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  1. completed

    Can I just buy the snake, tiger and dragon or does it have to sell all together? thanks
  2. Handpoured?
  3. yeah usually dispensing pints of gold from a hand pump :-)
  4. Why do people seem to prefer to collect gold sovereigns to 999 gold coins such as Queens Beast, Britannia, Lunar series.....as these are available in 1/4 ounce, you get a solid gold coin rather than a 916 coin and also seem to get a smidge more gold for your money. Is the popularity on sovereigns based purely on collectability or resellabilty?
  5. Yeah I noticed gold is around the same price in Europe but the silver is a fair bit cheaper from outside uk
  6. That's great thanks for your help all, at least now I know there will be no surprises when I come to pay. I might be buying my first little bit of gold which is exciting :-)
  7. Hi, I am really enjoying this forum and have looked through a lot of topics over the last few months but so far have had nothing to start a topic about. My question is to people who have used goldsilver.be. When the total is calculated at the checkout is that the total price you pay? As in, if I were to use the google € to £ converter is that what I would pay in sterling or is there VAT added on top of that? It looks like a great deal so far but just hoping I don't get stung when I've already agreed to buy.
  8. Wow, that's a great price. I'd add some more if I could get either at those prices. Prices seem to be heading down just recently
  9. That's when I was picking up 2016 Britannias for £16 each 😙
  10. completed

    Hi, I'd like a single please with a capsule.
  11. for sale

    Hi Can I have a 2oz captain please? Thanks
  12. completed

    Hi, what would the postage be on the 1oz superman? Thanks, Andy
  13. completed

    Could I please have the both 1/2 lunar goats? I can pay PayPal ASAP Many thanks