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  1. Sovereign resources

    If it is just mintages you are after there is information online - eg cruzis coins have a page of sovereign mintages by monarch. Chards show mintages and prices.
  2. silver Britannia 2018 ornate border

    Nice design. I like the trade dollars.
  3. Auctions

    On the other hand I have seen coins go for well over the estimate. I spent a happy hour yesterday at my local auction house looking over coins in an upcoming auction. It was before I saw this thread so I did not get to lick any of them.
  4. My 2017 stack

    Plenty of space in the box yet - fill it up!
  5. wanted Pre 1947 50% English silver coins

    For what it is worth Lockdales have an auction on 27 and 28 January. Lot 1763 has 3 3d (1943 and 2 x 1944). Estimate £30-40. which is about what you wanted to pay for everything on your list.
  6. Is patience a virtue/ long wait for a coin.

    The website says they have 15 in stock so I would mention that when you contact them.
  7. What silver would you buy with £1000???

    OK I confess I was thinking of the hammer price of a 1937 double sovereign at McTears auction (in August?) and yes I do know you have to add on commission and that a sovereign would be about three or more times the price. You won't find a 1937 Sovereign for £1000 buddy. If you can let me know where.
  8. What silver would you buy with £1000???

    Get a 1937 sovereign. It won't take up much room.
  9. 1887 British Coins -- Grading In

    The reason for the design change on the sixpence is that people were gilding the shield version and trying to pass them off as half sovereigns. You may want to search "infamous 1887 sixpence". You might think that the withdrawn version would be more valuable than the replacement but I am not sure that is the case. Your search may well throw up threads on the replacement as well and if so you will see that they have a bit of a following.
  10. 2017 Britannia proof

    No-one likes it So no-one will buy it So it will be rare So it will become valuable So we should all buy it now But then it won't be rare - or valuable So don't buy it. Help?
  11. who really knows

    Just curious - how do you check a coin when it is in a slab? Is it more than just looking up the number on the website?
  12. 2017 Britannia proof

    I did not think anyone could come up with a design I liked less than the 2011 but they have managed it. Maybe it will look better in real life than in a picture?
  13. Capsules for Britannia silver coin

    I have bought some on here from Morezone. Search for air-tite capsules or send him a PM. I think Britannias changed size around 2012 so you'll either want 39 or 40.6 but he'll know that better than me.
  14. GOLD DEALS - See a deal, post here :)

    George III Sovereigns are all gone now