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  1. Which silver series...

    Pls Go and help out in the trade section , Simone is using foul language to our beloved moderator
  2. Hi , may I ask is it still available?
  3. Scratch on the Queen's Beasts 1/4 Gold BU...

    Take the coin out take some picture and ask forum member nicely to poll
  4. Scratch on the Queen's Beasts 1/4 Gold BU...

    70 needs some luck 69s are good results Maybe you can break the slab and resubmit 2x 69 see how it goes ? I think Atkinson did look after u
  5. for sale 1kg Metalor

    Hence bigger door stoppers are required
  6. Scratch on the Queen's Beasts 1/4 Gold BU...

    If that's lion and from Atkinson that's great result 69 , I have seen members get worst coin than jss from Atkinson
  7. for sale 1kg Metalor

    ( please fill in the blanks )
  8. Scratch on the Queen's Beasts 1/4 Gold BU...

    Me personally thinks these are rejected/ returned lion 1/4 from " before they pull the production " , so I would expect non of these coins are perfect (69-70)
  9. Storing silver bars...

    Sushi or stone bowl rice on the table then we start talking , I blame you so u can get free meal
  10. Scratch on the Queen's Beasts 1/4 Gold BU...

    To be fair , it's not that bad for a bullion especially lion and u buy it late
  11. Storing silver bars...

    I am listening to you because You are gold member if you are wrong just get us some gold ,
  12. Storing silver bars...

    Sounds like you are nervous , 100 gram and it's bar just leave it on your desk and play with it so you can see it
  13. Gold Unicorn - Queens beast!

    Gold or silver or both ?
  14. 2018 Sovereigns?

    Prince Philip retirement sovereign , strike on the day mintage 500, selling for 2k