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  1. My request has been received and is in process. In a few weeks I will hopefully have some good news and some information for all.
  2. Rhodium is on Fire - what’s up

    More increases to the rhodium price this week. Are we at the start of a bull run? Rhodium to 10k!!
  3. Queens Beast Gold Coin Premium

    A few more ms70 lions have popped up on eBay - these are listed at $525 a piece. Item # 112936820145
  4. Queens Beast Gold Coin Premium

    @kimchi just saw a ms70 lion listed on eBay for $825 or best offer - very curious to see if it sells. item #302702717304
  5. Today I Received

    Today I got the last piece to the 5 gram pamp gold - collection - old style holders:
  6. 1 gram gold bars - who buys them?

    Go bigger - the smaller bars carry huge premiums - I have a .3 gram pamp bar - cost is $40 dollars - the bar is so tiny - you need a 20x loupe to look at it. Buy sovereigns to start - you cant go wrong with them.
  7. Queens Beast Gold Coin Premium

    Agreed, after thinking about it - $50 over spot is probably a little too low - maybe around $60 is more of a reasonable range if you can get a raw coin for $40 over spot. But I have not seen any for sale in 69 or 70 grades in a while. Lets see if any come up what they go for. All this talk about graded beasts makes me want to get some raw ones to submit for grading?
  8. Queens Beast Gold Coin Premium

    @kimchiI agree it doesn't make sense, but from what I recall in 2016 - even on the forum - the lion was a difficult coin to find - there was a thread about this in which I posted that Pinehurst had em and a lot of them, and @Numistackerdid a big buy of them to circulate to other forum members. Does anyone else remember this?
  9. Queens Beast Gold Coin Premium

    @kimchi when the beasts were originally released - pinehurst had/has thousands of the 1/4 ounce lion + griffin, etc. they were all in original tubes and in monster boxes - when I graded mine - which I bought from pinehurst and other us dealers - they all graded ms69 by ngc, from that I conclude that the quality of the coins were/are just as good as the ones they are producing today. My value of an ngc graded ms69 is based on what I have seen in the USA. U.K. pricing is quite different I recon. has anyone been following the prices of these coins in the U.K?
  10. Queens Beast Gold Coin Premium

    In the USA - pinehurst coins has all the 1/4 ounce beasts for about $376 each - about $40 over spot each which is about the same premium they are selling all their other 1/4 ounce gold coins. From watching this series from the beginning my pricing on the 1/4 ounce is as follows: ms70 lion - haven’t seen any for sale in over a year on eBay - probably sell for $500 to $550. ms70 griffin - one sold on eBay about six months ago - probably worth around $800 plus. ms70 dragon - still available - $500 (pinehurst has them with a best offer option - probably can get it for $475) ms70 bull - on eBay right now $460 ms70 unicorn - still available $500-MCM ms69’s - spot plus $50 for all except the griffin, which seems to go for spot +100 if you can find it.
  11. 1/4 oz Gold Queens Beast Bull MS70 - On Ebay

    I graded 3 griffins as well and got a 70- on my own - Also, the griffin was the only coin not mass graded by any company- thus the low pop for ms70 examples of the coin. i have to disagree with the preferential grades to large dealers. They just grade more and select what grades they want slabbed. If I was them, I would do the same thing.
  12. Gold Proof Griffin release date - mid June 2017

    Hasn’t been released yet.
  13. 1/4 oz Gold Queens Beast Bull MS70 - On Ebay

    I think that NGC is a pretty reputable company - so if they give the coin a 70 grade - most likely it deserved a 70. Plus - the big companies probably send in a case of coins(500 or more at a time) for pre- grading and then only ask for 69or 70 grades to get holders, and the special label allows the companies to ask for more money when they sell them.
  14. 1/4 oz Gold Queens Beast Bull MS70 - On Ebay

    That’s the beauty of coin collecting - take a chance it might pay off -to others - they buy the certainty. I have done both and got good and bad results. My gut is always buy the 70. In the end - you probably end up paying the same if you grade yourself and then you may not get one.
  15. I have just reached out to my contact at the royal mint requesting the same information as above but through March 2018. As soon as I hear back from them, I will update all.