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  1. Quarter Brittanias at HGM for ~£250
  2. Perhaps excess stock of an item bought some time ago when spot was lower? Either way, I don't think they'll be losing any money on the sale
  3. We never get offers like this in the uk
  4. These do seem like a good deal
  5. Never used Chards, been on their website a few times though. Been going a long time, must be doing something right
  6. That's perfect thanks; I didn't realise Co op were in that bad a position.
  7. I've been playing with my Stocks and Shares isa for sometime now, and have recently been researching bonds. For anyone in the know, why is this bond so cheap? http://www.hl.co.uk/shares/shares-search-results/c/co-operative-bank-plc-11-2023/share-charts
  8. I appreciate this, but there's something about a sealed tube that I like; I love tubes of 1/4 silver Noah's! I recognise that the maples are the better investment; from being a better price, being more sought after and ending up in better condition. I like the fact that a sealed tube would be compact
  9. So, I'm looking to buy an amount of bullion that looks complete, With this in mind, I've been looking to buy 20x 1/10 Philharmonikers as I like the idea of owning a tube, But, goldline are doing 1/10 gold maples for a bit cheaper, but these come in crummy sealed packets, Whats my best chance at owning a nice shiny tube of gold coins?
  10. The general population saving isn't beneficial for the economy; people spending money on things they don't need is. And in this sense, VAT on whatever they can justify is their way of the economy benefiting from people buying gold.
  11. It's just the film on the front? That isn't the same as open,and I'd be okay with it
  12. It's quite a markup, 1/10s at HGM don't usually have a +10% premium
  13. I was in from day 1; unfortunately not by any significant amout
  14. I agree, and due to the small premium on second hand gold, you might be able to justify making small but more frequent orders. Silver looks good, but it is far more expensive (margin wise)
  15. Buying gold at 35% over spot price is never good advice. Would you pay £1350 for the one ounce? How long will you have to wait to recover the premium?