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  • Perth Mint - Silver
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  1. The trouble is you just never know. I know what you mean about the videos though. I've put a few quid in recently and though I may put in a little each month that I won't miss into different coins. Surely further down the line there won't be the need for so many different coins so as you say the bubble may burst for some people.
  2. Yep. As word spreads I don't think you'll be able to sell a sealed one.
  3. Sorry to hear that mate, very disappointing.
  4. Well if it's any help they sorted out my replacements and I sent one off for grading, how happy I'll be depends on when that comes back. lol
  5. Got me beat there mate, no clue.
  6. Let me know that address, can you pay buy bitcoin? I only have one but they can keep the change.
  7. Sounds perfect mate. If you want I can swap for my "1oz Silver Proof Krugerrand, mint condition, do not open as may reduce value" that I've just posted on ebay. I've attached a pic. Let me know.
  8. Still, as they say "a fool and his money is soon parted"...this explains why I still have the Terminator proof coin!
  9. Too true. Could be anything in there? Mmmm...anybody got some empty boxes and a heat gun?
  10. I thought on ebay you couldn't sell as being new if they were second hand regardless of how long. Did they not do away with the "as new" listing so that only really retailers could sell as "new"?
  11. Lol...yeah...time will tell!
  12. Yeah, good point. The mint have basically left everyone with this. I think this will def be a one off.
  13. Makes you wonder! Why buy unseen when you know there's issues. Am I missing something?
  14. Well they did a good job with my replacements so if you're not happy... On the ebay thing, knowing the issues with the SA mint packaging, I would want one that isn't sealed as it's pot luck what state it'll be in. I think the ebay opinion will change as more of these filter through it.