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  1. Only 1114 left at the mint. Really curious as to if they stop offering it after the proof griffin is released?
  2. eBay bucks are coming in a week - should be the full $500 - hoping something good comes my way (1/4 ounce pamp fortuna bar would be sweet)
  3. i wonder if they will sell em out? Next we will see 500 count monster boxes - for sale for $35k. Now that is stacking.
  4. I heard that the royal mint was having problems sourcing some .99999 gold bullion.
  5. He clearly stated a 500kg silver bar. I have one as well. Welcome to the forum.
  6. One issue rhodium has had in the past was that it was very hard to get in a bar format. The only makers were Bards of London with an ugly looking bar. The majority of rhodium products were sold in a "sponge format". Kitco was and still sells it in this format. Pamp Suisse about 6 months ago came out with a one ounce rhodium fortuna bar which is quite stunning. I picked one up along with a palladium and platinum bar just to have one of each for the collection. My point to all this is if pamp suisse is making this bar - then rhodium has entered the precious metals realm. We will see what happens - (I paid $865 for my one ounce pamp - spot is around $1015, but the bar is currently selling in the $1,100 range - please realize that the pamp bar has a huge premium over spot) Not a bad return so far - but you will only know when you go to sell one what you can get for it.
  7. @Shinus73this all seems very fishy to me. There already has been way too much contact about shipping and free items etc. Most tranasctions in ebay usually have no contact at all from seller and buyer, beside an invoice and payment from my experience. The first chance you get - I would try to file a dispute so it is on record. No one - especially an eBay seller with less than a single digit feedback will give you a $45 coin for free.
  8. I THINK EVERYONE BETTER PICK EM UP WHILE THEY CAN. They only have 17 rolls of Early releases and 16 rolls of first releases left. Then they are all gone forever. Every last one. Gone. Never to be seen again. Wait a minute: 17 x 20 = 340 16 x 20 = 320 So a total of 660 coins of the 1,000,000 mintage. ?????????????? How much for a roll - $1500 or $75 per ounce/coin. https://www.moderncoinmart.com/silver-krugerrand/?&sort=date_added&link=silver_krug_rolls&linkcat=homepage
  9. @OldunThanks for the heads up - Just got mine from Ebay - Earned Ebay bucks to boot. 14 left now.
  10. Wonder if the extra cost is to put the coin in a screw holder. A screw holder? Interesting.
  11. Maybe they plan on cutting down on the products they offer. LOL
  12. I wonder if the mint will wait until all the proof lions are sold before they release the griffin proof. Also wonder if they will keep the mintages the same for the griffin as the lion.
  13. There are a few nice 1/2 ounce coins out there. There are pandas, American eagles, Austrian philharmonics, etc. Your best bet is to do a search on eBay and see all the different coins that come up. If you don't see something you like - you can always get a 1/2 ounce gold pamp suisse fortuna bar. lets us know what you decide
  14. I too did the same collecting of baseball cards and comics. You need to put it into perspective however - at the time there was no internet or instant satisfaction from social media - we actually had to go out into the real world and meet people to get that card or comic you wanted. It was just a different time long gone. I guess I started collected coins because there is still some part of it left from going to a coin show etc. Now the bad part of collecting the paper "comics and cards" is that I think about the hoard of silver and gold I would have right now if I had just picked the shinny metal over the worthless paper. Hey - this sounds familiar today - except I am on the other side. (last thing - who would have ever thought the case of series 1 garbage pail kids I bought as a kid would be the one thing that made me the most money of all the cards I ever bought)