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  1. what software do you use?

    Hey man, if you go up to the hard tabs where Home and Page Layout are, there is a tab called Formulas, an FX allows you to configure a formula. There are quite a few free excel tutorials and though its easy to manually add up, its cooler to have formulas. Excel is all you need. I have a small spreadsheet for my stack. The spreadsheet has 4 worksheets or pages if you prefer; Summary, Gold, Silver, Numismatics. Summary has the total invested into gold, total in silver, and spot value of the coins and finally an unrealized profit/loss. On the summary page i also keep spot price and use that in the formula. The other worksheets quite simply display dates, description, amount and price paid with totals. Highly recommend doing it yourself.
  2. Gold and silver

    Hope she gets well soon bud!
  3. Great to see the communities come together, the locations gathering donations pleaded for no more donations other than money because their stores were full. The way communities even from my neck of the wood in Essex, mobilized within hours of the initial outbreak, happened to be awake because of the Islamic holy month (Ramadan) so getting some food in before sunrise. Was awesome to see London uniting in its time of need, prayers go out to those involved in this horrific incident. As @kimchisaid; Whoever is responsible in any way must be brought to justice.
  4. Race to $18?!

  5. Post your stack

    Really nice stack Jay, love the Britannia date run. Ill post mine, will take a no time whatsoever because it all fits into a small RM monster box, There's all of it, the tubes are all 2016 Britannia's, 100 in total, 40 1 Oz Scottsdale bars, the 5 Oz prey bars below them. The big silver bar on the right is a 1 Kilo coin bar. All silver and gold coins weigh 1 Oz apart from the 2 full sovereigns. A Pamp 1 Oz Kabah Bar. I will try to get some closer snaps with my crappy windows phone. Apologies for the quality. I guess that's it, 207 Oz Silver, 10.5 Oz Gold. Started in May 2016, holding onto about 11K fiat waiting for the next Dip/currency increase to buy.
  6. Hello from UK

    Welcome! London > Dorset
  7. Hi all, New UK Stacker

    Welcome dude!
  8. Silver Monitoring Thread £ only.

    Alot of things may be coming next year that will potentially lower the price of PMs. Although Janet usually lies about the amount of rate hikes that will take place, she foresees 3 rate hikes instead of 2 = positive for USD, negative for safe haven investments. Furthermore, markets are expecting hard brexit and have adjusted to it, it cannot get worse for GBP, meaning GBP should slowly climb after article 50 activates.
  9. How much PM do you buy?

    Nope, it's still around 70 to 75 percent, but I buy on dips, waiting for rate hike that was promised to us by Janet Yellen. So I stack cash and wait for dips. I only started stacking pms in may of this year, that is what I meant by all pms bought before brexit. In relation to protecting my pms, I have the safe drilled into the floor, I also have 3 house cats that guard it. Actually I believe it's my beloved cats that allow me to live on 100 pound a month, siblings yes, but my cats are more than family. I must sound like a moist little East ender.
  10. How much PM do you buy?

    I know you are absolutely right dude, but my belief does not allow me to delve into gains through interest or to gamble, whether that is in stocks and shares or on poker and roulette. I know the risks, but I see my savings losing value over the years sitting in a bank. I guess the only bonus for me is all my PMs were bought few months before Brexit so I am on a plus. Thanks for your advice though man.
  11. How much PM do you buy?

    Im 26, unmarried, no kids, share rent and bills with siblings, hardly go out, work 60 hours a week as a facility service supervisor with personal van (no travel costs), mum still cooks all my meals, live in east london (generally cheaper), girlfriend has OK income (passport office in Victoria), £10 a month sim only contract (my phone xperia quite old but does everything i need). I live well below my means and make the sacrifice to have PMs as a hedge against inflation. I take home £2000 every 4 weeks, and put aside 1450-1600 to pms, keep 100 for my self and have 300-400 on bills and food whilst at work.
  12. How much PM do you buy?

    73% of take home pay.
  13. Has this been sold? Declaring an interest, pending investigation on what other sets have been sold for. Do you by any chance had a display box to go with it? Also, I scouted forums and see that you were selling this before with a gilded coin, is that still available?