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  1. completed

    Evening I have for sale a 2017 Gold Sovereign. The price is £238, this is with Royal Mail special delivery. If it sells can you please pay by PayPal f/f. Cheers.
  2. Please don't forget you have to put a symbol or mark like painters. 🐼 Cheered me today Thanks
  3. No 74 if possible. And the 90 top man. When do you need payment. 🐼
  4. I will have no 15 and no 90 I have faith. Cheers.
  5. for sale

    I sympathise it happens to me drives me nuts. Iv lost a few coins and important information.
  6. withdrawn

    Hello everyone, I have gotten all the Beatrix Potter coins apart from the 2016 Peter rabbit. I understand this one is difficult to obtain, and seeing the price is high I see why, but saying this I hope someone as got the coin for sale and I know there will be a big mark up understandable. If anyone would like to do business in private pm please see if I can afford. Sorry for the long advert. Cheers.
  7. Thank you iv got a better understanding of what the subject you were getting at I see your reasoning now. Cheers. 🐼
  8. Morning @Madstacks just a general question on the two gold sovereign, how different the quality between the 2000/2007 which one is the best coin in your opinion, I'm for one unsure I would like them both, wonder what would happen if you get them graded? I'm just learning really. But thank you very much for your photos. Very interesting. Regards Gary 🐼
  9. wanted

    Can you please pm the price before I try chards for the squirrel nutkin. Appreciate it.
  10. wanted

    Thank you i will go to there site, and buy some. Cheers silvergun. 👍
  11. wanted

    I am iv got the first 2017 and have ordered the rest. But will try and get the 2016 set. I'm trying on different sites at the moment, but will not go overboard on prices. You can only hope. Cheers Shawy.
  12. wanted

    Evening as anyone got any 2016 proof Beatrix Potter coins. I'm a little late but after some for the Grandkids. I am nagged that much I will even swap for some gold coins as unsure how much the coins cost I might not have enough cash. I believe there are 5 in total? Thank you.
  13. wanted

    Cheers when you are ready, give me a private message. Thank you.
  14. wanted

    Can you please let me know how much.