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  1. You see all these left wing students moan and carry on about Thatcher, but they fail to realise she was actually a radical liberal, not an old Tory.
  2. I can't vote Labour. Does anybody sensibly believes Diane Abbot should be in charge of MI5 and the Police?
  3. Con manifesto slightly disappointing but social care needs reform so credit for them taking it on. Labour's manifesto in contrast was beyond ridiculous and like something from a student union focus group.
  4. My suggestion is meet a girl/woman during middle age who has lots of equity in her house, when she moves in use the equity to pay of the remainder of your mortgage. Financial independence achieved at 40.
  5. Hi, I am from West Yorkshire originally! Where abouts?
  6. This is a nice 'coin'. I predict a sell out.
  7. for sale

    Ok last bump before eBay! £50
  8. for sale

    Bump, £55 delivered.
  9. £60 delivered. Cheapest on eBay is at least £10 higher delivered, some much more. I bought two but only need one in reality so hence the sale. Nice coin and getting scarcer over time.
  10. withdrawn

    Those look really nice. Very tempting. Lets hope it's not a short series for geo-political reasons.
  11. I have some 1/10 dreaming coins from Perth mint boxed and numbered. Platinum but tiny bit of colour. If interested let me know. richard
  12. Definite breakout from the iron grip of hedging. When the Cons landslide comes it means more certainty. I think we'll be up 5% in the next few weeks.
  13. No chance. I wouldn't trust Labour to run my local sandwich shop with any competence, let alone the UK economy. This is firm landslide territory. Think Thatcher or Blair levels.
  14. £ will rise not fall. Short term uncertainty for long term certainty when the landslide comes for The Conservatives. The markets always price in long, so £ will finish well up today I reckon.
  15. It's inevitable. Cashless is cheaper to process.