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  1. Yes the firm who did it confirmed this.
  2. Quick question. If the refurb passed existing fire safety standards, as appears it did, how could there be things like corporate manslaughter? This isn't an area I know much about so good to understand how things work.
  3. Terrible night for Tories & May given the context of their position. The only saving grace is the figures don't add up at all to allow the hard left to put in their socialist manifesto.
  4. Cons majority 26.
  5. Lab / SNP / LD coalition means no Brexit in my view...
  6. ££ is wrecked if socialists get in. Corbyn seems a decent guy, McDonnell is the worry. Tax and spend on a level nobody really appreciates yet. Wait and see what happens to your council tax when it's changed to a land tax like McDonnell wants....
  7. @Pipers ow I agree the Cons are far from perfect, but I have never heard so many spending commitments as Labour are stating. I very much doubt it can happen without punitive taxation from middle class upwards. As I said before, am all for some more equality, but this will end in tears.
  8. Cons messed up the manifesto with all the virtue signalling. Hopefully they still have enough to keep out Corbyn/McDonnell, because I have no doubt at all that if they did get in we would have a benefits culture like never before. It won't end well.
  9. I think the Star Wars silver poster coins will do well...
  10. You see all these left wing students moan and carry on about Thatcher, but they fail to realise she was actually a radical liberal, not an old Tory.
  11. I can't vote Labour. Does anybody sensibly believes Diane Abbot should be in charge of MI5 and the Police?
  12. Con manifesto slightly disappointing but social care needs reform so credit for them taking it on. Labour's manifesto in contrast was beyond ridiculous and like something from a student union focus group.
  13. My suggestion is meet a girl/woman during middle age who has lots of equity in her house, when she moves in use the equity to pay of the remainder of your mortgage. Financial independence achieved at 40.
  14. Hi, I am from West Yorkshire originally! Where abouts?
  15. This is a nice 'coin'. I predict a sell out.