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  1. That is a good point. What happens if the royal mint drops the cost of the griffin proof to say 400 pounds but makes 5000 of them? Will the people who say they are not buying the lion because it is to expensive change their mind about the griffin and just buy it. What happens to the lion with these people then? Are they going to break down and then be forced to buy it anyway. Why not just buy it now and enjoy the coin. @Kman just come over to the dark side and get one already. 😉 The force in the lion is strong.
  2. Just checked ngc website and it looks like they have only graded 3 so far - 2 @ 70 and 1 @ 69. All three are early releases - The mint still has 1157 left. It appears that there is some momentum building on this coin. A sell-out is possible. 😄👏👍👍
  3. I tend to agree with @danmc82. that you should consider a gold sovereign. A 2017 - brand new one - that would be my choice if I lived in the U.K. and was in your position. I found out the hard way that if you are in a pinch and have to sell - gold bullion is gold bullion. You will pay a greater premium for the 1/10 ounce gold coins than if you just buy 1 gold sovereign.
  4. In the US - The big bullion houses grade the US Eagles - and sell MS70's for around spot +$20. So there is no reason to touch these - however - if get into the very early years of Eagles - The US mint quality control was poor - and MS70 are very hard to obtain and command a huge premium. When you look at all the other bullion coins being offered by the big bullion houses - they will submit monster boxes of them - so for example the Queens beast is 250 to a box - since the coins are so heavy and the Royal mint uses a container which holds 25 1 ounce coins - Brittannia's, the coins move around in the rolls and you have lots out nicks and marks on the high places of the bullion coins. They will submit the entire box and out of 250 coins - they may get 10 70's. the rest will grade in around 69 and if less than 69 the bullion houses ask for a clever grade of "brilliant uncirculated." Thus the reason these coins are selling for around 10 times spot. In my opinion - do not waste your time and money getting silver bullion coins graded. It will cost you far more money than if you buy them graded already in the grade that you want. The one exception to this is if you are an expect grader and can pick out a Beast or any other coin (worth multiples in grade 70) that you know will grade 70 -But that is a crap shoot.
  5. What years are you missing?
  6. Just calculated my silver to gold ratio and it is currently at 17.5 to 1. That is very strange to me as I never intended my stack to be in the exact correlation with what the estimated ratio of silver to gold is in the Earth. ( according to USA geologists) 🤗😏
  7. You may need to hire someone to help you. 😀
  8. Well - What do you guys think - Which one do you like better? I love em Both.
  9. Today I picked up two Oriana Gold Bars - 1oz and 10 gram. I think they look stunning
  10. Could you imagine being "that guy " that had to weigh them back then? A good reason to pick up one of those sovereign scales I guess.
  11. Today I received my Ebay auction pickups - Just can't seem to stop buying the 1/4 ounce size. The other coin you can read about in the Ebay voucher pickup thread.
  12. I think that Apmex has an exclusive distribution deal with the Perth mint for the bars. Same crappy situation I have with pamp suisse bars - they sell them in all different markets across the globe.
  13. Apmex has the 1 oz, 10 gram and the 1 gram. i wonder what the old style 100 gram bar looks like
  14. Well I think I have found my next project - the Perth mint oriana style gold bars. Originally they were issued in about 10 sizes from 1 gram up to 100 grams. I will not collect those - but the newer series of 1 ounce, 10 gram, 5 gram, and the 1 gram. I am just bored searching for the 2 pamp bars - this little project should ease that. Any thoughts on these bars?