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  1. A loaf of bread will always be a loaf of bread; the point I was trying to make is that the value of the pound changes (generally falls) and that one day a loaf of bread might cost £1000. I suppose it depends what you mean by lose it’s worth here in the UK; I interpreted your comment as the value of the pound won’t fall in the UK, but now realise you meant that the pound will always be of use even if it is worthless as it’s our currency - correct?
  2. You’re right, £1 will always be £1. And one loaf of bread will always be one loaf of bread, But, one loaf of bread won’t always be £1
  3. 20% off eBay today

    Me neither, I expect bullion by post missed out on a lot of business by removing their listings though
  4. 20% off eBay today

    I’ve had nothing of the sort, I’m looking forward to owning my first Sovereign though!
  5. 20% off eBay today

    You’re fortunate, I (and I assume the rest of us) have to wait till the 6th-8th according to ebay ohwell it was a bargain!
  6. 20% off eBay today

    Yours has arrived already?
  7. GOLD DEALS - See a deal, post here :)

    Good spot, also ordered one
  8. Another German price comparison website

    Available in English?
  9. I’ll keep an eye out, thanks 👍
  10. Any aim in doing an october group buy?
  11. market manipulation true or false

    I think it depends on your definition of manipulated, as in, to what extent. After all, encouraging others to buy more precious metals manipulates the market
  12. GOLD DEALS - See a deal, post here :)

    Doesn't sound like much of a deal?
  13. e-Bay Big Time Chancer / Rip-Off Seller

    Sometimes people increase prices temporarily when out of stock to deter people from buying what they can't supply, it's easier than removing and relisting.
  14. Trading 212

    I've opened an account with a small sum. So far I like the platform, it is easy to use and runs quick. However, from discussions with them, they tax Dividends but won't quantify how much they will be doing so. (Inline with HMRC apparently, which may be 7.5%) Now, this may seem to be small fry for the typical retail investor, but if you was looking to amass a small fortune and looking to use dividends for reinvestment or as a pension, then you need to consider this. Naturally, it's up to the individual to declare income from interest/dividends. (Starting above £5,000) Now, on a sum of 100k, the tax may seem fairly nominal, but ultimately, when a stock goes ex-dividend, an investor may lose out when he probably shouldn't. Ill keep everyone up to date.