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  1. for sale Air-Tite Queens Beast Caps

    Hi are these with the black ring inside them? If so I'd like 4 of them please
  2. New coins from Now til 2018

    More from the Tuvalu Marvel series 1oz silver. I got spidey already. The pouches are cool too.....also Perth Lunar dog
  3. wanted 2012 dragon and 2013 snake 1/2oz silver

    Ah I'll prob hop on the next one then since I only want a couple of coins
  4. Hi. Am looking for one of each of these if anybody is selling from Perth Mint Lunar series 2. thanks
  5. completed Lunar 1/2 oz silver coins

    Can I just buy the snake, tiger and dragon or does it have to sell all together? thanks
  6. Sovereigns vs Queens Beasts, Britannias etc

  7. Sovereigns vs Queens Beasts, Britannias etc

    yeah usually dispensing pints of gold from a hand pump :-)
  8. Sovereigns vs Queens Beasts, Britannias etc

    Why do people seem to prefer to collect gold sovereigns to 999 gold coins such as Queens Beast, Britannia, Lunar series.....as these are available in 1/4 ounce, you get a solid gold coin rather than a 916 coin and also seem to get a smidge more gold for your money. Is the popularity on sovereigns based purely on collectability or resellabilty?
  9. Goldsilver.be (vat)

    Yeah I noticed gold is around the same price in Europe but the silver is a fair bit cheaper from outside uk
  10. Goldsilver.be (vat)

    That's great thanks for your help all, at least now I know there will be no surprises when I come to pay. I might be buying my first little bit of gold which is exciting :-)
  11. Goldsilver.be (vat)

    Hi, I am really enjoying this forum and have looked through a lot of topics over the last few months but so far have had nothing to start a topic about. My question is to people who have used goldsilver.be. When the total is calculated at the checkout is that the total price you pay? As in, if I were to use the google € to £ converter is that what I would pay in sterling or is there VAT added on top of that? It looks like a great deal so far but just hoping I don't get stung when I've already agreed to buy.
  12. Silver Monitoring Thread £ only.

    Wow, that's a great price. I'd add some more if I could get either at those prices. Prices seem to be heading down just recently
  13. Silver Monitoring Thread £ only.

    That's when I was picking up 2016 Britannias for £16 each 😙
  14. for sale FS - Various Silver

    Hi Can I have a 2oz captain please? Thanks