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  1. Very interesting as the 1/4 oz gold is the only one to sell out from the lion series.
  2. Now that the coin is officially sold out at the mint I thought a recap of this coin would be interesting. The lion was released in Mid December 2016 - at an issue price of 455 pounds with a mintage of 2500. (in hindsight - a 2017 proof sovereign was definitely a better buy - having increased in value more than double its issue price - but as time goes on we will see if this remains the case.) At that price point buyer demand was lackluster - with the first surge of purchases probably consuming 1000 pieces or so leaving around 1500 and with slow sales that number worked its way down into the high 1200's for a few months. There was approximately a two month period where the mint was only selling a hand full each week. Then all of a sudden the remaining coins sold out in a 2 week period in April. So it took 5 months for the coin to sell out at a mintage of 2500. In my eyes that is a very long time for such a low mintage coin to sell out - and I wonder who purchased the remaining coins in bulk numbers? Next release is the Proof griffin - let the games begin.
  3. My first British Sovereign - 2005
  4. Could it have been @Kman.???
  5. Griffin to come out soon ?
  6. Don't think if they were able to produce them - they would get very far in getting them by all the metal detectors and other security at the mints. Plus - they would get locked up. Also, Most mint employees probably no nothing about numismatics - thus all the accidents happening when they take their 25 minute cookie and milk breaks. 😉
  7. Today I found the One Quarter Ounce Pamp Suisse Fortuna Bar - It was unfortunetly part of jewelry - but It will serve its purpose until a mint condition one is found. Only one left is the never seen 8gm bar.
  8. Defects on coins could make a coin more valuable. It all depends on what coin and who out there collects them. Also - if there are multiples of the same problem out there then the market will realize it and it would get published on youtube and other mediums. If it really is an error - I would recommend that you send it in to PCGS or NGC - Have them slab it and state what the error is - if any - and then you could list it on ebay as an error coin and see what you can get for it. From doing a quick search it seems that the only errors found on this coin seem to be the "reverse-struck thru" error. Here is an example http://www.ebay.com/itm/2017-American-Silver-Eagle-Reverse-Struck-Thru-Mint-Error-NGC-MS69-/222477755898?hash=item33ccb525fa:g:qMUAAOSwJ4hY8-ax
  9. Just saw on eBay that there are pcgs70 graded 1/4 dragons. Looks to me that these are being heavily graded and dealers are asking crazy prices for them at this point for ms70. Wonder what one could get for a ms70 griffin since there are only 4 right now.🤔 Does anyone know what the next beast will be?
  10. Pinehurstcoins coins has first day of issue ms70 1/4 ounce and 1 ounce dragons available.
  11. Silver usually doesn't chip - have you tested it if it is real?
  12. Just looking at the ngc pop reports - still only 4 griffins at 70, 39 lions at 70, and an incredible 110 dragons at 70. As of now - there can only be 4 complete 70 sets put together - should go higher with the passage of time but we will see.
  13. In the USA, from what I have seen is that if the coin is within a year - they should all be new stock. After that you will need to go by the description of the company selling the coins - If they say they are in Brilliant Uncirculated condition - they should be ok - But if they say they are circulated - then they will have problems.
  14. Apparently in the USA they are considered the rarest of all years - only 3.6 million minted. Funny part is if you sell them back to Apmex I think they pay you the bullion value. I had rolls of them back in the day. http://silvereagleguide.com/mintages/
  15. Why would someone not want to eat? Makes no sense to me. (Just sitting down to a nice big piece of apple pie with ice cream and a cappuccino on the side - no chocolate chip cookie tonight - I'm striking)