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  1. GOLD DEALS - See a deal, post here :)

    No - that 1910 sovereign price (£607) is correct and wholly to be expected. If you read the blurb it explains two reasons why. 1 - Edward was King for only a short reign. 2. Edward is facing right. So thats about an extra £150 for each amazingly rare feature ....😜 its amazing how much contempt some dealers have for their potential customers...
  2. Red spots on 2015 Gold BU libertads....

    Thanks guys! I am somewhat reassured , as i was wondering if it would impact the value. They are still beautiful ( to my eye almost as nice as the shiny proofs) and i am keeping them all. @tbone i will resist the temptation to break out the rubber gloves and the baking soda for now😉😉, but maybe if they get bigger.....!
  3. GOLD DEALS - See a deal, post here :)

    Back to the LondonGoldBullion topic - i checked their site out after reading @smithy117 updates. They certainly have some errors up there , or I have missed the 5x price increase for silver, as they list the BU Queens beast 2 oz silver coins for £205.90 each!? Shurely shome mishtake? https://www.londongoldbullion.co.uk/silver-coins-c11
  4. Just took a look at two bullion 2015 gold quarter Libertads ....and to my dismay - i see red spots on both sides. Take a look. Anyone else had a similar issue? These coins have been in Airtites since i bought them in 2015, so i am a bit disappointed. 😩😩 i also have proofs from the same year - with no issues. Lindeman
  5. Today I Received

    Finally picked up the two lovely gold one - ouncers that I bought in the dip a few weeks ago. A 2017 eagle and a 2017 anniversary Britannia. Nice to contrast the colour and the designs, with the US eagle of course being 0.917. Sorry about the poorer photo of the Brit - but I am reluctant to take it out of its capsule. Regarding the designs; while the Eagle is very good (and with a big ounce you can see more of the finer details of the eagles nest and the White House ), it does make me appreciate that the Royal Mint here in the UK is willing to take some risks and plays with new tweaks to the designs on the front and back. Lets face it, we do grumble about the RM and pile into them when they get it spectacularly wrong (eg the 2018 lunar dog) but at least they take the risk. On the US side - i guess it would take another revolution to change the design. Maybe President Trump will order a new design - with the genius himself on both sides!? Anyway - back to the final gold coin - a cool pickup from a visit to the LCS when in the States, a 1923 Melbourne sovereign for the same premium as any other bullion. Not in pristine condition, but this was a pretty low mintage by 1920s standards so quite pleased with that. That one goes into the semi-numismatic pile of sovereigns😊. Also snagged a few of the annual silver 1 ounce designs - but my favourite by far is the Netherlands Lion restrike. I could only find the bullion version, but i see now what all the fuss is about....and i may need to track down a proof! Some nice 1990 Canadian maples in OMP - i do like the old maples, and these are in great shape. Maybe being in the wrapper prevents spotting ?
  6. Today I bought.....

    Finally bought two gold coins that have been high on my list all through 2017: the 1 ounce 2017 Britannia 30th Anniversary bullion, and a 2017 American 1 ounce gold Eagle. Bought the Britannia directly with BTC (an interesting first for me..) and the AGE was from APMEX this week when they dropped the price way down, so both fell under the £1000 bar that is my psychological price barrier for buying an ounce of gold😉.
  7. The way i figure it there is every likelihood Pt will go back to over$1000 / ounce just with normal price fluctuations, so that nearly takes care of the VAT hit.... of course - any PM purchase right now has to compete with the crypto alternatives for quicker gain (loss!?) like ETH, XRP, BTC, OMG et al. Tough choices....
  8. For those of us who like the Pt - this is surely Christmas come early!? Price in $ is down to under $890/ ounce and you have to go back to Feb 2016 to see the last time Platinum was at that price. I have acummulated a few ounces since 2014 - just trying to get a 1 ounce example from each of the countries / mints that isssue platinum (and this year there have been a few new entrants - the Krugerrand, Queens Beast, Kangaroo). I give below some exs of remarkable deals available today on the US websites ( i know - this is really only a bargain for US buyers - as the VAT + shipping will get you adding >20% to these numbers😩😩) One of the most beautiful Pt coins - and i have never seen it at this price before - the IOM Noble for $929.45 from Provident That makes me want to buy another! Then the new kid on the Perth Mint roster - and my target today - Kangaroo 2018 for $969 from Provident or $975 at Apmex. Apmex also have a fantastic sale deal on the 2009 IOM Angel Proof at $979 and the QBs at around $970 Sure - there is a lot of talk about Pt not being needed in future as we go to battery powered cars etc - and this metal fell out of favour as Palladium soared past it , but all i know is that platinum is at about 86% of its year high today, with silver very similar at about 85% of its 2017 high - so this as much a buying opportunity for platinum as for silver. Just wanted to see how the platinum buyers out there in the Forum are looking at this right now. I am certainly aiming to pick up 1-2 ounces today in case the price pops up tomorrow (of course - they will probably plummet as soon as i have hit the button😂😂) The one coin that stays stubbornly above the $1000 line is still the US Eagle - which is frustrating to me, as i need one! Lindeman
  9. Today I bought.....

