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  1. Welcome There are others like us on the forum. Don't think there is a cure to pamp fever. Enjoy pampfan
  2. Just saw MCM is selling graded 1 ounce and 5 ounce proof lions on eBay.
  3. Estimate on cost for a .999 silver version?
  4. I think that one sold for $15k is this something that can be cast in silver or gold?
  5. These are the Lego bricks to invest in if you can find one: http://www.brickenvy.com/Shop/p-482-14k-Solid-Gold-LEGO-Employee-Brick-2x4-Brick-in-Display-Box.html
  6. I would think they would have to be US edition. I will have to pay my pops a visit and see if I can find them. I will keep all posted. thanks @Kman
  7. Nice cards I believe I have some unopened boxes at my parents house - from the late 90's that my brother bought. I forgot all about them until I saw this. Will have to take a look at to see what they are. is there any edition to look out for? pampfan
  8. eBay auctions in the USA range from $37 to $50. low range if your lucky. If you need it today it would cost you around $45.
  9. Sorry to hear that. Did they at least replace the coin?
  10. Practice makes perfect. 😄 Just realized I am very late to respond to this post. Maybe I need to adjust my response posting policy. Lol
  11. Two perfect lions together for the first time:
  12. Here they are - Just received from NGC - The first PF70UC - graded Proof 1/4 ounce gold Lion and the 1 ounce PF70UC Silver Lion - Both early Releases: And also from NGC - A gift from my uncle from Austria which I also sent in to be graded:
  13. Just for info the panda was always One ounce of silver until 2016 when it became a 30 gram coin. So when you buy the newer ones you get lease silver for your money than a one ounce coin, which is 31.1 grams of silver. So if your plan is to stack for silver weight - and the price of a 2015 or lower is the same as the 2016 or above - I would buy the 2015. Reading that you like pamp bars, you are in good company here with @rebnah and myself who have "pamp fever".
  14. There is an eBay dealer called Texasgse that has auctions all the time for ms70 panda gold- they also offer auctions with a best offer. If you do a history of recent sales on their items you can see what the auctions end at - you can then send them a best offer for the coin you want - hope this helps you out
  15. Great job what your doing for the forum members @Numistacker. My Yank cap off to you.🎩👍