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  1. Brexit...how it could affect silver and gold in the UK

    For me physical is a must. Possession is 9 tenths and all that!
  2. What do you stack and why ?

    I have got some left 😉 As to what and why...it is going to be different for everyone. I invest in gold for the long term (pension in 30 years time) as a way to preserve wealth. Bricks and gold are the best ways to do this so a small proportion goes to gold for me. As to silver...I also have pension stacks in silver but not as much as gold in terms of £ value. The majority of the silver I have will eventually be liquidated into gold (when the ratio comes down). Ultimate goal is to have 80% + of my precious metal pension as bullion gold and silver that can be liquidated quickly for spot and the other 20% as numismatics that might require a few extra months to find the right buyers.the majority of the latter I see being silver rather than gold. If you love poured silver I have some of the 100g Silver Forum Bars available still!
  3. In Focus Friday Series!

  4. for sale Hand Poured 999 Silver Stars

    Thanks for the feedback! I am planning a Christmas run of these so no rush!
  5. In Focus Friday Series!

  6. 2018 Rwanda Lunar Dog

    Yes, slip of the tongue