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  1. That's simple @shortstack68 : I pick them up in May when visiting the US, with zero postage or import fees incurred.... The difference is not as great as it was for the gold Lion quarters, but it still comes out cheaper than the RM.
  2. Well pleased ! Put in a lowball £100 bid for a nice 2012 1/10th gold US eagle from a private UK seller .,..and nobody else bid higher in the last 5 days, so I won, essentially at spot (gold now £1005 / ounce). Simple - this gold business!.. Fingers crossed that the coin I receive has some resemblance to the pictures😉😀😀
  3. Hi @shortstack68- nice Florin! Don't get me wrong - I was referring to the threepences as small and not exactly valuable, not your fine florin!. At about £1 each they are the reason why I did not worry greatly about buying them - but they are not exactly worth flipping/ selling. As others noted - they are just kind of fun and "historically connecting" to have. Whether I graduate like you and Steve to getting Florins and crowns - remains to be seen😄. Mind you having seen that MS65 I am impressed ! Like @jayboat I have also bought some other wonderful stuff on the spur of the moment, including silver from the Shetland Bullion Company that I have never seen elsewhere... the joys of surfing the net.
  4. A 1901 US Morgan silver dollar, from the New Orleans Mint, provided in a coin case. These iconic dollars are 90% silver. I am selling this one only as it's a duplicate in my collection. Price including U.K.Delivery (first class, signed) is £28 If non-UK delivery required, will be £30. Payment will be PayPal Friends & Family. Thanks for looking. PM me if interested. Lindeman
  5. So the design stayed the same? What happened to all that speculation of a new design in 2017? Guess it was a rumour.
  6. Don't tempt me down the florins and double florins route Steve! I know what you mean though... they are small. And not exactly valuable...so not really sure what I am doing with them (as I am big...and rich😉😉).
  7. You know when you buy something and then regret it?! I bid on two sets of silver UK threepences recently, and won a date run from 1911 to 1919, but lost out on the other bid for the WWII design I know they are cheap, and plentiful, and not much silver content,...but actually now when I look at them and imagine the number of transactions they must have been through ...I am actuallly quite pleased to have them! Part of it is the novelty - as I don't have any crowns, shillings, Florins etc etc. Slippery slope ? Maybe the collector gene will now dominate and I will need to start looking at those as well!!! Anyways - anybody else a fan or collector of these tiny British coins 🇬🇧? Lindeman
  8. Come on now guys - it's not just a roll of 20 fine Krugs.....it's a "certified roll". That's got to be worth say ...$20 premium on each coin?! As they on Dragons Den -"I'm out!" Even for the unslabbed cheapest variant. For me Krugerrand will be forever GOLD. End of😊.
  9. Bit of Spring cleaning and "upgrading" of my silver Morgan Dollars; the poorest of my set was a 1901 O, so I have traded up to a nicer exemplar, same O Mint. The poorer quality one will find a new home, but not mine! I guess it's probably worth systematically upgrading the quality when better coins appear on the market for a reasonable price (£40 in this case).
  10. My 1853 gold US Type I Dollar showed up - and I am not disapppinted. Possibly had a bit of cleaning - but I am optimistic it has has not been removed from jewellery, and I think it's genuine. Nice clean rim. Certainly will be heading off to Numistacker for the next round of NGC grading.
  11. Few days ago actually - an 1853 gold US $1 (suspiciously cheap at £115...but will see it in a few days to see if I was scammed!). It is a common year $1 ...but still a lot cheaper than I have paid for others on eBay. Pics later this week. Then back to the US dealers for a great deal on RM Queens Beast gold 1/4 Welsh dragons - got three at a good price. They are already $11 more since I bought them. Hoping to grade until I get a 70 to keep my streak going! Actually - need to get a Griffin graded as well - hopefully will not need as many of those as it took to get a perfect Lion. I know some of you like to source them from the Mint in the hope that they are better than those that get flown across the Atlantic (and you get a screw capsule..) but frankly I am happier to pay less and get them in the US... albeit I won't see them until May ☹️ Lindeman
  12. @Numistacker - nice CA fractionals, hard to come by. What years are they? Lindeman
  13. Acquired in a trade today with a local fellow collector - three nice 1 ounce Britannias - the last two in .958 and the first .999. Hadn't quite appreciated the difference in diameter, from 40 to 38mm. AirTite search coming up ?! Got them in that RM sheet wrap crap. Want to get them properly housed, even if they are just BU. If I get myself dragged into a date run (quite likely...) I want them in reasonable nick. I have a bit of a mixed Britannia bag now - these BU and a tube of 2015 BU, then all the proofs from 2014 onwards in OMP or as NGC 70s. Of these three I like the 2011 design, but I know it's not that popular.
  14. @morezone - nice work with the Indian Head half eagle. Not sure if you noticed it (I am sure you have!) - but you got an S Mint mark there, so it's a San Francisco 1911 coin. Always nice to know if you want to go for a set of the different years or US mints that issued these beautiful coins.
  15. Liking the design - not as much as I like the Lion, but more than the Griffin. Will get the silver and gold quarter ounce bullions - and hope to snag an MS70 😀😀