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  1. 2017 BU sovereign

    yea man, and long time no see
  2. 2017 BU sovereign

    no need to ask when just send them over ......... mine is French national day
  3. 2017 BU sovereign

    my birthday presents?
  4. for sale PF70 2018 sovereign proof

    Yea coin cost 445 and approx 20 grading its pretty much free ride pf70 really
  5. for sale PF70 2018 sovereign proof

    2018 pf70 sov proof 520 Ono delivered by special delivery PayPal friends and family
  6. 2018 5,000 Francs Republic of Chad African Lion

    It’s either your partner called Eva who abuse you daily or you are being dumped by Eva that’s why you always mention Eva
  7. 2018 5,000 Francs Republic of Chad African Lion

    Ireland paid me many proof in this campaign lol We are talking about how to get silver proof for free
  8. 2018 5,000 Francs Republic of Chad African Lion

    congrats x2 , I won 55 pounds , if England did not miss the con it will be much tighter game
  9. 2017 BU sovereign

  10. Anniversary somali Elephant

    more stacker on elephant cos they are cheap to buy
  11. Anniversary somali Elephant

    it wont be that crazy even swan is only about 40-45 depends on where u buy them from
  12. Anniversary somali Elephant

    it is not money all the time man ........ collecting is quite fun
  13. Anniversary somali Elephant

    www.muenzdachs.com still have some left looks like this is going to go up in prices soon
  14. Anniversary somali Elephant

    sold out gsbe
  15. completed QB 2oz lion - gubbed - cheap

    they are nice coins, go for it man I collect those packs for fun they are really shinny