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  1. Hello and welcome
  2. eBay while looking for a sovereign box. Only by chance I spotted the listing.
  3. Something a little different a 1788 two Escudo. 6.7 g
  4. Bought one of these a 1788 two escudos
  5. Wow I'm speechless reading my results. I can’t believe I got the elusive MS70 griffin. So Chuffed I can continue the collection in 70s. The grades on the American eagles are brilliant 2002 is a low mintage year. Thanks @Numistacker absolutely great results I'm buzzing with excitement.
  6. Hi and welcome
  7. Recently had the piedfort sovereign very impressed with it
  8. Received the 2017 BU sovereign Strike on the day. Also the 2017 jubilee proof ducat.
  9. My ones shipped early this morning they should be with me before 1.pm tomorrow. Will post pics when they arrive.
  10. From chard's web page. I would phone 11 International Delivery 11.1 If you would like to order Products to be delivered to a destination outside of the United Kingdom, please contact us before placing your Order.
  11. 2 left just ordered
  12. for sale

    Buzz a pair. Please and thanks.
  13. Yodel have a disclaimer on bullion that's why it's marked as medical Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. The quality is much better than the Lion silver proofs.The silver unicorns I received were perfect with no spots.