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  1. Today I Received

    Received over the last week - from different sellers: proof Britannias from 2011, 2013 and the much maligned 2017. Wanted to work back from the iconic 2014 design. Must say I love the 2011 almost as much as the 2014. The 2013 is a tough one to get in good condition in that shiny big field - so quite happy with that one. Each one for less than the £85 that the RM sell them for so good bargains can still be found on eBay. Then two nice florins - 1929 and 1931 as I am trying to get all the George V dates. Love the proportions and design of this beautiful old coin.
  2. 1855 Oz sovereign

    Yes - you are probably right guys, £800 may be optimistic.😉 I would settle for a good 1856 for £500! So @xthomasx - what’s your view now - still seeking the 1855 or willing to go to a later year? All depends on what you already have and ££ I guess😀
  3. @Cornishfarmer - I certainly have not made £300 profit on this - if I had I would quit the day job and go from auction to auction with a vacuum to suck up these old lots! I did pay well over the starting estimate and had to see off one internet bidder, and was pretty much at my predetermined limit...but all in - assuming a value for the coins I have kept that I want (ie the Britannias) and the spendable cash (in £1 coins) as well as some assumptions on what else will sell I estimate about 35% profit now (after selling expenses). So better ROI than putting £ in the bank - that’s for sure. The only intangible here is the time it has taken me to sort them and sell them - but I regard that as my own choice 😊 You raise a good question - which is essentially why bother?. Does make me realise how much work the dealers must have to put in to turn a profit when they buy these lots!
  4. 1855 Oz sovereign

