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  1. THANK you good information.
  2. Lovely coins, the mandarin duck looks spectacular. 🐼
  3. A real beauty.
  4. withdrawn

    I would like to exchange these coins for sovereign coins any date. Will be willing to sell but prefer to swap. Any questions please ask, I will try to give descriptions as best I can. 20114=£30 2013=£31 2011=£44 2010=£52 2009=£72 2008=£81 2007=£75 2006=£84 2005=£86 2004=£125 2003=£130 2002=£115 2001=£50 2000=220S/D 1999=£165L/D 1998=£75 1997=£110 1996=£105S/D 1995=£80L/D 1994=£300P/COA 1993=£200P 1992=£175S/D 1991=£115S/D Better coins of this date 1991 two brown very small marks on the temple side. 1990=£70S/D double sealed but unsure of the quality of same year coin 1989=£75 slight toning very small brown mark on panda side unsure if on the coin. If exchanging coins postage by both. If buying can the buyer pay through p/p f/f please and the buyer can chose what postage they prefer £2.06 for first class signed £6.40 appox for special delivery by 1pm signed. If more than 1 bought it will be cheaper to send. THANK you all for looking. Anybody in the future would like info please contact me. 🐼
  5. GREAT coins, thank you for sharing.🐼
  6. For sale two Somalia elephants 2004 = £132 delivery included special delivery ROYAL MAIL. 2005 = £155 delivery included ROYAL MAIL. I would have liked to sell the set altogether, but cannot seem to.Which I understand people probably only need one or two dates. I have the coins advertised on another site. If sold and buyers are not happy, I will gladly accept returns and I will pay postage. As it is Christmas if someone would like to buy I will hold until they are ready to buy.There is no real hurry I'm saving up for sovereigns. Just to let anyone know I looked on Ebay and found the 2004 is selling for 114.99 euro with no vat and no customs charges also the 2005 is 149.99 euro no vat no customs charges they are B/U also best offers available selling from Germany. {The seller is dios111} I have only seen this advert tonight I cannot compete with this seller. But I thought I must let everyone know. Merry Christmas. I will take my advert down tomorrow afternoon give people a chance to see the other seller. If I can remember I think I have used this seller myself cant not remember what I bought?
  7. THANK you for your advice, iv sorted boxes this morning. If I had used my brain I have, a while ago purchased two boxes from meinumenzbox, one Somalia elephants one panda. Just forget.
  8. I will certainly try, right now, sorry for replying late family arrived. GREAT stuff thank you. 🐼
  9. That sounds like what I am after thank you, I will look right away, it is for stacking. I will try EBay first, if no good I will look around. I knew someone would know on here. 🐼
  10. I'm just curious and wondering if I should put my coins in a nice presentation box, or just leave in the packing. Is there any advantage either way, I'm tempted to get a presentation box. Thanks gazer.🐼
  11. withdrawn

    Hi everyone I have a run of Somalia elephants for exchange from 2004 until 2017 apart from the 2008 which is sold. Details below. The coins are bullion no spots or issues with them, but just to clarify they are not proof or graded. I try to be as accurate as possible. Uploaded photos are a little all over the place but I will take a new photo if you would like, I'm unsure which dates are up yet. I would like to exchange for 3 sovereign coins. Any questions please ask. If exchange I will pay for my postage special delivery. This is a lovely set of coins if exchanged and you are not happy I will exchange back. I also have the box it will come with the coins. THANK you 🐼
  12. THANK you for the information, will very probably get the sovereign. 🐼
  13. If still available can you pm please.
  14. Thank you all for your time and information, I took your advice and keep looking everyday, I found one at I hope the right price just under £259 from The gold bullion co. Free delivery. Just to say thank you again.
  15. I will thank you very much, how much costing for you're work.