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  1. Totally agree although perhaps we're better off investing in as many companyname.blockchain.com domain's as we can.
  2. Having heard back from them the rate isn't too bad, only about 2% out from what's quoted on some of the exchanges. If you're trying to turn your crypto profits into PM's I don't think that's too bad myself, although have never tried it elsewhere. Although going back to the original post I remain of the opinion that it's all still a bubble, regardless that some will take them at the moment, that can change pretty quickly.
  3. Had a look, interesting. With only a 0.5% markup for using bitcoin it worked out much the same as Atkinsons for a 2018 Gold Britannia although out of interest I've messaged them to see what rate of bitcoin to £ they use as that could make a major difference. Then would have to take into account the fees involved. Might be ok for an exit out of crypto though.
  4. That's pretty much what I was thinking.
  5. I would be interested to know how any business copes with selling goods for crypto when there are such rapid movements in value. Your profit could be wiped out in the time it takes to wrap and post an item. Or is there a large markup for using crypto? Perhaps if there is anyone one here who sells goods and accepts crypto they could explain how they cope with the price fluctuations. I've bought some cyptos, sold some, bought more. But tbh I'm still to be convinced.
  6. wanted Looking for tube and capsules?

    Have you tried Morezone on here mate, I've got a few off him and might be better than buying from the US.
  7. And just like that 2017 draws to a close!

    Cheers mate, all the best and thanks again for organising the group buys with all the work that involves. Have a great Christmas and New Year everyone.
  8. Arrived safe and sound here, thanks again Mr & Mrs BYB :-)
  9. Yes. Took me a while to go through what bits were part of a collection and what bits were individual items, the coins and rounds for some reason are separate from the bars insurance wise. What it did help with was making sure I had the right class of storage to have them covered, they insisted on a rated safe without which you're not covered so it's worth checking that on any policy you're looking at. The actual additional cost wasn't much at all.
  10. Poppy appeal raffle for the final mintage 100g & 1oz silver forum bars

    Nice one mate, congratulations to all the winners :-)
  11. Poppy appeal raffle for the final mintage 100g & 1oz silver forum bars

    Cost of 2 tickets sent mate. :-)
  12. Did you catch my pm with an extra order mate?
  13. silver krugerrand

    I've got a spare proof with COA if you're interested.