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  1. completed

  2. completed

    Price reduced this is now under 4% above the spot
  3. completed

    Okay thanks a lot
  4. completed

    I've had this problem before sorry not sure how to resolve it
  5. completed

  6. 2006 Chinese gold panda 1oz It is a beautiful coin has it as a very very faint scratch on the left side of the date You could only see the scratch in a certain light, £1020 including special delivery payment by PayPal f&f or and 4% g&s
  7. I feel your pain I will also leave an hours drive from my tattooists, Worst pain I have had to date was my chest specially the nipples[emoji24][emoji15]
  8. That has been done extremely well, The detail is awesome, [emoji106] Also inside arm is not a very nice place to get tattooed
  9. I do hope it all sorts itself out and the coins arrive safely, But I knew the risks when I sent the coins to you so wouldn't blame you if they went missing And would be surprised if anyone would, It's not your fault, You do us all a big favour getting these coins grade fours and it is much appreciated,
  10. Welcome
  11. for sale

    These are still available
  12. for sale

    Sorry not sure what else I can do
  13. for sale

    Does this help
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