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  1. for sale Bargain 2oz Lunar Dragon

    I have pm you.
  2. Gold Short Term Investment?

    Cornishfarmer that sounds very tempting, I agree with you sound investing.
  3. NGC grading

    Morning iv notice ngc are in Munic June 11to 16th. I was going to send my coins to PCGS, if anyone sending coins for grading to ngc I have at least 8 probably 10 gold sovereign coins to get grading I have never used ngc before so I would like to join with someone that as a better idea how ngc works, and would appreciate there help. I will of course send my share of the cost in advance, give me a heads up if interested. Cheers Gary.
  4. Silver Deals.....

    Hi iv just noticed on :::bay a proof silver Piedfort 2010 Maple leaf with coa and boxed with free delivery from a good seller £45 Delivered if any one interested it seems a excellent deal, seller is edward8945
  5. The Ultimate - "Show us your stack" Thread

    Wow. Any date runs?
  6. 1924 S US Peace Dollar

    Nice coin I might be wrong but you have a V instead of a U in the word trust?
  7. Hello Everyone!

    Good to hear you joined the forum welcome
  8. completed Umicore silver bars

    Any 500g left if so I would like one please pm if so. Cheers Gary
  9. wanted 2017 PIEDFORT PF70 Sovereign

    Long shot but try asking mancunianstacker. He just might have one.
  10. I'm a total novice where this coin is concerned. But this is my observation on the photos I can see a few differences one behind the sitting man the plant or tree is different the same part of the coin there appears that the bottom of the plant there's a gap on one and no gap on the other. And unsure but the dates and the USA look different? To me as said I know very little about the coin, to me there is a difference which I would check out more to make if mine to a layman it looks Proof?
  11. BNT - Do not use - Bunch of cowboys - Please read

    Real shoddy service above everything else it's time consuming and makes you feel awful I believe most of us throughout time as lost money and gained sometimes, but being honest between ourselves will make you a better person this is the main reason I use this forum everyone I've delt with as be upfront and excellent Just for you, being straight you will be far better off and have a good reputation, they on the other hand will have a bad reputation and as someone who has allready mentioned when it gets known over Facebook and here they will lose out on future orders. Cheers Gary
  12. I have decided to sell these coins separate. 2006 £80 2007 waiting for reply (Sold) 2009 £40 2011 £50 2013 £30 2014 £24 2016 £18 All coins includes delivery P/P Family and friends please for payment. Bank transfer as second choice These are old photos I'm not sure what dates they are. If needed when I get back I can take more photos. Would anyone like to swap the equivalent in scrap silver spoons or coins. If so we can each pay for our own delivery. I know it is only a short time since putting the coins for sale I apologise for taking the advert down quickly. Have to try and sell elsewhere. Regards Gary regards Gary
  13. for sale Somalia Elephants coins

    Hi again I have them on sale on eBay for 30 days I'm unsure if I can split the coins up I will try tomorrow but really unsure. Sorry I can not be more helpful Regards Gary
  14. for sale Somalia Elephants coins

    Evening if you can give me 20 minutes I can get back to you Cheers