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  • Chinese Mints - Silver
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  1. wanted

    Can you please pm the price before I try chards for the squirrel nutkin. Appreciate it.
  2. wanted

    Thank you i will go to there site, and buy some. Cheers silvergun. 👍
  3. wanted

    I am iv got the first 2017 and have ordered the rest. But will try and get the 2016 set. I'm trying on different sites at the moment, but will not go overboard on prices. You can only hope. Cheers Shawy.
  4. wanted

    Evening as anyone got any 2016 proof Beatrix Potter coins. I'm a little late but after some for the Grandkids. I am nagged that much I will even swap for some gold coins as unsure how much the coins cost I might not have enough cash. I believe there are 5 in total? Thank you.
  5. wanted

    Cheers when you are ready, give me a private message. Thank you.
  6. wanted

    Can you please let me know how much.
  7. wanted

    Thank you and the way to give ideas and inspiration to look which to find good coins.
  8. wanted

    I have just started to look at buying silver Crowns, as had one off someone on the Silver Forum a short while back as part of other coins and liked the Crown. If someone as a couple and would like to sell I would be interested. I can only afford a few at the moment, not mint or rare yet as can't afford it. overspent as usual this week. Cheers 🐼
  9. for sale or exchange

    Time will do it. You're going in the right direction, good luck hang in there. 🐼
  10. for sale

    Well written.
  11. Can anyone please help, I'm after a full proof 2017 gold sovereign. If you have i can pay anyway you would prefer. Iv looked around and found the price to high ie eBay ext they have to pay charges plus PayPal so i can understand why they are out of my price range. Can you pm please if you got one and price. Thanks. PS iv got one myself I'm after one for my daughter, also when I can afford another i will buy one for my other daughter.
  12. wanted

    Morning I have a 1993 Panda proof large date.
  13. Thank you, I should know better.
  14. Iv noticed that the Royal mint as a flash sale finish today, like the 2017 queens beast is £282 delivered and others on sale, just letting people know if anyone interested, might be a little bargain.
  15. for sale

    Smart very smart.