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  1. Platinum Austrian Philharmoniker 2016, inaugural in the series.
  2. Back to coins.... Some old gold and some new, some platinum and silver too😀. A few gold quarter ounce QB Dragons/Griffins and 2016 Libertad proofs (some for members on the Forum), along with a 2016 Perth mint sovereign. Will think about grading some of them in pursuit of 70s! Another ounce of Pt - this time the 2016 Austrian Philharmoniker, which I bought actually right on the price dip in early January....so well pleased with that, and a nice big coin. Then silver - a stackers tube of 10 QB dragons, plus a few extras for capsules of the dragon and Griffin, and a slabbed Dragon. Happy to report that no milky ones in the tube (I checked!). Shelled out the cash for a silver PF70 QB Lion one ounce proof, and a few more in boxes - now I see why everyone goes gaga over this proof design 😉. Some more irresistible 2016 Libertad silver proofs, and a few 2017 kooks (1 ouncers and a doorstop 10 ounce) and 2017 Britannias for good measure when the silver price dipped. The old gold: "mission accomplished" on the sovereign mintmark set as I just found a nice Ottawa C 1911 sov to complete the set. The Bombay I 1918 I picked up last week made me focus on that missing Canada one😊! 1911 C by far the most common of the Canada years (1908-1919), but at 257,048 minted that is still a pretty low % out of the 40 million minted worldwide that year (numbers from goldsovereigns.co.uk). Got it along with a very nice 1912 London sovereign, and a 20 francs 1897 Lucky Angel. Lindeman.
  3. @westminstrel - welcome to the Forum, and thankyou for educating us all, as I can say I had no idea about the Gazette (and congrats on the scoop). Quite a piece of proclamation. "God Save The Queen" as the closer😊. I am going to predict that a beast from Northern Ireland will follow the Scottish Unicorn....to keep peace across the Union!
  4. @Cornishfarmer - from my photos posted on the US section you can see that my favourites are the $5 half eagle Indian Heads, from 1908-1916. They have a nice variety of Mint marks, with varying mintages each year allowing plenty of fun if you like chasing down a set across a year, or all the mintmarks. Most important - I reckon it's up there with the $20 StGaudens double eagle design for beauty - but with the smaller size you can collect more (obviously). Where to buy them? Well - it's been said by Numistacker and others that most of the good ones available in the US are already entombed in slabs...,,and that any raw coins you come across should be treated cautiously - as they may well have been graded as Details / worse and then unscrupulously broken out of slabs and pitched again to the next unsuspecting buyer! Good to bear that in mind but don't let it paralayze you from buying good looking coins.-- they may well be the "rare jewel" that was never slabbed and is in good condition. A good way to start is to buy from Apmex where they have all quality ranges available, but of course that's not as much fun as searching them out elsewhere. More common are the Liberty Head design half eagles - which are also nice and affordable at just under a quarter ounce - and clear mintmarks From my grading disasters with the 1850/1860s US gold $1 coins I can suggest that they are NOT a good place to start your pre-33 US gold collection ( I have a Details grade and a fake so far! ). Hope this personal view helps! Lindeman.
  5. Talking of Sovereign mintmarks - I won a 1918 India Sovereign at auction yesterday. Just need a C now to complete my sov Mintmark set[emoji3]. Still need to get a few other sovs though, as I am also going for a representative from each decade of sovs. Got to keep pushing on. Might sell of some core modern bullion sovs to fund the more "collectable" ones.
  6. 2011 a pretty high mintage year - by Libertad proof standards. But at that price you can't go wrong. It's never a bad time to buy a silver proof Libertad ...so long as its in its capsule.
  7. wanted

    Wow - are you going for the full shieldback set? That would be a first on the Forum, to my knowledge [emoji3] Unless SovereignSteve has bagged that....
  8. Thanks to Arshimo for listing them for sale here - otherwise hard to track down now: two lovely BU Perth Mint silver Swans. Lovely details and I love that Perth frosted finish to the fiield. Clever way to avoid milk spotting.
  9. completed

    2 Swans, if available please Arshimo ! PM sent. Lindeman
  10. I don't have either gold coin yet....but either a 1 ounce QB Lion or the 2017 anniversary Britannia would be a great addition to any collection! Do agree with @Kman though that from a pure appreciation angle 4x2017 anniversary sovereigns probably an even smarter bet...
  11. Still a nice sov though, and as a Sydney sov 1877 is only one of 4 years where Sydney was the only Mint putting out the shield backs (1875, 1877-1879). Not that I have that sort of nerdy info in my brain on a routine basis 😉, but because I also bought an 1877 S shieldback a few months ago, and looked it up! Snap.
  12. For US buyers - an amazing APMEX deal on the 2016 1 oz gold Mexican Libertad Proof, at $1355, cheaper than the bullion 1 oz Libertad which is $1380. Not a bad deal for a proof with half the mintage of the bullion version.
  13. Thanks @Pampfan- that is very useful , and obviously is going to inspire us to submit Griffins !!
  14. Numi - looks nice. Is there a grade on that slab, or is that just a generic slab holder thing?
  15. I am a big fan of platinum (OK, I only have 4 ounces admittedly....but I am trying to get all the country 1 ounce designs). Honestly I don't think you can quibble over the premium - I predict that at these prices the sellers will be able to shift most of what they have - rarely do you see an American bullion eagle below $1000, but today you can. PCE only have 40 in stock and Apmex only have 150. PCE lower at $992. If you want a standard bar only $953 for a Valcambi. Only downside? These prices are only for the US !