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Coin Series I am collecting

  • Perth Mint - Silver
    S1 Proofs - ½oz
    S2 Proofs - ½oz
    S2 BU - ½oz
    Kookaburra BU - 1oz
    S2 BU - ½oz
  • Chinese Mints - Silver
    Chinese Panda BU - 1oz
    Chinese Panda BU - 30g
  • Perth Mint - Gold
    Kangaroo - ½oz
  • Chinese Mints - Gold
    Chinese Panda BU - ¼oz
    Chinese Panda BU - 8g
  1. They should of asked for more money lol
  2. http://goldsilver.be/en/coins/1201-12-oz-silver-lunar-rat-2008.html an absolute bargain Only 544 euro for a 1/2 mouse
  3. Very nice indeed
  4. I'm desperate to know what my elephants got [emoji21]
  5. All the the writing on the right hand side of the Queen is like this. Thanks for the info [emoji106]
  6. The 200 privy might increase the value in the future.
  7. S on a sovereign is from the Sidney mint
  8. Does this make it more valuable @sovereignsteve or is this quite common?
  9. @JesterHere are some clearer ones @sovereignsteve might know.
  10. I thought it looked a little funny but I'm not an expert so that might be normal. Will have a look at my pics on the laptop again for a clearer look
  11. I think the rim damage stop it getting MS
  12. Here is a close up
  13. This turned up on my doorstep today and I quite like it. Not the rarest year but in not bad condition . She has a little knock on her neck and a ding on the rim above the crown and a weird line above the number but is it worth grading?