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  1. Welcome and hope we can help you
  2. Very nice
  3. I want one of those panda's
  4. I love these
  5. That's BEAUTIFUL
  6. I've thought about sending one of my Roosters to get graded now I'll Def be sending it out once I've got the funds
  7. Thanks for putting me down for #132
  8. If #28 isn't available I'll take 132 please
  9. I would like number #28 if possible I would like number #28 if possible
  10. I found an 1994 D PENNY. the doubling is on the date and the liberty. Any info would be great. I do plan to send it to NGC to get it graded. I belive it's close to BU state. I'll try and get a photo asap ty for all your help. I believe it to be about an MS 66-67. I just need to find the funds to ship it out to NGC. Please let me know what you all think. There's also doubling on the word LIBERTY AS WELL.
  11. I'd like to thank Numistacker he turned me on to this forum and this is a huge thanks to him. I love all types of silver no matter what it is. I've been collecting coins for 13 years or so and my fav are errors. Doesn't matter what denomination