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  1. @Oldun - now that is a ridiculously nice gold coin! Congratulations on your set.
  2. More of my "go to" silver bullion : Scottsdale 100g cast bars, and a few more 2015 Reserve rounds - not bad for under £14 / ounce ! I am buying the same silver from the same seller that I was a few months ago ...but getting such good deals as the price stays low. For pickup in the US. Working on the principle that when market sentiment is against PMs - it's time to buy what I know!
  3. Reading with interest and in admiration of you guys that timed it and made some decent ££ and had the good sense to move the profits into PMs ! I was too slow / hesitant over the last few months...but I have just got myself verified on Coinbase and still in process with Kraken. Now - a major upside of my slow pace has been that the cryptos have crashed 50% ....so I did not lose anything (yet!) as I haven't bought any! But as Apis said it - is now the time to cast the line back in?? I am interested in ETH as a base currency and then I want to load up into Ripple (XRP). I know the crypto purists will be choking at that - as it's connected to the existing banking infrastructure and hence not a "true" crypto ....but that's actually why I think it will do well, as it could be adopted by more of the thousands of banks worldwide that exchange currency. I am not bothered about crypto and the blockchain changing the universe -- I would just like to double my money, then take the profit into PMs while playing with the remainder (as @Pipers noted). So - do we wait - or is this the floor in now?! I have tried catching the falling knife in stocks a few times and to put it mildly - it's luck over brainpower. Thoughts ? I am tempted to get some ETH as I need to get my toes wet anyway😀
  4. A PF70 1 ounce silver Unicorn QB from MCM. Costs me $199 but at least I know it will be a decent one😀
  5. Sorry - which do you regard as stylish?... Neither design is exactly an iPhone. But as we all say - it's the coin that counts!
  6. Next July it will be 201 years since the "first" sovereign of 1817....so I don't see why the RM don't issue a special 201st anniversary design, with a few privvy editions to boot😉? The crazy thing is -- enough of us would probably buy them!
  7. A couple of old silver pieces - been looking at florins and double florins at auctions for a while, and they seem to have a small dedicated group of collectors. First one of each for me: a nice 1930 George V florin and an 1887 Victoria double florin (a good few scratches on this one). Just bullion grade - so I can see them close up. I know it's only a 4-year series for the double florin... so that should not be impossible! I guess some on the Forum are experts in these designs ? Next thing will be to find a proof florin for a decent price - plenty about from 1927 that may tempt me!
  8. Not so grumpy when I got home to see a package from the Mint😀👍....happy!
  9. Impressed ...but also grumpy.... because when I look up my order on the Mint page, it still says "held" - delivery in 3 weeks?!
  10. Probably MrDead....[emoji3] I am stupidly going to wait and watch to see if this goes lower....got plenty nice 1 oz target coins - Brit 2017, Krugs, RM lunar & QB, Eagle. Actually just one of any of the above would be nice for £950[emoji6]
  11. All gold seems on sale after today's price drop! Anybody diving in and buying yet? Or waiting to see any folloW ups tomorrow?? An ounce well below £1000 again. Happy days return (for buyers..).?
  12. @ApisMellifera - please correct me if I'm wrong - but @PolarPandaI would guess those QB capsules are the Air-tites X6D 38mm black foam rings? Perfect for these 2 ounce beasts. I use them. Link below. It's a US company, but they ship to EU. http://www.air-tites.com/Air-Tite_Ring_Type_Coin_Holders_1.htm#.WVlifbHTWhA Hope that helps. I have a few if you just need a few! Lindeman
  13. @mr-dead - let's be honest: that is not a stack. It's a gold mountain😀 Respect. Thanks to @Numistacker - for getting NGC to relabell my Libertad 2015 as a PF70 - very happy to get it back today.
  14. for sale

    Thanks for offering it here. I am really keen to get one of these old Sydney sovereigns ... but I think you may be better sticking it up on eBay and seeing if you can get to £300 by auction, then net of fees you will have made a bit more than the bullion price... good luck. I am expecting to pay about £400+ for one in a better condition...but they are not easy to find!