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  1. Happens to me a lot with my iPhone. I make an adjustment, like change the light brightness or contrast slightly, or rotate the photo and it uploads.
  2. Practical, full operation, minimal waste. Cool.
  3. Cheers Hadn't noticed till you mentioned and I looked at the pictures on the laptop screen I think it's 3 Sydney though Agreed, not bad for a blind buy
  4. Very happy to receive from @arshimo2012 Also, acting on a tip from @morezone 3 Sheild Sovereigns from HGM
  5. completed

  6. wanted

    Hatton Garden Metals have a few At £116
  7. @Numistacker Did you pay a big premium? If it's fake is it still gold?
  8. Delighted to receive this 1 oz Gold Noble from @Shinus73
  9. completed

  10. A couple of Sov's from Bairds
  11. Pure guess here but could SV17 be Retail and SV17T be Trade/Wholesale
  12. Got away from work early today and decided to get a couple of Full Sov's from HGM