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  1. 1924 S US Peace Dollar

    Nice coin I might be wrong but you have a V instead of a U in the word trust?
  2. Hello Everyone!

    Good to hear you joined the forum welcome
  3. completed Umicore silver bars

    Any 500g left if so I would like one please pm if so. Cheers Gary
  4. wanted 2017 PIEDFORT PF70 Sovereign

    Long shot but try asking mancunianstacker. He just might have one.
  5. I'm a total novice where this coin is concerned. But this is my observation on the photos I can see a few differences one behind the sitting man the plant or tree is different the same part of the coin there appears that the bottom of the plant there's a gap on one and no gap on the other. And unsure but the dates and the USA look different? To me as said I know very little about the coin, to me there is a difference which I would check out more to make if mine to a layman it looks Proof?
  6. BNT - Do not use - Bunch of cowboys - Please read

    Real shoddy service above everything else it's time consuming and makes you feel awful I believe most of us throughout time as lost money and gained sometimes, but being honest between ourselves will make you a better person this is the main reason I use this forum everyone I've delt with as be upfront and excellent Just for you, being straight you will be far better off and have a good reputation, they on the other hand will have a bad reputation and as someone who has allready mentioned when it gets known over Facebook and here they will lose out on future orders. Cheers Gary
  7. I have decided to sell these coins separate. 2006 £80 2007 waiting for reply (Sold) 2009 £40 2011 £50 2013 £30 2014 £24 2016 £18 All coins includes delivery P/P Family and friends please for payment. Bank transfer as second choice These are old photos I'm not sure what dates they are. If needed when I get back I can take more photos. Would anyone like to swap the equivalent in scrap silver spoons or coins. If so we can each pay for our own delivery. I know it is only a short time since putting the coins for sale I apologise for taking the advert down quickly. Have to try and sell elsewhere. Regards Gary regards Gary
  8. for sale Somalia Elephants coins

    Hi again I have them on sale on eBay for 30 days I'm unsure if I can split the coins up I will try tomorrow but really unsure. Sorry I can not be more helpful Regards Gary
  9. for sale Somalia Elephants coins

    Evening if you can give me 20 minutes I can get back to you Cheers
  10. for sale Panda 1oz 2005 OMP !!!PRICE DROP!!!

    Sorry to hear about your job, good luck for you from today
  11. Lovely set of coins great details 👍
  12. NK gold coins

    Interesting subject anything to do with the USA and North Korea at the moment is controversial maybe if the 2 concerne will grow up and talk we will all be better off. The coins are excellent looking at the photos are they quality?
  13. completed Empty Sovereign Tubes

    Drool but very good. Chucked 😄
  14. Morning up for sale is 7 Somalia Elephants coins The selling price is now £220 this includes delivery Dates are 2006 2007 2009 2011 2013 2014 2016 I believe all in very good condition well worth being in a collection.