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  1. Practical, full operation, minimal waste. Cool.
  2. Cheers Hadn't noticed till you mentioned and I looked at the pictures on the laptop screen I think it's 3 Sydney though Agreed, not bad for a blind buy
  3. Very happy to receive from @arshimo2012 Also, acting on a tip from @morezone 3 Sheild Sovereigns from HGM
  4. completed

  5. wanted

    Hatton Garden Metals have a few At £116
  6. @Numistacker Did you pay a big premium? If it's fake is it still gold?
  7. Delighted to receive this 1 oz Gold Noble from @Shinus73
  8. completed

  9. A couple of Sov's from Bairds
  10. Pure guess here but could SV17 be Retail and SV17T be Trade/Wholesale
  11. Got away from work early today and decided to get a couple of Full Sov's from HGM