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  1. Premium members Christmas prize draw.

    Call me selfish but I don't really want to be getting confused with the charity raffle thing. I enjoyed donating last year because I knew that my donation would go to a like minded individual and would be enjoyed regardless of it's financial value (one oz ag and two cherished copper rounds). It wasn't about money or charity. It was about giving a gift to a random person who would almost certainly be very pleased to receive it. It was a nice little thing between people that mostly have a similar interest in coins and pm's regardless of how wealthy they are or are not. Just my opinion for what it's worth
  2. I've spent half of my adult life working in other people's' countries. I never felt that I needed any special treatment as a white immigrant minority. I was equal under the law and any natural bias that existed against me was the price I paid for choosing to work abroad. I chose those positions and my employers chose me on a merit basis. I was working for money by selling my services and the deal suited both myself and my employer with both of us knowing it would ultimately be a long term temporary arrangement. When I was no longer of any use to them I had to leave because surprise surprise, many other countries don't give rights to citizenship. Should I complain about racism or discrimination? Should I cry about the unfairness of it all? Heck no! I was employed in someone else's country. In the UK we seem to have lost our minds over the idea that we owe the entire world an equal shake of the dice right here at home with us. We don't. We as a society are responsible for only this little patch of the globe. We should be proud to cherish our own culture and way of life without feeling guilty for it. Contrary to the last two or three decades of hand wringing there really is nothing wrong with being fond of our home and it's people. Regardless of colour or heritage, those who have joined us, embraced our culture and our way of life really are very welcome here. It's a lie that there is any "systemic" racism against minorities. The reverse is demonstrably true with the BBC's official hiring policies. As a well travelled individual I can honestly say that the rest of the world sees the self hatred and guilt in the west as utterly pathetic. My Thai girlfriend was completely bemused by the luxury of our insanity. Her suggestions revolved around dealing with the self haters in a predictably severe manner. The rest of the world really isn't crippled with all of this self doubt and hatred. It's certainly an interesting time to be alive.
  3. 2018 Rwanda Lunar Dog

    For anyone still looking for a dog.... I see that gs.be now has 1 back in stock. Was 2 about five minutes ago but just checked back before clicking submit and it's now 1. Price 103 Euros. They are obviously drip feeding em out 2 a day or something.
  4. Rwanda Lunar Dog silver proof or gold ?

    Good spot. Missed them in my last little search through all the dealers.
  5. Rwanda Lunar Dog silver proof or gold ?

    Yeah the rooster is super expensive on the secondary market. There are nearly double the number of dogs though so surely it must have a damping effect on its price. Interesting to see what they finally all sell for from the dealers. On a side note, looking at gs.be they are now the most expensive!!?!! (theoretically as they don't actually have any for sale) They have a listed price of 2655 for the gold dog. I don't think anyone actually paid that much for one because they are still available elsewhere in Germany for 2100 but who knows?? Interesting show.
  6. Rwanda Lunar Dog silver proof or gold ?

    Hahaha. I think the dealer at 2499 is possibly being a bit optimistic but then again I thought the same when he had a santa maria gold for 1980. I see he's now got his last one up for 3290. Hard to know but the combination of striking design and ultra low mintage certainly makes a big difference.
  7. Rwanda Lunar Dog silver proof or gold ?

    Gold dog at gs.be now up to 2100 from 1900 yesterday. I never actually saw any for sale but like the silver proof they must have only stayed up for a very short time. Cheapest that I can find the dog for is now 1999Euros with one silver proof still available at 124.9 Seen one dealer with it as high as 2499Euros. Interesting to see if the prices come back down a bit once the fever wears off...
  8. 2018 Rwanda Lunar Dog

