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  1. Ten half sovereigns from HGM Vicky 1895 Eddie 1905, 1908, 2x 1909, 2x 1910 Georgie 1911, 1912 Lizzy 2015 Arriving tomorrow. Can't wait!
  2. Sorry this was directed at Danny Boy. Don't know what happened to the quote... Not really. It's all a bit Alice in Wonderland to me. A coin, legal tender, which you would be crazy to spend at face value, but also be crazy not to accept if offered at face value for a good or service. Let's all work that one out. Regardless of the value question though I don't think you can disoblige a legal tender coin, otherwise what would be the point? I know only 20 pence of coppers, a fiver's worth -I think- of change are tender and more than that can be refused but for all practical purposes we'd all accept more if need be. Unless of course you were being vindictive and paying your council tax bill in pennies at the town hall, they'd probably refuse... but I have been sorely tempted to try it anyway, just to wind them up. You certainly wouldn't disoblige a debt being paid in Gold and Silver Brits at face value if you had a clue and any sense, which sadly most people don't. Our collective memory of gold and silver as money, paid in full, is long gone. There does seem to be a principle of law at stake with the issue though. Not that i'm a lawyer but I'm pretty convinced that someone with a lot of money and time on their hands could take HMRC to court on this. And win. Of course everyone would boo and say you were the bad guy denying HMRC of much needed tax money but that's another argument entirely!
  3. Thanks sixgun that's good info. As Silver Brits are legal tender an argument could -and should- be made that they ought to be VAT free as a matter of course really, at least to my mind. I wrote an article saying the same years ago that's floating around somewhere in Internet Land... At the very least HMRC/Treasury should be made to account for why they're chargeable. Whatever the case it's clear to me that paying VAT on legal tender coins is an outrage and should be treated as such. Just found this. No straight answer. Nor a lawful one. https://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/vat_on_legal_tender_silver
  4. Yay! I'd like to thank the Academy for... ooops, sorry wrong speech. Cheers folks, Happy New Year to all!