    I recently bought an 1870 (the last Sydney year of the the design) and have been looking at earlier examples as well. Of course the 1855 is the most prized - so my personal advice would be to ask yourself if you are fixed on it being an 1855 ....or whether you would be happy with a representative of the Sydney sovereign from a later year. If you are fixed on an 1855 I then brace yourself to empty your wallet as I reckon £800+ may be needed.
  5. Deano - that is exactly the emotion I felt here, as I was left not knowing whether the collectors’ children had no interest, or were not informed about these modest treasures. I still have about twenty 50ps wrapped individually in tissues in coin flips,each labelled with the year. All makes me realise that the owners never really had the benefit of either selling them or distributing them. Why they hoarded over £100 of Decimal coinage and never spent it before it became demonetised is still a mystery to me ( I have bags of the 1970s and 1980s decimal coins as well as loads of 1967 coins that they should have spent). To the advantage of the in -room bidder: yes,this was an auction where I was bidding against online bidders who eventually lost their nerve. No way I will ever bid online on a bulk lot.......well probably never😉
  6. Live auction. Had about 5 minutes to have a quick peek in the boxes ; saw some 2001 Britannias, perfect Piedforts and an unmarked envelope that had crisp old banknotes from 60s and 70s and decided right then to bid on it later! I have since hauled over 16kg of copper pennies to the local scrap metal merchant, for the princely sum of £58 so it’s not all glamour😉! The fun part being live at the auction is obviously wondering whether any of your fellow bidders in the room found what you found buried in the boxes. Don’t think I would ever bid remotely on a bulk lot - unless it was a knockdown bargain...
  7. Just wanted to share a story that may be typical of us coin collectors...as it shows how you learn along the way. A few weeks ago at auction I decided to bid on a bulk lot of coins - 3 stacker boxes full of mainly UK coins, because a quick rummage revealed several Britannias I needed for my date run, silver Piedforts from the 1970s, plenty old £1 coins and some beautifully kept old English and Jersey banknotes. Those were amongst kilos of old pennies and other predecimal mintage from Victoria through to QEII and lots of modern era uncirculated 50ps from 1969-1983, modern U.K. commemoratives etc. I figured that after I had kept the Britannias, I would sell the old pennies and coppers for scrap and maybe auction off all the rest. But I had not realised how interesting it was to sort through these old coins - as essentially I was going through a family's history as I was doing so - with notes about family holidays in Jersey, Gibraltar and Spain, and it was obvious that multiples of various commemoratives had been bought with kids names on various packages. First eye-opener was the prices realised on eBay for old banknotes - which I had no clue about. Selling an old fiver (albeit in crisp mint condition) for £17 amazed me. Piedfort silver is something I had never even looked at - but some 50p pieces like the special EEC 1992/93 50p fetched over £50, and others like the D- day commem reached over £30. For some reason this stacker/family had assembled a pile of the 1973 EEC special 50ps (the clasped hands design), and these have been selling well - maybe pre-Brexit nostalgia for some buyers?! I found other 50ps from Gibraltar and Isle of Man that have also attracted buyers that have made it worth the effort to put them up on eBay. As my main goal was to shift stuff without asking crazy prices I usually started auctions at 99p and you quickly find out whether there is a market for any given coin. Some stuff I never thought would sell were bought - like 1951 Festival of Britain cupronickel crowns and plain UK coin sets from the 1960s. Picking through kilos of old pennies was only of interest to find the 20 or so Queen Vic pennies, but it was certainly nostalgic to think of where these coins may have been over the past century. None are in spectacular condition - but I am keeping a few examples from Vic, Edward, George V and George VI. The vast bulk of them went for scrap though. From the piles of farthings I kept a few of the Victoria ones, including an 1875 "H" Heaton mintmark example ( I had no idea that coins were minted in Birmingham !), some from 1900-1930 and a half farthing from 1844. Also didn’t appreciate that the actual Britannia design on those farthings changed between the 1870s and 1880s. Then looking for the pre-47 UK silver I sorted out quite a few good coins - Threepences (nice ones from 1922 and 1938), sixpences - the oak reverse (from 1934-1936 among these) and the later George VI ones from 1939-1945, four single shillings (1934, 1937, 1939, 1946), two shillings/florins (six - from 1939 to 1946). Although they are "silver free" I must say I found some of bigger Elizabeth predecimal era coins really cool - particularly the half crowns ( I got six - including a nice condition 1961) and a full crown from 1960. Got stacks of Decimal coin sets, post-47 shillings, farthings and sixpences as well - not sure if they are worth flogging or not. Also quite a nice bunch of brass Threepences - including plenty of the early thrift variety from George VI. The previous owner was a bigtime hoarder of all British commemorative crowns as well - so I have 6 Churchill crowns, 10 1972 silver wedding crowns, 12 1977 Jubilee crowns, Queen Mother birthday crowns etc. Those I do need to get shifted - but lucky to get 50p each I reckon😉 Turning to foreign coins - there were many I had never seen before - including NZ and Australian pennies ( a nice toned 1939 example, but not the famous 1930 penny!), an NZ half crown, a holed but wonderful 1868 50 centimes, a Weimar Republic 50 Pfennigs, some old US wheat cents and lots of postwar "world in a box"-type coins from all over Europe. While there may be some rarities in that lot it's just too much effort to work out right now - so I may sell them on as a "bulk lot" myself - or hold onto them until I have time to find a dealer that may be interested. So you may be wondering - have I made any profit on all of this?! The answer is yes, but only about 30% over what I paid. But I did get the stuff that sparked my original interest, learned a whole lot about coins (and notes) I had never seen before, and got some satisfaction in knowing that through selling lots of stuff, coins that would otherwise have stayed hidden away in a loft have been redistributed to collectors that wanted them. That may seem strange - but I actually rather enjoy that aspect, and especially for coins that held no interest for me personally. Finally if anyone is interested in any of the coins mentioned above (or wants QEII farthings or sixpences/shillings etc) just PM me; happy to discuss and continue my redistributions! I guess my interest in these older coins started earlier this year when I picked up a 1930 Florin and an 1887 double florin earlier this year. None of the coins I show here are worth troubling the graders with in my view, so I guess for the aficionados of old silver like SilverTanner or Shortstack66 there is not much to get excited about - but it certainly will make me pay more attention to the long sections in the in-person auctions when the old silver coins come up, and I get it now why you guys can get excited about the beauty of the rarer Victorian sixpences and florins!
  8. Today I Received

