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  • Perth Mint - Silver
    S2 BU - ½oz
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  1. Given that last week I was told they were sold out I would be give any they send out now a very very close check.
  2. Apparently the mint are offering a discount this week. The Unucirn of Scotland proof is mentioned. I don't think I'll bother. "Order any modern coins (except face value ones for the obvious reason) from the Royal Mint website and you will get 10% off the final price as long as the order is below £200.00. That’s seems a decent enough discount for one that applies across the board, so all of you wanting Queens Beasts proof coins like the new Unicorn of Scotland, can now do so a bit cheaper. Just enter the code below at checkout"
  3. Mine went back this morning. As the mint are sold out its a refund only. Given the continuing problems with the quality control there I think I'll be steering clear for the time being.
  4. Looks like it's come to you after a 12 hour shift at a building site!
  5. That's disconcerting. Pethaps I'll not bother sourcing a replacement then. Thanks for the suggestions, much appreciated.
  6. Yup. I think it has to go then.
  7. I bought it as a long term investment. The idea in grading was to supplement that. Concern now is that if I've noticed these, what effect would it have or grading or resale ungraded.
  8. Had a look through the magnifier, rotated through 360 and the image of the mouth didn't change so I'm pretty sure that's it rather than a reflection.
  9. I hadn't even noticed that, I'll have a look.
  10. I'm not 100% sure what either are as I haven't done more than take the pic. They're certainly marks on the coin.
  11. Hi all, After getting my fingers burnt on the silver Krugerrand (my first attempt at getting something graded) I had a look at one of the other coins I'm thinking of submitting, the 1oz Silver Proof RM Unicorn of Scotland. To the naked eye it looks fine but under a bit of magnification I can see 2 small spots, Any advice on how these will effect grading would be much appreciated. I have spoken to RM who will take it back but they're sold out so it's this one or nothing. Cheers
  12. Even more interested now that I've just opened the packet with my 1oz. Thanks again BYB :-)
  13. Totally understand your position. You could become a victim of your own success here :-)
  14. I'd be interested in one mate. As regards the serial number, my 1oz bar is in the 80's but I'm not that bothered if you end up making less and I can't get the same number. It would be nice but not essential. Although what do you do if everyone that has the 1oz wants the 100g bar?