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  1. iv got this set for grandkids they are going to love the tales set, I must say when I got the peter rabbit tales set it looks great good luck with selling, good price.
  2. for sale 2015 Gold sovereign

    LPrice drop to £230 this includes special delivery. Only until Sunday afternoon, as needing to sell. If interested please pm me.
  3. for sale 2015 Gold sovereign

    I should have posted this the same time as my other coin. I have a 2015 sov for sale £235 this includes special delivery signed for.
  4. for sale 2010 Gold sovereign

    Yes it is thank you, if you pm I can give you information on payment and I can get your address. Cheers.
  5. for sale 2010 Gold sovereign

    Good afternoon, I have a 2010 gold sovereign coin for sale for £235 this includes special delivery signed for.If sold can you please pay through PayPal f/f or bank transfer. Total £235 I did originally had the coin for sale at £245 delivered.
  6. completed 2010 Gold sovereign

    Reduced to £235 this includes delivery royal mail special delivery signed for. HI I have a gold sovereign coin for sale I'm not sure but it looks like a bit of toning around the edges to me i like it, but I understand others wouldn't. I am will sell for £245 this includes special delivery signed for. Any interest can you please let me know. And if so can you pay through PayPal f/f. PS I'm unsure if Iv uploaded the right coin I'm doing this on my phone and can't see if it is right. Cheers.
  7. completed WTB British silver coins 925 and 500

    If for any reason you need more I'm going to sell 9.25/500% shortly, please let me know if you are interested. Cheers.
  8. for sale 9.83 oz & 10 oz Giant Ripple Bar

    They look great, I can't buy but I see whoever does will enjoy having them. 🐼
  9. completed 2017 Sovereign Strike / Struck On The Day PR69 PCGS

    Sorry I meant £679 is this allowed as iv bid above, so just to make sure I mean £679 🐼
  10. completed 2017 Sovereign Strike / Struck On The Day PR69 PCGS

    £696 Hope I win.
  11. GOLD DEALS - See a deal, post here :)

    Looks a nice set just seen them, looks as if sold now. 🐼
  12. for sale Gold & Silver Reduced prices

  13. Silver Full Crowns

    Yes I'm with you on that, I'm unsure if selling or not, as when i look at them which is a daily basis. I'm liking the look and the size and detail again, so I will regret selling and have to start collecting all over again. Thank you for your input, sorry it took a while getting back to you. 🐼
  14. Silver Full Crowns

    These are the rest of my collection I only needed the 1994/1995 to finish off this small collection, I was going to get these graded but might take the others out of the holders and just enjoy still I would appreciate information before deciding on anything, some look a little shiny but I don't think they are cleaned? perhaps I can wait 50yrs or so to get them crusted over. there are 2 1935. Cheers.