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  1. Today I received.....

    BU Looks like a retort
  2. Today I received.....

    1323 What did you get?
  3. Today I received.....

    Picked up my SOTD Sovereign this evening. Thanks @ChardLizzie
  4. 200 Anniversary "Strike on the day" Sovereign

    Hello Lizzie. I have a missed call from last Monday. Can I ask how that interferes with delivery?
  5. Today I received.....

    Same as that. Bought mine on 28 June. Still waiting. Why is a phone call necessary here? It's bought and paid for. Send via Royal Mail Special Delivery to the address provided.🤔
  6. Hi all jordie from the UK

    Hello and welcome.
  7. 200 Anniversary "Strike on the day" Sovereign

  8. I signed up with Blockchain.info so I could send some Bitcoin from one Paper Wallet to another as a test run. I haven't bought from them. Is there any further id check before purchasing (apart from Debit/Credit Card)? What was the premium? What was/Is there an amount limit on first purchase? So far I've bought from LocalBitcoins.com and Bittylicious.co.uk. Premiums can be anywhere up to about 10%(and more).As of writing I could get some on LocalBitcoin.com with about 3% and Bittylicious.co.uk with about 10%. Bittylicious.co.uk isn't always that bad.
  9. ATS Bullion?

    I bought my first gold coins from there over the counter. No problems. I haven't been back since but the only reason for that is I find the likes of Atkinsons, Baird, Hatton Garden Metals a bit cheaper.
  10. Feedback

    Never noticed that one Cool 👍
  11. Feedback

    Go into your profile Just under the green Trader Feedback band press View Feedback Scroll down to Feedback and press Add Feedback
  12. Perfect buying opportunity if his TA comes through Obviously taken with a pinch of salt
  13. easytiger5000

    Welcome to the forum
  14. He's bearish now and is waiting for a big drop next year to possibly $800 - $900 then a rebound and off to new highs 9-18 minutes in this vid https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F-obVKzdPn4 Perfect buying opportunity
  15. I've listened to a few of Tone Vays recent videos. he has an interesting take on gold also.