    Bought last weekend - a 2coin lot of Vic florins - including an 1849 “godless” florin along with an 1870 These were about £80 for the pair. Would welcome peoples opinion on whether these are good value purchases , or for did I overpay? Looking in close up at the Godless 1849 - what a stunning unique design, with all the detail on Victoria ‘s embroidery and her braided hair Cant remember who - someone of the Forum posted a stunning example a few months ago - so mine is not in that league - but i do love it. Then today - just a few nice 1 ounce silver bars: here i am just picking up unique designs as / when i see them to make a small collection of different bars. The Pamp is nice - all fancy in its holder ( still just an ounce of silver in the end - I know!). A Northwest Territorial Mint design i had not seen before, and then two SF Mint Assay Office pieces from 1981 when apparently they melted down some of the stock to make bars. And i can never refuse an Engelhard in any design ( not in the pics though) - and finally what looks like a pretty old RCM bar ( would be interested if any advice on the age of that Canadian bar)
  10. USA & Canadian Coins Thread

    1998 Maple Reverse Proof , Lunar Tiger Privvy (i believe it was the first year of the Canadian Lunar coins).
  11. Thanks everyone for the interesting comments. Not exactly a bulk lot of the scale of the previous one ....but at the weekend I was back at the auction house pouring over a bunch of new bulk lots. This time I did not even bid on any of the big lots - as I was not convinced they had enough variety (or quality ...) to bother with. Sure - lots of cases with dodgy commemoratives that probably depreciated fron the minute they were bought!, some assortments of international coins, but nothing like my last “treasure trove”. On a smaller scale though - I did turn up a couple of coins I want to mention. I did bag a routine set of 1990s Canadian maples - 9 in all for about £18 each (I like those older Maples more than the newer ones ). Only after I bought them did I spot that one was the 1998 reverse proof Lunar Tiger privvy, being the very first Lunar privvy Maple. Nice contrast on the reverse proof compared to the regular strike. As expected for an older Maple - some evidence of spotting unfortunately but I am happy enough to have something a bit unusual. Second was a 2coin lot of Vic florins - including an 1849 “godless” florin along with an 1870 These were about £80 for the pair. Would welcome peoples opinion on whether these are good value purchases , or for did I overpay? Looking in close up at the Godless 1849 - what a stunning unique design, with all the detail on Victoria ‘s embroidery and her braided hair. Happy to have it in my collection😊
  12. Today I Received

    Received over the last week - from different sellers: proof Britannias from 2011, 2013 and the much maligned 2017. Wanted to work back from the iconic 2014 design. Must say I love the 2011 almost as much as the 2014. The 2013 is a tough one to get in good condition in that shiny big field - so quite happy with that one. Each one for less than the £85 that the RM sell them for so good bargains can still be found on eBay. Then two nice florins - 1929 and 1931 as I am trying to get all the George V dates. Love the proportions and design of this beautiful old coin.
  13. 1855 Oz sovereign

    Yes - you are probably right guys, £800 may be optimistic.😉 I would settle for a good 1856 for £500! So @xthomasx - what’s your view now - still seeking the 1855 or willing to go to a later year? All depends on what you already have and ££ I guess😀
  14. @Cornishfarmer - I certainly have not made £300 profit on this - if I had I would quit the day job and go from auction to auction with a vacuum to suck up these old lots! I did pay well over the starting estimate and had to see off one internet bidder, and was pretty much at my predetermined limit...but all in - assuming a value for the coins I have kept that I want (ie the Britannias) and the spendable cash (in £1 coins) as well as some assumptions on what else will sell I estimate about 35% profit now (after selling expenses). So better ROI than putting £ in the bank - that’s for sure. The only intangible here is the time it has taken me to sort them and sell them - but I regard that as my own choice 😊 You raise a good question - which is essentially why bother?. Does make me realise how much work the dealers must have to put in to turn a profit when they buy these lots!
  15. 1855 Oz sovereign

    I recently bought an 1870 (the last Sydney year of the the design) and have been looking at earlier examples as well. Of course the 1855 is the most prized - so my personal advice would be to ask yourself if you are fixed on it being an 1855 ....or whether you would be happy with a representative of the Sydney sovereign from a later year. If you are fixed on an 1855 I then brace yourself to empty your wallet as I reckon £800+ may be needed.