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  1. edit: deleted
  2. North Korea invented hamburger, American copies North Korea .......... really ?
  3. 390
  4. The designer's initial WW
  5. Thanks for the reminder , won 8 quid
  6. problem now is if you are going for proof, 1/4 isn't easy to find , one ounce is 1900 pounds
  7. at least a cup noodle for each member, thanks
  8. I will buy them as soon as they are out, unicorn is my thing out of ten I like unicorn the most as a beast not the actual coin
  9. Thanks op for the deal
  10. topcashback currently doing 4% ebay cashback all online purchase, ends on sunday 28th 2017
  11. I am only a poor student I don't have 500 pounds
  12. Did she offer you a massage and end up a 500 quid bills at the counter ?
  13. completed

    We only want the actual drink we don't need PayPal , you can post them over thank you
  14. completed

    One of each for premium members