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  1. At least they aren't lost Numi
  2. I thought they had sold out.
  3. Limited mintages in all the years but some are incredibly low.
  4. How many more from May's grading to come Numi?
  5. I guess my leopard hasn't been graded yet numi? It's great all the dragons got 70s and most swans as well. Any idea who got the 69s in swans?
  6. Daylight in a well lit area is best
  7. It might be worth listing all the dates you have plus mint marks and if people are interested They might offer to buy some.
  8. Any news on May's submission Numi?
  9. Can't wait for mine to come back.
  10. Is that a scratch on her cheek? [emoji54]
  11. Any update on the unboxing vids Numi?
  12. Where it says total graded by ngc 0 does this mean mine is the highest?
  13. The herd is back. Thanks Numi