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  1. for sale Numistacker Rare Treasure for sale (1 week only)

    I will take the 86 as well please and thanks
  2. for sale Numistacker Rare Treasure for sale (1 week only)

    Buzz 87 Libertad PP
  3. 2018 Rwanda Lunar gold dog. £1750. Two available. Payment by bank transfer or PP FF. Plus postage
  4. A package arrived today!

    Good video Well done on the win.
  5. withdrawn 2004 series one 1/10th gold lunar dragon

    Don't think you'll get many sales after that gesture
  6. goldsilver.be charge

    I would tend to disagree they do send out crap on times. I for one was sent bad coins after spending over 5k and they said tough. When I contacted customer service there attitude was appalling and very rude. I even offered to cover all shipping costs. The guy on the phone complained about orders to the UK like it was my fault they sent me a load of crap. Another forum member was sent coins that were black and brown and I mean dark brown yet sold as new with a huge premium. The packages are not insured that's why there marked medical. They managed to get banned from eBay. If you search this forum the posts are there. I wouldn't purchase from them if there coins were bellow spot. Absolutely terrible company.
  7. Today I Received

    There is method behind the madness
  8. Today I Received

    Yes a bargain indeed. Very decent of @RegalStacker to offer the coin at such a bargain price.
  9. completed Spotted Silver & Others

    Buzz Horse please
  10. How did i not know about this forum

    Hi and welcome
  11. Today I Received

    For me its not the value don't get me wrong I do take it into consideration. But some things I buy because I like them. I do like my collection to have there original boxes. That's why Ive ordered one from India. It is a bit naughty removing the contents from its packaging and charging £19 to get the original COA.
  12. Today I Received

    I noticed that today. The coin is supposed to come with a box and coa Ive bought them before. The following is from Royal Mint MMTC-PAMP The Royal Mint, MMTC-PAMP India minted Sovereign is packaged in a distinctive individually serial numbered, sealed packaging which carries the UK Royal Mint certificate of gold content and its purity. These features assure you are buying the genuine Sovereign, rather than an imitation. These impeccably crafted, precious and timeless coins are of supreme craftsmanship, beauty and provenance with a history to match. Such is the heritage and quality of these Indian Sovereigns that our customers will never feel disappointed. The Indian struck Sovereign is exclusively available as both a half Sovereign coin and a full Sovereign from our authorized distributors Each Sovereign and Half Sovereign is delivered in a deluxe presentation box, along with a certificate of authenticity booklet.
  13. Today I Received

    Revived the Queen's Best Dragon of Wales MS70. I'm now up to date Thanks for this @Pampfan Also received the India sovereign. I have been collecting these for a while and this is the first one I have received split from its box and COA.