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  1. storage boxes for NGC slabs - UK purchase

    I bought an NGC slab box off Morezone a while back, you might try messaging him in case he has more. Edited...apologies it was an MCM one but the NGC slabs fit perfectly.
  2. Today I bought.....

    Just received a bespoke walnut box for my T.I.M.E. series of 1oz silver rounds. Very happy with it.
  3. Help calculating spot %

    Good result :-)
  4. Sovereign or Krugerrand

    The trouble with the 400 ozt bars is that they bend the shelf in your safe! You just don't get a decent safe for £19.99 anymore :-)
  5. Help calculating spot %

    Calculate the price per ounce you paid. Subtract spot price per ounce from that. That gives you what you've paid above or below spot. Divide the answer by Spot price per ounce and then multiply by 100 will give you the percentage over/under spot. I think...lol
  6. 100g Silver Forum Bars Photo portfolio - See your very own bars!

    If only there were still 2 posts a day...lol :-)
  7. 100g Silver Forum Bars Photo portfolio - See your very own bars!

    You wouldn't want to mate, tbh it's pretty hit and miss, sometimes mornings sometimes 4 in the afternoon!
  8. Today I received.....

    My 100g Silver Forum Bar from Backyardbullion. Lovely bar, very pleased with it. Cheers mate
  9. 100g Silver Forum Bars Photo portfolio - See your very own bars!

    Hi mate, got mine today and very happy with the excellent work. Yes, feel free to add me to the list. Cheers
  10. Numistacker

    Welcome :-)
  11. UK, Leave the EU?

    Spot on. All the bickering between our politicians hasn’t helped our hand in the negotiations nor has the continual calls for another referendum on the final deal. We’re sending a message to the UE that if they make it difficult enough we won’t go. I cringe every time one of them says “I respect the peoples decision”, what they don’t say is the “but” at the end.
  12. Goldsilver.be laughable company!!

    No, never heard from them again.
  13. Goldsilver.be laughable company!!

    Don't know about that. I had the exact same experience with STG when they changed details of an order I'd made and I asked to cancel.
  14. NGC Grading Submissions Open

    Thanks again Numistacker :-) Thanks again Numistacker :-)