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  1. I have fallen for the Queen's Beasts, but I shall not bite at this one. They are pushing it with their series, their privy marks and other tricks. Bullion should be bullion, get some regular series: Britannias, Sovereigns, Lunars, but let The Royal Mint do the collectables/numismatic items and Royal Mint Bullion do the "wealth storage" bit.
  2. @sovereignsteve The stockmarket is indeed overvalued, especially in the US; but as always Lady Greed whispers "Could go even higher...". Sitting in cash at near 0% is costly. Gold is not cash and is not suited for short-term wealth rotation due to premiums/spread/cost of delivery (and VAT for silver) needing to be recouped with time. Even though costly and risky, the best yield/income is now from dividends. In normal times income is more likely to come from bonds/cash, with capital growth from shares. So it is hard to decide to sell, even now with all the flashing lights, because of the juicier dividends. Got caught last time with all the eggs in one basket, so I have diversified, hence the "gold component" in the portfolio now. Then again, I believe, like others that the stockmarket goes up one third of the time, crashes one third of the time and recovers one third of the time. So overall it goes up when considering long term investments. The key attraction for me and gold is the negative correlation with shares. So while I am glad I got into gold last year (even though at a relative peak, so technically losing money) as a way of diversifying/hedging my portfolio, I would not put "everything" in gold either.
  3. Never had any problems with them. As others have already stated, they have been around for a while now, so there must be doing something right. I tend to buy my Sovereigns from them as they seem to know a thing or two about those. There videos on YouTube and their free guides are both very informative. There is still something not quite right with the new website though, hard to pinpoint the problem, just not that easy to navigate. It is still not clear if all the stock from the older versions (taxfreegold, etc.) has been transitioned. Things are not always presented in an intuitive way. Anyway, as with Atkinsons, Chards is a reputable and trustworthy company.
  4. Personally, I go for shares/funds in the pension pot and gold hedging on the side. However, putting the gold hedge in the pension and investing on the side (I assume ISA) also has its upside as nobody can predict when the market crashes, then recovers. The markets always does both over time. The problem with the pension option is that the SIPP wrapper disappears in one go (only 25% tax free), so where will the market be by then? If it is just after a crash and nastily bearish, you win with your gold as it would likely be up. If it is booming and gold is not doing so well (gold does have nasty dips too) the option of going into annuity is off the table (the asset would not be worth as much as it could have been) and annuities might not be as bad as they are right now by then. By holding a lot of gold for twenty years, one does kiss goodbye to a lot of potential upside though as I believe the market beats it long term. Of course, if within a few years there is a nasty crash and we enter a protracted bear market like in the '70s... your option is a winner. You are an IFA, so you should talk to yourself about it. Sorry... I had to say it.
  5. @westminstrel same here. Bullion only it is and resist the temptation to buy the proof versions... even if the QB Lion does look good indeed. Need to earmark some money soon for a tube of silver and a gold ¼ oz. unicorns then.
  6. @MickB... and that is where I read about it.
  7. Isn't there a Queen Beast Lion coming in platinum? 1 oz. not a 2 oz. Must have picked that somewhere in one of those email from the Royal Mint.
  8. I like Atkinsons, not always the cheapest as stated above already, but dependable. They even offer to call you when things get back in stock. I usually use their pre-order offers offering a slight discount. If looking for a specific coin, like missing a lunar from a few years back, I go with Chards, they tend to have more choice, if not quantity. I also tend to get my sovereigns from Chards.
  9. I have a couple of ounces on Signature Gold. They lowered their "vault" fees earlier this year, they used to be tiered, hence more expensive for small holdings. I find the 0.5% fee to be acceptable considering the ease of buying/selling. I use it mostly for hedging my portfolio and being able to sell quickly (for a profit in case of a market crash) if/when the need appears. They have also improved when in comes to moving some cash in, debit cards can now be used, before it had to be by bank transfer. With all the jokes about the quality of the Royal Mint coins, I think this is one of their most professional and reliable offerings. As for the trust factor, I would choose Signature Gold over a paper-gold ETF any day. I also have a stack of actual "family silver/gold", the kind I do not expect to sell unless I need to buy on the black-market when the Germans/EU invade. The VAT is indeed on the vaulting fee.
  10. The Royal Mint has just sent an newsletter email last night that included those. One can register their interest for a future email on release. The design (silver and gold) from the newsletter is the same as that shown of the original post. https://articles.royalmintbullion.com/britannia-anniversary/
  11. Assuming one pays VAT to fund the NHS, the armies and the nukes that will keep us safe from an EU invasion in two years time... I would say go for low premium gold if you intend to play medium term. Premium are usually smaller for 1 oz. tr. coins. Bars are better, but you will not go far with £300 a month, plus they are more cumbersome to flog. Counterintuitive because it is cheaper per unit mass, but I would say: Silver for the pretty long term (to get back those 20% from the VAT). Like many I think, with time, silver has greater potential for wild upswings. That being said, I usually buy things that I find nice to look at and hold in my hand; so I too get suckered by premiums (hello Queen's Beasts) anyway. Pretty obvious to say, but silver also allows you to have more coins to hold than gold. In any case, try to clump together those £300 a month and take advantage of discounts for tubes and other deals such as "mix and match" at Atkinsons and similarly tiered purchase elsewhere (Chards, etc.) as in the more you buy, the less you pay per unit. So again, £600-£1,000 batches would be better value if you can trust yourself to not spend those budding lump-sums.
  12. As implied above y @Lindeman, even if buying it can become easier after Pamp having entered the market, the selling part may still look very dicey. Maybe after the first rhodium Britannias show-up...
  13. As @HelpingHands mentioned, it is indeed possible for Sterling to go up. Amazingly it has actually gone up recently! Some $0.05 or so more than the latest weekly nadir. Still some way to go to $2 though...
  14. I am with @vand on this one. Patience should go a long way into allowing us to buy that a far more acceptable premium. Just need to wait for the likes of Chards and Atkinsons to start offering them... or even the Royal Mint for that matter, as they now have an option "World coins", at least for gold.
  15. @shortstack68 Your post has made me check how much I had paid on my pre-orderd tube of 10 Dragons, which I received this morning. It is already costing close to £70 more to get from Atkinsons' today! I am rarely that lucky.