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  1. 100g Hallmarked Silver Forum Branded Investment Bars

    Put me down for a 100g bar, thanks.
  2. The Silver Forum Branded Investment Bars!

    Can I have 72 and 77 please?
  3. Today I Received

    Nice shots, you can also buy a close-up lens, which is a lot cheaper than buying a macro lens, and just like a filter it screws onto your existing lens. Obviously the quality is not quite as good as a macro lens but for the price it is very reasonable.
  4. Today I Received

    The moment I saw it I fell in love with it. Perfect present for a loved one...
  5. Today I Received

    Thanks. Needless to say my father loved it. @GoldBenj is a very talented craftsman and top bloke!
  6. Today I Received

    Created in Birmingham by @GoldBenj this 4oz silver bar was a birthday present for my father. It has the full Birmingham Assay office hallmarks. A beautiful paper weight or just fun to play with
  7. Gold to Silver Ratio

    This video is really good. He explains how you can get gold and silver for free by buying and selling at the right time.
  8. South Korean Silver Bullion???

    Hi, I'm near to Busan myself. On Perth Bullion I pay through PayPal, the total is in Aussie dollars, the only thing is you get charged 2.75% on the PayPal transaction. However, I've never been hit with any import duty. On the shipping selection I've always selected Australia Post Express Courier International (just make sure you avoid selecting Fedex and DHL).
  9. South Korean Silver Bullion???

    Hi @MerlinAurelius I'm also living in South Korea. From what I've seen the bars and coins here look really nice but I've found the premiums to be quite high so haven't bought any. I buy mostly British, Canadian and Australian bullion and I use Perth Bullion, their prices are good and so far I haven't been charged import duty on any deliveries.
  10. Goal - Financial Independence In Ten Years

    Nice strategy. You can get a lot of silver and gold for free if you switch at the right time. Even if you convert your silver to gold when it reaches 50:1 then back to silver when it's at 75:1 and do that several times over 20 years, you will do very nicely out of it, whatever stack size you have. People say that you can't earn interest when you stack PMs but I would argue this is the PM equivalent of interest.
  11. Royal mint to produce palladium coins in 2017

    The Canadian Mint and Perth Mint do some nice platinum coins, it would be nice to see a platinum Britannia.
  12. Proof Lion of England spotted ....

    The BU designs are so much better, my wallet breathes a sigh of relief.
  13. UK, Leave the EU?

  14. 2oz silver Queens beast coins

    This is going to be a great series... However, I think I will wait a few months to purchase the Griffin, by then the premium will have been reduced the same way it did for the Lion.
  15. Queens Beasts proofs December?

    Queen's Beast in proof form is going to be a looker.