for their items. Just calculate what number you want to sell your item for, how much money you would like to make from it AFTER fee's and postage and then make a buy it now price accordingly. The only time I add postage fee's are for auction items so I can know I am not going to lose money on a small item! International postage can be calculated separately on your items so you don't have to think about covering this up front anyway! It is people like this which give eBay the bad press it does not really deserve!