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  1. I have bought some on here from Morezone. Search for air-tite capsules or send him a PM. I think Britannias changed size around 2012 so you'll either want 39 or 40.6 but he'll know that better than me.
  2. George III Sovereigns are all gone now
  3. If it is real and rare then OK (though enormously expensive just the same) but when you look up the certificate on the NGC verification page it says possible counterfeit holder - now who would put a real coin in a counterfeit holder? It was sold as a facsimile not a real one.
  4. This coin came up for auction today. It was described as a facsimile and estimated at £100 to £150. It sold for £14000! So if anyone has one lying around ....
  5. Looking for something else I stumbled on this forum which may be of interest.http://www.forumancientcoins.com/board/index.php?board=27.0;wap2 The link is to threads for Newbies but there is lots else From a brief look at one of the threads on silver washing it seems to be populated with alarmingly knowledgeable people. They could perhaps take some design lessons from this site.
  6. Sorry DNW is Dix Noonan Webb. I had a look and find it is just an auction of bronze coins and some of them are more expensive than the gold one you mentioned. There are plenty of other auction houses so perhaps just search for the sort of coin you want and see what comes up.
  7. There is a place called Coincraft opposite the British Museum in London which has a lot of Roman (and Greek?) coins. I don't know how it compares for prices. When I was in there some time ago they had tub of very crude Roman coins for not much money but they were in a very poor condition. Also if you look at auctions there is an auction of Roman coins coming up at DNW. Personally I know only that I know nothing. But some of the fakes were made in Victorian times so they are antiques in their own right.
  8. Many thanks @arshimo2012
  9. The certificate number relates to a 1927 $20. Do they use the same number for different dates of the same coin?
  10. well I asked the Mint when it might be coming but they could not tell me. They did say they had a lot of new coins coming out in February but that what they would be is secret at the moment. I see the 2017 Koala has hit the shelves so maybe that is one of them.
  11. Have you tried Morezone? If you look under Official Sponsors he has a thread for Airtite capsules and lists three types of tube. Certainly he has tubes which take 1 oz silver coins but I don't understand enough of the terminology to know if any of them take 1/2 oz.
  12. Thank you both. I had a look but could not see any reference to the Privy Mark version - lots of others mind you.
  13. The Rooster has been out for a while now but does anyone know when it will appear with the Lion Privy mark on it? Is there a time of year these normally appear or do the Mint just wait until they have run out of the plain ones? Thanks
  14. Looking further at the NGC site I see there are mirrored and frosted versions and the mirrored ones have 1oz wording which could look incised but it still does not quite look like the chinamintinfo version.