    @Sal You do have freedom of speech which is a wonderful thing however it doesn't absolve you of the responsibility to behave in a civil manner. Continuing the feud that you had with a gold forum member on a different thread is not a good example of freedom of speech. Its a repeat of your previous personal attack and quite frankly bordering on libellous. As was pointed out to you numerous times by other posters the price that a limited item sells for is determined by what the market will sustain. Meunzdachs is a business owner that chooses what price he sells for. If he fails to sell then he will eventually put the price down or go out of business. It was also pointed out to you with links to other dealers that he is not the most expensive dealer quoting for these coins which makes your comments appear all the more personal. Here's a quote from Jester replying to you and pointing out that you've had a number of chances to just drop this. You did for a while but again today we have you trying to score points against Meunzdachs. It's baseless libel and just plain rude of you. As you say, I have the freedom of expression to point that out to you. Posted September 10 You were spoken to by a Moderator likely because you called a fellow Forum member a "price gouging S.O.B." (which has since been redacted). Even after @shortstack68 discretely tried to give you a heads up that Muenz is a Gold Member who actively participates on the Forum providing you with an opportunity to modify your approach to something more civil, you pressed on. While members of this community disagree with each other from time to time, we do so in a respectful manner without resorting to name calling regardless of what side of the pond you're on. As an owner and seller of the coins in question, @muenzdachs is completely within his rights to sell them for whatever he chooses. As @Roy mentioned above, you can then make the choice not to buy from him. It is in fact all about supply and demand (regardless of how much you want it to not be so). From what I'm reading, this coin is 1) hot right now, 2) in very high demand and 3) in very short supply. And you want him to sell his remaining (limited) stock for what it originally sold for (or even a small mark-up)? That makes no sense. Let me put the same scenario to you...you own a coin that is red hot, highly sought after by the coin collecting community and just can't be found anywhere. You decide you'd like to cash in on the hype and so you're going to sell it on the secondary market for what? What you purchased it for? What it could originally be had for when dealers had stock? A small percentage mark-up? There's no need to respond, it's a rhetorical question as we know what the truthful response is. And you know what, I wouldn't begrudge you in the least for doing so. Capitalism is a beautiful thing.
  9. 2018 Rwanda Lunar Dog

    I was replying to sal going on his gouging crusade against meunzdachs
  10. 2018 Rwanda Lunar Dog

    Here we go again. It seems to me that you hold a personal grudge against meunzdachs which is why you're bringing this gouging accusation up again. All very unnecessary to be honest. Just for your info, there was another site that sold at least 114 dogs that I saw in 20 something minutes for 90Euro each. Another sold out at 109Euro. I see another at 139 Euro. The site that morezone linked to was selling them originally at 95Euro but has nearly run out and since put up their price. How do I know that? Because I bought from them. Supply and demand and given the rooster price now it's hardly surprising. So here's the question. Why are you focusing on Meunzdachs? Is it personal? It certainly seems like it to me.
  11. 2018 Rwanda Lunar Dog

    Erm is it just me that's questioning the cancellation? How exactly did they justify that? Once they have sent you a second automatic email accepting the order, which usually takes place within a minute or so, then its legally binding!! Did you ask nicely about combining postage or get a bit shirty or something? Confused
  12. 2018 Rwanda Lunar Dog

    So down to 3 sets but complete If I did I'd play the same game
  13. 2018 Rwanda Lunar Dog

    So you got 4 of the rooster as well? Nice
  14. 2018 Rwanda Lunar Dog

    That's pretty good of him. I've learnt about a few more dealers to shop from with this little game that's played out over the last couple of days. He seemed very fair on price as well so going to keep his url in my address book for the future.
  15. 2018 Rwanda Lunar Dog

    @augur The point of sale has to take place in Europe on dealers margin or it attracts 20%VAT under UK rules. If gs.be were to officially become involved with BB then that would imply that they had a UK branch in effect which would mean an additional 20% VAT. I think for normal things it works out well with BB acting like a "club" secretary and collecting orders together but remember that he is the sole buyer officially. He is then simply reselling as a private individual at cost which does not have to attract VAT. It works nicely as a club but it cannot have any official connection or the VAT issue would raise it's ugly head.