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  1. Thank you, I should know better.
  2. Iv noticed that the Royal mint as a flash sale finish today, like the 2017 queens beast is £282 delivered and others on sale, just letting people know if anyone interested, might be a little bargain.
  3. for sale

    Smart very smart.
  4. completed

    4 silver 2015 LIBERTAD coins. I found spots on them. Selling for £60 delivered, first class signed for. To nice for my scrap pile. PayPal f/f please if sold. These coins come without capsule. And trying to keep weight under 200g keep the postage costs down.
  5. If you go to revise your listing and try that it might work.
  6. completed

    No not yet can you send details please.
  7. completed

    Hi Dannyboy -boy Iv sent you a pm.
  8. completed

    Thank you Danny boy I will pm you.
  9. completed

    Hi I am selling 20oz of Canadian coins 15 are maple leaf, and 5 birds. There are spots on some of them, so not mint but still nice, I was going to put them into my scrap pile, but they are to good to do that. Might be ok for melting and make other silver, some might be ok to keep? Sorry no cap. I would like £295 and that is with special delivery.Reduced £290 delivered.
  10. completed

    Hi as anyone have a 1/4 oz USA gold Eagle they are willing to sell.Not worried about year.
  11. Make sure you don't run out. I'm only jealous, very nice. 🐼 Certainly worth grading, lovely coin, looks real quality.
  12. Hi madstacks, is it possible to drop the price slightly, if you can, please pm me. If you can not I understand totally.
  13. completed

    Has anyone got a shield sovereign for sale, it does not have to be a high graded coin just bullion, as long as it is not real bad, I am just trying to update my sovereign collection. Thank you
  14. completed

    Thank you Madstacks arrived in very quick time brill packing.
  15. completed

    Morning I will buy them if still available please.