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  1. If you rent a car - you can drive to Modern Coin Mart, Modern Coin Wholesale, and a few other shops in Sarasota, Florida- It is about a 2 hour drive - may be worth your while to check it out.
  2. Be on the lookout for ms70 graded first day of issue - one of the big boys submitted 150 - with 28 grading ms70- the others all ms69 by ngc. so far a 19% ms70 grade rate for these coins at ngc. Really good if you ask me considering the quality issues of the Royal mint. The capsule they came in really have made the difference.
  3. 2017 Lion Dollar -- This coin is simply amazing
  4. Don't know how many people on the forum workout - but after some time off I am getting back into shape and just purchased a powerblock dumbbell set for my new home gym. Quick link to what they are and look like from the Powerblock website: http://www.powerblock.com/Elite 90 Set.php
  5. NYCoinandBullion is now all sold out of these - glad I was able to pick one up while still available - Big shout out to @Jester
  6. Welcome
  7. Really amazing looking coin.
  8. Nerve racking indeed but I would give them a call now just to check up on it. Your inquiry may shake it loose.
  9. There are still only five in the world - you may have to buy a few raw and take the chance with grading them yourself. I just sent in to ngc my 10 oz beast -I'm looking to get an ms70 on that one.
  10. I would call your local post office number and speak to them about helping you. If the package is already in the USA, go to the usps.com and enter the tracking number there. The number to call in the USA for USPS is 1-800-222-1811. Hope this helps
  11. MCM has them ungraded for $79.00 https://www.moderncoinmart.com/2017-netherlands-1-oz-proof-silver-lion-1-gem-proof-original-government-packaging.html
  12. Cause they're beatiful @Kman.
  13. Should be available from any major dealer - just call them and ask Really nice collection @rebnah well done!