    Some new gold - the 2017 Libertad 1/4 gold proof, two 1/4 gold QB Unicorns, and then a nice older 0.917 gold piece - the 1930 Uruguay centenary 5 pesos. I bought two QB Unicorns as I was hoping to get one perfect one to grade, but although it’s too detailed to see in the photos one has a nick on the unicorn and the second has a nick on the usual spot on the Queens neck. So as I am really after an MS70 (greedy ...I know) , I may not actually send either of them in at all to NGC😥😥 Then some silver for the stack: 12 QB unicorn 2 ounce coins (love the new background design on the Queens side), and a nice 2000 Britannia and a new 1 oz silver bar for me, being a Geiger. looking at both the unicorn gold and silver QBs compared to the others in the series, must say the unicorn is my second favourite, behind the Lion. Lindeman
  9. 2017 Swan PROOF Coin ON SALE NOW!

    I have to say that @KDave captured the essence of one part of the secondary market with this comment. I loved the bullion Swan so when I heard about the proof I knew I wanted one. But then I started thinking of buying a bunch of 4 or 5 to flip (as I was just in the US and they were available) given the surge of interest and limited mintage. However, in the end I just focussed on my own collection and bought one only. I feel OK with that as a decision for now. Hope I feel the same in a year or so if I see them selling for £200 a piece if they launch a Proof series!
  10. New Zealand - Maui and the Sun

    Thanks for the reminder @ArthGoch Must say I still have not picked up the Taniwha silver...but at least the option remains. Seems at least 100 still available on the NZ site. Remind me - did you get one? This series ( which it probably is...) is just not as attractive as the Maori Art series that ended in 2014...so I have to agree with @shortstack68 ! If I buy the 2.coin set it would be as much for the beautiful box ... rather than the coin😉
  11. Bottom line - best price I can get for the predecimal vintage pennies is scrap bulk copper for £3 /kg. I have 16kgs .., so that's nearly £50. Enough for one nice silver 2 ounce QB and some in return for over 1000 coins. Best just to get it done though - as storing 16kg of junk is no fun, and a major storage issue!
  12. 1/4 oz gold queen's beast Unicorn Review

    Thanks for the review BYB. I am sticking with the 1/4 bullion gold, and skipping the gold proofs. Mainly because I happened to get a few MS70 Lions graded .... but it's proving hard to get a70 in the Griffin or the Dragon!! My latest attempts with NGC via Numi fell short ! Hoping the Unicorn will be better. And of course - the price.
  13. Hi duplicate Kookaburras up for sale. All Kookaburra bullion coins in excellent condition (see photos) and housed in the original square case ( 1995 / 1996) or an AirTite (1997). £30 each delivered RM 1st class. Final coin is an Aussie silver Kangaroo from 1996 . £25 delivered RM 1st class. Please PM me if interested in individual coins, or I can sell the whole set of 4 for £110 delivered Payment in advance of shipping via PP F& F. For delivery outside U.K. - please ask Thanks for looking! Lindeman
  14. Thanks for the options guys - I am literally "weighing" up my options.... Yes @shortstack68 - I am in contact with Chris already. Essentially buying them for scrap copper value...with a few exceptions for excellent examples.
  15. Hi I have over 10kg of old pennies and half-pennies bought as part of a bulk lot that I picked up (for some nice silver and old banknotes in amongst the piles of Vic, George V, QEII coppers ). I have sifted through to grab any very old or valuable ones. Anyone know of any dealers that buy these types of bulk coins? I have not approached any yet. I have seen some websites that buy by the kg ...but advice welcome! Cheers lindeman