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  1. Hi and welcome.
  2. Hi and welcome
  3. Hello and welcome
  4. Hello and welcome
  5. Sold

    Buzz 205 full
  6. I think the gold ducat proof is very nice and hopefully a winner. I have a pair on order. I've also got the silver lion dollars on order. At 59 Euro I don't think you can go wrong. It does look like the majority of sales for the lion dollar are outside of the Netherlands.
  7. They are supposed to be available the first week of June.
  8. It’s looking like that is what’s going on. I wonder if they will reappear.
  9. Hello and welcome
  10. I live just down the road from the mint they are very cagey regarding this coin. I have two on back order and cant get much sense out of them. Also I know others who are waiting and going by what my friend was told they have been pulled.
  11. That was the figure but they did not sell the 2500. Sales were very slow then they just went overnight. A bit like the silver proof 95% sold then sold out. Two days later 1200 back in stock.
  12. Not sure on the mintage of the Queens Beast ¼ proof. 500 disappeared from the amount available. About six days later the remainder vanished and they became no longer available. Within hours they were sold out everywhere.