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  1. Final reduction on price - $900.
  2. For sale a 1963 +1964 US Mint Proof Set - Asking $30 for the pair and $2.00 shipping USA Only.
  3. For sale is the following lot of 15 1 ounce silver coins: included are: 2 Morgan rounds 2 bull rounds 3 2016 Canadian Superman rounds 2 Austrian Philharmonics 2015 + 2016 1 2014 canadian falcon 1 2016 canadian maple leaf 1 1991 Kookaburra 2 2013 Kookaburas The condition of all the coins are uncirculated but may have some spotting - the 2 2013 kooks are in the original caps. Asking price is $250.00 - Free shipping in USA.
  4. Really makes me bloody mad that the mint doesn't take such good care of all its customers - ensuring that the coin is perfect, the package is perfect, etc. My horrible experience with the queens beast unicorn - has made me stop collecting the series and I will never buy anything from the royal mint again. Having it shipped all the way across the pond to find it is a piece of &$@? when I receive it. To add even more salt on the wound - have to pay return shipping and then lose even more money on the US dollar pound conversion. I'm not one to complain - 🙈🙉🙊but they need to get their act together.
  5. Should be a 20mm width size by .8mm thickness. Lighthouse has this size.
  6. @shortstack68 Priced at a small premium over bullion - so if you pick up a few just to have - I would think not a bad pick-up.
  7. Reverse can be seen on Apmex http://www.apmex.com/product/152185/1-oz-silver-ultra-high-relief-round-buffalo
  8. For sale is a very rare 2017 1/4 ounce proof Queens Beast Lion graded by NGC PF 70 Ultra Cameo - Early Releases (NGC population report for this coin is only 2) - Includes all original mint packaging. Asking $1050 for it. (offers will be considered - just PM me) (Free shipping to UK and the USA)
  9. A new fountain pen.
  10. I prefer ngc only because I am able to get the "fancy labels" for my collection coins and the majority of my stack is in ngc - but if a good deal came along I have no problem picking up a pcgs slabbed coin.
  11. Nice bar!
  12. Silver price beat down continues today. I was at my local coin show yesterday and spoke to some USA shop owners and dealers - who were blowing silver out at spot. Two told me that in the past week they were flooded with people selling silver to them and they had to liquidate it quickly. I wonder if we are only in the beginning of a bigger beat down in prices?
  13. Pamp suisse bar
  14. I would send it in to a grading company to get certified. If it really is a die crack than could be very valuable. But then again how many collectors collect error sovereigns?