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  1. cap cities have risen a lot since after Christmas, I have pickup all 4 cities for 9 pound including postage before postage but after Christmas it is 15 plus pound just for a scots pound coin
  2. The chalk will absorb some of the moisture and they are cheap , also you know when to change them, yes normal WHITE chalk will do
  3. chalk in the safe is better than gel pack
  4. Pretty speedy dispatch this time , delivery from Royal mint tomorrow
  5. for sale

    two has two 1 cm scratches on queens head and all 4 has micro scratches here and there
  6. In this case , another bonus is free return and replacement edited : rubbish jokes
  7. Similar price compare other dealers e.g. Atkinson
  8. Royal mint web sites is working now , no stalling
  9. royal mint web site Temporarily down for maintenance. We should be back online shortly
  10. for sale

    2013 britannia x4 average condition Some hazing amd some scratches 16 .40 each + post at your own risk f&f payment or bank transfer
  11. not your fault, gods fault, coz of oxidation , sovereign are not pure gold
  12. especially elephant, they are carrying a high premium when new , this will put people off
  13. I would say Britannia and sovereign unless you are going to move aboard
  14. completed

  15. withdrawn

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