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  1. Where are all the 2017 1/10 oz gold libertads

    Looks like the 2017 1/10 oz gold ms libertads are exchanging hands at some crazy prices on eBay - $450 plus. Is it worth it?
  2. Graded/Slabbed silver coins- don't do it?

    All my modern silver coins that I have gotten graded or bought graded ms/proof 70 have not held up in the slabs - I may be unlucky but the reality is that most modern stuff will not stay In 70 condition in my experience - from toning on Mexican libertads - to spoting on maples, brits, American eagles, and philly's, I'm done. I think buying expensive graded silver is a losing proposition due to the added risks in the coin developing problems in the slab - Everyone needs to remember that the grade on the slab for a coin represents the grade at the time it was encapsulated and not what the current grade of the coin is at the present.
  3. Graded/Slabbed silver coins- don't do it?

    I also think that modern coin grading is just a way to milk the current day collector - there are over 165,000 ms70 graded American silver eagles by ngc alone for 2017 - can't see how they will garner any premium in the future - maybe $5 over spot because they are incapsulated.
  4. I would like to ask the question to all the forum members who have had silver coins graded - modern or old silver- how their coins have done - condition wise - while in the slab. I myself do not believe a silver coin can stay a ms/pf70 in a slab over a long period of time, say over 20 years or so. Since modern coin grading is still fairly new - I'm wondering if any early graders of silver coins - people who had coins graded 15 or 20 years ago can confirm. I See the milk spotting issues of modern silver and the inherent other properties of silver, toning,etc. as the reason why I will never grade or buy another graded coin for my personal collection.
  5. I think we may be at a cross roads in collecting - at least I am. I'm burned out with the same stuff every year like @shortstack68stated earlier. It gets boring very quickly. In a sense we are all tight wads when it comes to spending money - if it was something we really wanted or needed I am sure that most members would anti-up to buy an item. To me if a 8 gram pamp bar came up for sale on the forum - I would buy it - probably at a price that no other member would pay for it. ( hopefully no other member would try to "hold it for ransom"). @sovereignsteveI take no offense to your comments above.😉
  6. Being in the USA - I have sold some very nice coins to great members in the U.K. - sometimes something sells - and sometimes it doesn't. But for me to ship to the U.K. Is concerning since anything is possible until that package arrives safely. I have also sold so much stuff on the bay that I find myself tired of paying the 14% all in on bay fees and then shipping sometimes. I would rather post something on the forum and see if someone wants it. If they do and I complete a good transaction - I will have also made a closer relationship to a fellow forum member who may be on the lookout for me with rare pamp bars, etc. that I cannot get in the USA. i think that we are all in favor of supporting our fellow members - but sometimes there is stuff listed that no one is either looking for or interested in at the asking price.
  7. lots of silver for sale ??

    I am also fed up with buying any premium silver or graded silver at this point. @Jester is right, it is hard enough to pick a "winner coin", only to then lose on it when it spots, or milks up. Many a coin I socked away only to find milk spots another day. (Could this be the start of a new nursery rhyme.) ahem, ahem Silver so shinny, Silver so bright, why must you spot in the dead of night. I get you graded, I cover you up, I leave you in the OGP, so what the $&@" is up. You take my money and throw it away, just like other precious metals of yesterday. Endurium, Molybdenum, and now you too, Silver oh Silver how we all hate you. But wait there is hope, a light in sky, if silver hits $200 an ounce, I will no longer cry, I'll sell you off as fast as I can and buy some gold - the real master plan. Thank you, thank you very much 💰💰💰🥛
  8. 1/4 oz pamp lady fortuna silver bar in assay

    Do not know where you saw 1500, but the max I would say on this bar if you had to have it is $150 to $200. Selling this bar - about the same but only if you are able to find some one who is putting the set together and really wants it. Hope this helps pamp
  9. Help needed identifying this coin?

    Thanks guys i figured my father wouldn't be handing me over any of the good stuff 😂
  10. Help needed identifying this coin?

    Received this from my dad - do not know what it is - is it gold?
  11. Looking to sell quickly - price reduced to $225 USA only.
  12. Gold playing cards

    A couple hundred more drinks and you may have a gram or two. 😄
  13. Well - I got the package today and I just couldn't resist - Below are the unboxing Photos - enjoy
  14. Palladium

    Over 50% return if you would have bought an ounce a year ago - don't know if it is an easy sell ?
  15. Did you buy a silver ticket? 🎲🎲