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  1. Baird & Co

    I had that debate with one auction house; said fine I shall not bid then and was registered the next day. They did say they would accept a scan of the documents instead of the originals so if you have scans you could suggest that.
  2. **April 2018** Group order from European Mint

    Just looked on Goldsilver.be and there is a box for the predator series which has room for 4 coins. Does that mean they will stop at 4?
  3. How do you track your stack?

    Glad I am not the only one. But I do have a column for mintages which no-one else seems to care about.
  4. Chinese Coin set

    So do they have the old coins because they did not sell originally or are they copying Perth Mint and making them new upon demand?
  5. Chinese Coin set

    and if I ever buy a real one I can swap it for the fake.
  6. Chinese Coin set

    Yes too low for real ones. I had thought it too high for fakes but I suppose it is £3 -5 per coin. Interesting to see if it sells.
  7. Chinese Coin set

    I think I might go to a different auction.
  8. Chinese Coin set

    Interesting that that one does not have denominations on the coins. And it looks official.
  9. Chinese Coin set

    None seem to have 10 yuan on them so I thought maybe they were trying to avoid being fakes and were more medallic? But then why imitate fakes? I was just curious about what it might be if it wasn't just a set of fakes.
  10. Chinese Coin set

    Some are marked 1 oz though.
  11. Chinese Coin set

    Interesting - so clearly not from Alibaba. The box looks decent so maybe the coins are silver?
  12. Chinese Coin set

    https://www.the-saleroom.com/en-gb/auction-catalogues/clarkesauctions/catalogue-id-clarke2-10027/lot-5eb8c45c-6182-4537-a37a-a8ba00d12be2 I do not know if the link above works but it is for lot 382 at Clarks Auctions at Semley on Saturday. The coins look like Pandas but do not have the 10 yuan denomination and I wondered what they were. There is a certificate but I do not read Chinese. I wondered if they were meant to be a commemorative set of some sort but some of the Temples look a bit dubious for an official medal set. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks
  13. Silver Trade Dollar 1878

    I enjoy cleaning my fakes. Its very therapeutic.
  14. Trade Dollar proof on the way :)

    I have the BU version sitting next to the Oriental Border Britannia and I have to say the Britannia wins the contest for me because of the contrast between the figure and the background. So I think this proof version will be better than the BU. Don't get me wrong I like the BU but it has to go next to my original fake Trade Dollar so that it looks good.
  15. NGC Grading

    Numistacker would be your man. He has a thread on NGC grading submissions. I am not sure how you get the coins to him but send him a PM and I am sure he will tell you.