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  1. Today I Received

  2. NGC Grading Submissions Open

    When is the cut off period for the next grading?
  3. Today I Received

    A big thank you to @ChrisSIlver for these 2. They are great.
  4. Today I Received

    Sorry not me [emoji6]
  5. Today I Received

    Not sure about the 89(ebay) and I think the 02 was from London area (a Facebook group)
  6. Today I Received

    Picked these half proofs up over the last week/10 days or so. 2002 is perfect, the 89 no scratches but may have been handled in the past. If I were to have it slabbed and conserved would most probably sort it but don't know if it is worth it. The 84 was a present to my partner off myself as it is her birth year. I got it from atkinsons so I am not to upset with the condition (no scratches). This has definitely been handled, my girlfriend is not bothered by the marks at all but they bug me. Are there any tips for getting rid of the marks without conservation? Also need to get new camera equipment as my tripod and light source are bugging me haha
  7. Today I Received

    And here is me being chuffed with myself for just buying a 89 half yesterday [emoji17][emoji6]
  8. Today I bought.....

    I have these boxes they are quite good
  9. Today I Received

    I got labels with them I just haven't wrote on them yet . Putting mintage, year etc I think
  10. Today I Received

    I get similar for my 3d's. Just need to sort my labels out
  11. Today I bought.....

    Nice medal
  12. Today I Received

    May I ask where you get all these lovely sovereigns?
  13. Today I Received

    These 2 1/2d's arrived today, nice toning on one as well.
  14. Today I Received

    I received these proof threepences over the last couple of weeks, I just wish it would stop raining so I could have decent light for a picture. They look amazing in the hand.