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  1. Finally got my QB caps from the states after an age waiting for customs. Ordered some of the direct fit types from Airtite. They do look pretty nice and slim so will find out how well they fit in the next few days.
  2. @Pipers I don't think there's any resentment here for the people that voted for Labour. I understand exactly why so many voters didn't like the conservative manifesto and switched over to Corbyn. The good news though is that Corbyn lost. And, the equally good news is that much of that dismal manifesto will be quietly scrapped. Dodged bullets from both sides. Hopefully no more elections for a while. I've had enough after three votes in a single year.
  3. I couldn't agree with you more sovereignsteve. Leaving the EU is by definition a hard Brexit. Pure and simple. A soft Brexit means some sort of half leaving or not at all. We certainly weren't asked if we wanted to half leave. And nor were we asked if we just wanted to stall further integration. Those would be soft options that our elected parliament could certainly have bickered over and decided on our behalf. No, they very deliberately decided to only give us the choice on the nuclear option of actually leaving! They voted 6 to 1 in favour of giving us that nuclear question precisely because it is such a biggie. So important a question it is that they couldn't decide it alone etc. To claim now that somehow they never meant it like that or that "the masses" are too stupid to know what the question actually was, is a complete mockery.
  4. I'm also not sure what the story is with that. I'm pretty sure that even if she wants to resign she will do the decent thing and battle on until after the government is formed. For all her faults, she at least appears to be motivated by a strong sense of duty to the country and it's success. I imagine that she has the good sense not to allow a chance for Corbyn's mob to really mess things up.
  5. Well, now the dust is settling, I think May should go. I never really felt comfortable with her taking on the leadership role and indeed I actually thought she should have been let go back in her Home Secretary days. During the week of riots that broke out across the UK she looked hopelessly out of her depth. Granted, Cameron should have shown a good deal more leadership at the time but really, dealing with that kind of crud is the Home Secretary's job. I was therefore unhappy about her as the new leader. I've never seen such a poor campaign run by a political party. They made it all about her as if she was some new Margret Thatcher to be worshipped and then attacked their own voter base. It was simply arrogance to introduce a wish list of un vote able issues into their manifesto rather than concentrate on Brexit, security and the economy. The series of blunders on healthcare and then allowing the Labour party to feign the image of the party of law and order was woeful. To be clear, the Labour party have consistently objected to changes in law and order over detention, deportation, human rights of terrorists and even refused to vote to name some very nasty terrorist organisations. Both Corbyn and Abbot have voted against every bill to tighten up our security and at their core are very anti British. The shadow attorney general had a near permanent seat on the TV shows in which she argued daily against motions that would protect us from Islamic terrorism. Failing to point out these things and allowing Corbyn to promise more money for police is unforgiveable. In fact it was the anti British Abbot that was tasked with making the hollow promises on policing and was twice unable to say how much it would cost. You couldn't make that up. Then, the ludicrous attack on the internet, privacy and messaging apps that their younger voters use alienated their younger vote. The attacks on pensioners lost them their older voters and the talk of fox hunting just reeked of upper class elites. Who was left that could vote for them? Only people that simply saw Corbyn and the hard left as more dangerous. Complete madness when most of the country wanted to continue on as we are with little or no change from the current course. That was clearly indicated in the record council election results for the conservatives only a few short weeks ago. What a bunch of idiots! Still, the silver lining to it all is that with a slim DUP assisted majority they will have precious little power to meddle in anything. That means less government. Neither they or the hard left collectivists will get much chance to enact any change. As Thoreau famously said, "That government is best which governs least". We can hope anyway.
  6. Came across this little clip on tomorrows choice. The faces made me chuckle
  7. I think that proves nothing. It is I'm afraid to say fake news nonsense. It's perfectly expectable to see special forces getting changed in the street during an operation. Also, it's one hell of a psy op to achieve so much destruction all over the world. Just go to any of the many websites documenting the number of attacks. Jihad watch website as an example shows the scale of events and you will see just how many attacks have been carried out this year alone worldwide. It's really quite staggering. In fact, they are not being reported here in the west!! The real psy op that's going on is a "nothing to see here move along" narrative. I think our government doesn't trust us not to become a lynch mob and start a civil war which is why they want to shut down any and all talk about these things. If you watch the whole of the channel 4 documentary called "The jihadis next door" you get a real sense of the motivations of some of these guys. There is a neighbour of one of the killers that identified him from the channel 4 documentary. People have lived in the community with this guy and are aware of his madness. He was also witnessed with the van they had hired and the same shirt he was wearing on the ground. If you look at that silly psy op vid it is not the same guy as they are claiming. The beard might look vaguely similar but not his football shirt. Complete rubbish I'm afraid. There aren't hundreds of hired actors making up some grand story. Its just not feasible. The attack is very real and dreadful.
  8. Here's a ten minute radio clip from the eminently sensible Douglas Murray. He makes some good points and it's a shame that we don't seem to have many people like him as politicians.
