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  1. for sale Gold Kangaroo nuggets 2012 & 2013

    Bump £455.
  2. for sale Gold Kangaroo nuggets 2012 & 2013

    Looking to sell as a lot now, reduced price for bulk deal. £460.
  3. All immaculate. From coin invest direct so 100% genuine. 1/10 £108 (both years) 1/4 £265 (2013) signed for postage.
  4. I see Omega have done another Bond ltd edition. Not sure what I think about this latest one. The Commander's watch.
  5. Interest rates are too political now. Of course they need to rise, will they? Not convinced yet.
  6. Some beginner help please

    When I first got in to coins people generally gave the advice stick to bullion and as close to spot as possible. Ironically it's the numismatic Star Wars coins that seem to be the best investment I have made. lol
  7. Some beginner help please

    PMs are a useful hedge. I don't treat it as a money maker, just a hedge. If they go up, great. Let's face it, currency is now nothing more than a reflection of confidence in the host economy, so I believe it's important to diversify even if it's just to a small extent.
  8. Yes the firm who did it confirmed this.
  9. Quick question. If the refurb passed existing fire safety standards, as appears it did, how could there be things like corporate manslaughter? This isn't an area I know much about so good to understand how things work.

    Terrible night for Tories & May given the context of their position. The only saving grace is the figures don't add up at all to allow the hard left to put in their socialist manifesto.

    Cons majority 26.

    Lab / SNP / LD coalition means no Brexit in my view...

    ££ is wrecked if socialists get in. Corbyn seems a decent guy, McDonnell is the worry. Tax and spend on a level nobody really appreciates yet. Wait and see what happens to your council tax when it's changed to a land tax like McDonnell wants....

    @Pipers ow I agree the Cons are far from perfect, but I have never heard so many spending commitments as Labour are stating. I very much doubt it can happen without punitive taxation from middle class upwards. As I said before, am all for some more equality, but this will end in tears.

    Cons messed up the manifesto with all the virtue signalling. Hopefully they still have enough to keep out Corbyn/McDonnell, because I have no doubt at all that if they did get in we would have a benefits culture like never before. It won't end well.