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  1. for sale Silver coins

    Few more sales gone. Still silver for £16 an ounce, not spotted or marked!!
  2. for sale 10oz and 1KG Silver Coins!

    Super snow day special, free delivery on the 10oz coins and the 1KG coin!!!
  3. for sale Silver coins

    Can do a deal if you buy several. Message me with your offers!
  4. for sale 10oz and 1KG Silver Coins!

    Just the 2 Koalas, 1 horse and 1 privateer coin left.
  5. for sale 10oz and 1KG Silver Coins!

    Still have these 10oz and 1KG coins available, make me an offer.
  6. for sale Silver coins

    Reduced all the prices, super bargain cheap cheap lucky lucky winner winner chicken dinner, make good price for you.
  7. for sale Silver coins

    All 3 are 2009
  8. for sale Silver coins

  9. for sale Silver coins

    Silver coins, no milk spots on any of it lucky me! Postage at your risk level, come with caps where shown: 5x - 2oz Queens Beast Lion - £44 each 10x - 1oz Buffalo - £16 each 3x - 1oz Libertad - £18 each 1x - 1oz Canada Puma - £17 1x - 1oz Liberty Head - £17 1x - 1oz 2012 Philharmoniker - £17 1x - 1oz 2015 Britannia - £18 2x - 1oz 2016 Kook Monkey Privy - £18 each 1x - 1/2oz Hammerhead Shark - £11 1x - 1/2oz Great White Shark - SOLD 3x - 1oz Sunshine Mint Bars - SOLD 6x - 5oz Monarch Bars - £85 each 1x - 5oz Scottsdale Button - SOLD
  10. for sale 10oz and 1KG Silver Coins!

    Thanks @Pete for the info, might do a small silver sale instead. Something to think about! Looking at the price for the coins, 1KG coin at £500 is 32.15oz or £15.55 per oz. Is £15.55 per oz expensive when in a coin like this? I think I will stick to sovereigns in future!! far more predictable buy/sell price.
  11. for sale 10oz and 1KG Silver Coins!

    Too expensive or does nobody want big silver? I will reduce the prices slightly as a last resort otherwise I keep my beautiful big coins!
  12. for sale 10oz and 1KG Silver Coins!

    Yeah they are very smart, I was going to keep them but eBay shows them going for £31-35 an ounce so I decided to let them go to a new home. Also useful if any werewolfs live in your street.
  13. Priced at less than Goldsilver.be price where available and all have capsules as pictured, of course without the delivery from Europe charges: 1KG - 2014 - Koala - £500 (reduced) 10oz - 2014 - Lunar Horse - £190 (reduced) 10oz - 2013 - Kookaburra - SOLD 10oz - 2014 - Kookaburra - SOLD 10oz - 2015 - Kookaburra - SOLD 10oz - 2015 - Koala - £175 (reduced) 2oz - 2x Privateer Walk The Plank - High Relief - £45 each - 1xSOLD 2oz - Bullet - SOLD 1oz - 3x Bullet - SOLD Postage at cost, signed for special delivery
  14. completed Gold coins