  9. I think the pound will fair better in the long run through Brexit. It may even eventually become a safe haven. The Euro has many significant problems with negative rates, bank bailouts and Greek debt problems bubbling away just now. We will also find out on Thursday the direction of the ECB with their policy meeting. If the Labour party or a combination of them and the SNP get their hands on power then real concern will erupt in the pound is my opinion. A possible two further referendums and tax rises on business will be taken very poorly imo. A vote to reverse Brexit would not return the pound to any strength either. The situation in Europe is not good and now that we are supposedly leaving the market has got used to that idea. Threatening to rejoin would likely just damage it further along with all the damage from left wing tax and spend implications and the like. I can see a lot of foreign money abandoning the UK if a combination of the left wingers get in. Hence why gold is looking like not a bad trade to keep cash safe through all this indecision.
  10. I see that gold just closed its 3pm afternoon fix in USD terms above the recent highs in April. I imagine that if there is anything short of an outright conservative win on Thursday the pound will fall pretty hard. I personally think they will manage the win but if you have any doubt that the Tories can pull off a win then now is probably the last chance to pick up some gold at a decent price in pounds. I'm actually surprised at how robust the pound has been this last two weeks leading up to this but it is now starting to look like just a bearish correction on the daily chart vs the USD. It looks to me like it's teetering on the edge of indecision and any further polls that suggest a hung parliament or similar might just kick off a rout.
  11. Well, after the awful events of Saturday night and the response from Mrs May I have to say that I'm not particularly encouraged by her. More stupid talk of controlling the internet which I actually wrote to my MP about last week. Lets not try to emulate North Korea for goodness sake. Controlling what you or I say to each other online will have zero effect on our safety but a very corrosive one on our liberty. If we want to look somewhere to take action we should start with the vile hate preachers that have been speaking quite openly in our streets and also in mosques and religious schools about the destruction of our society and the introduction of religious law for the land. This has gone on for 15 years without any formal response and now is the time to tackle that issue. Thankfully the vile Anjem choudary is now finally in prison but he'll be out in a couple of years which is a disgrace and he should have been put there well over a decade ago. I will still be voting for the Tories though. Anything short of a majority for the Tories will see our £ smashed and Brexit overturned. This would be a catastrophe in my opinion. The big three in the shadow cabinet are like the three stooges. None of them are even remotely qualified to be anywhere near the levers of power and they would be the hardest left wing government this country has seen in many decades if not a century. Between Mcdonnell and his Marxism, Abbott and her racism and Corbyn and his terrorist sympathies(basically anyone at all that is anti British) it's a wonder that they're polling over 10%. I'm sure that some of you that may be intending to vote for them have your own reasons and fair enough. I personally think they're too dangerous and should be rejected at all costs. I remember well the three day weeks and the power cuts and all the violence. Not a good time that. I imagine it would not be long before a return to that sort of chaos took hold under comrade Mcdonnell.
  12. It was one of the large papers in the USA many years ago that got caught doing this sort of thing over a photograph they took. It was at the time of some major fires and they got a fireman to go to the house swimming pool and use his hat to pour water over his head to "cool off" while the building was burning behind him. It made an eye catching photo of brave exhaustion but it was not real. They even entered it into a competition but on revelations it was fake had to withdraw it. The fall out was quite large at the time but I see nothing coming of this. It would appear that cnn has no integrity at all. I've always found the anchor Becky Anderson to be particularly hard to stomach. A combination of things but the heavily opinionated and loud overconfidence are especially unpleasant. Very similar in fact to Quest with his shouting over exuberance. Really ugly people spinning their web of lies. The sums they are paid for each episode no doubt contribute to their insatiable need to provide a dazzling story. It's the same propagandising that goes on with the bbc. They seemed intent on demonising Trump over his twitter spat with khan last night but completely failed to mention in the piece that khan actually started the spat when he accused Trump of being a buffoon for his travel ban. It is an extension of this same argument that they've been engaged in for a while. Whilst I think its unnecessary for Trump to comment, he has simply been hitting back at khan for his "part of life in a big city" attitude. I happen to agree with Trump that this is most certainly not part of life in a big city and we should never even entertain such a thought. Khan would appear to be more concerned with banning adverts with pictures of women in bikinis on the underground. Pathetic is my opinion of him. spacedmarine, A very good point about the merger of state and corporate power in the media making them Fascist.
  13. Well, just wrote to my tory MP. Explained I will be voting for him but not happy about the inclusion of the internet nonsense in the manifesto. Also told him that I want them to push ahead with Brexit and immigration reform and not let the detractors bog them down. He was a remainer but his web page says that he recognises that the people were asked and gave their verdict so he's now all for getting on with it. Fair enough. Not sure how many people bother to write to their MP. I never have but figured it was worth pointing out how crappy the internet stuff was and just how many people online disagree with it. It might stick in his mind if they ever get around to that nonsense (assuming they win of course!!!). Anyway, it means I can vote for them with a clearer conscience now.
  14. good timing before the little rise after the US jobs report. I have some lunar ones and they are awesome.
  15. Agreed. Anything other than a Tory win means no Brexit. It also means returning to the unelected EU leaders and sucking it up like a beggar. It would be utter madness but that never stopped an ideologue from doing the obviously stupid. I also heard a Labour rep slipping out "if we have another referendum" in a related issue that wasn't picked up on. We don't need to be asked again, we need to do what the people voted for and do it sooner rather than later.