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  1. for sale or exchange

    I have a source if you want me to put you in touch
  2. wanted

    I'm open to any really nothing bigger than 10oz though really
  3. wanted

    Does anyone have any of these for sale? Thank you in advance
  4. completed

    I'm all spent up now bud thank you for getting back to me though appreciate it
  5. completed

    Are these now sold?
  6. You can hardly blame him your comments were unnecessary all for what a cheap plug?
  7. very helpful thank you, i think im going to have to grab a gorilla on my next pay day even if it is a huge price i need it haha
  8. Thank you guys for your response it's nice to have so much help and references I'd made the mistake of buying some in capsules so will list them for sale and collect the ones only in original packaging
  9. Hi all I am new to forums so bare with me, I am wanting to complete a set of the Rwanda wildlife series but like I'm sure you all have guessed I need the 2008-2012 and wondered if anyone could help me track them down or if any of you have them for sale. Many Thanks james