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  1. for sale Various Silver Coins Prices Reduced!

    Buzz Gairsoppa
  2. completed 1kg Metalor silver bullion bars

    Pm sent
  3. Today I Received

    A 2009 kookaburra Thanks to@Bullionbilly for organising the raffle and for my prize. This is the first coin I have ever won [emoji846]
  4. Official 2017 Christmas prize draws[emoji318]

    Well Done @shawy2510
  5. Premium members Christmas prize draw.

    I thought it was good fun with the daily draw last year. That way more people get a prize.
  6. Premium members Christmas prize draw.

    Put me down for a 1.oz BU coin 👍
  7. withdrawn Numistacker Rare Treasure for sale (1 week only)

    I will take the 86 as well please and thanks
  8. withdrawn Numistacker Rare Treasure for sale (1 week only)

    Buzz 87 Libertad PP
  9. 2018 Rwanda Lunar gold dog. £1750. Two available. Payment by bank transfer or PP FF. Plus postage
  10. A package arrived today!

    Good video Well done on the win.
  11. withdrawn 2004 series one 1/10th gold lunar dragon

    Don't think you'll get many sales after that gesture
  12. goldsilver.be charge

    I would tend to disagree they do send out crap on times. I for one was sent bad coins after spending over 5k and they said tough. When I contacted customer service there attitude was appalling and very rude. I even offered to cover all shipping costs. The guy on the phone complained about orders to the UK like it was my fault they sent me a load of crap. Another forum member was sent coins that were black and brown and I mean dark brown yet sold as new with a huge premium. The packages are not insured that's why there marked medical. They managed to get banned from eBay. If you search this forum the posts are there. I wouldn't purchase from them if there coins were bellow spot. Absolutely terrible company.