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  1. Advice for new comer

    Buy what you like and stack what you can. Research the best option for you. Currently, silver has dropped tremendously so get a jump on some rounds. I wouldn't prefer buying poured silver because it is expensive, maybe wait until you have your stack where you want it to be. I think buying a safe is smart, even when you're just starting.
  2. Whats your dream Purchase (Money no object)

    It would be absolutely amazing to have a 1915 Gold Sovereign Mintmark trio.
  3. New perthmint 2oz high relief antique Dragon

    I like the antique finish and the design. Perth is always kicking out amazing coins.
  4. Calling all YouTubers

  5. Precious metals are traded, sold and bought for the means of economic wealth or survival. Depending upon the consumer, gold and silver spot price will fluctuate and changes whether the price of gas decreases or increases. Silver: “A soft grayish-white metal that is very valuable and is used to make jewelry, coins, knives, forks, etc.” (Webster) Gold: “A soft yellow metal that is very valuable and that is used especially in jewelry.”(Webster) JM Bullion Spot Price Definitions “The spot price is simply the price at which a commodity could be transacted and delivered on right now. This is in contrast to futures or forward contracts. The spot price of gold refers to the price of one ounce of gold and the spot price of silver refers to the price of one ounce of silver.”(JM Bullion) “The futures prices of a commodity are contracts that designate a price for future delivery of the commodity.”(JM Bullion) “Spot gold prices can potentially be affected by such things as economic data, geopolitical news or events, Federal Reserve action or comments and many other potential drivers.”(JM Bullion) “The gold market is in a constant state of price discovery. In fact, all commodities could be said to be in a constant state of price discovery. This price discovery occurs virtually around the clock. Gold and precious metals are traded on exchanges all over the world. These exchanges include New York’s COMEX, London, Hong Kong, Zurich, Australia and Shanghai. The New York COMEX exchange is perhaps the most well-recognized when it comes to gold trading. Spot gold prices are derived from futures contracts traded on the COMEX exchange.”(JM Bullion) Discussion Question: What does spot price represent to you? How does it affect you? “Spot price is like net asset value of the metal. It represents its intrinsic worth. Anything else is goodwill, which is as intangible and liable as any paper asset.”(SilverForum) “Spot does affect sentiment but only in the short term, in the medium to long term silver remains an undervalued asset and one of the few trusted stores of value.”(SilverForum) “1. current spot price is an irrelevance to the true value of PM(Precious Metals).”(SilverForum) “2. spot price affects how much metal you can buy but not what it is actually worth, see number 1”(SilverForum) “3. many stackers will bust their arse to make a purchase as close to spot price as possible, and will then do so 6 months later when spot is +-10%20%30% etc the previous price, what's that all about?”(SilverForum) “4. buying and selling on the comex dictates the price of both gold and silver. Practicality no one's who plays these markets are interested in taking delivery or shipping this metal and most don't have it in the first place to sell.”(SilverForum) “5. it's goes up and it goes down. When you are first buying it is hard to see the paper price move in a volatile manner. When you reassure yourself it is an insurance against the money printers, you begin to settle and accept these fluctuations. You know you are safe playing the long game.”(SilverForum) “6. Holding the physical metal is nothing like seeing digits on a screen or ink on paper. Having a stack of metal is an incentive to keep increasing your stack. People will have a viewer if it's over or under priced. Some will cost average but, others (like me) will only buy when they feel it is under/fair priced.”(SilverForum) “7. Gold had been around £1000 an 0z for some months now, if we see sovereigns back at sub £200 again most will see this as a bargain, is this really this case? Also, if this happens many who are invested will see the price as dropping and will think it is only going to continue this way.”(SilverForum) Spot price doesn’t necessarily affect the value of precious metals but only the price. The price of gold and silver is completely dependent upon the price of oil. Globally, gold and silver is connected to international trade. Through currency, exchange using precious metals relates back to roman times. Times where trade was a staple in ancient society and it rings true today.
  6. Spot Price

    I'm doing a project on spot price and I wanted to see different points of view. What does spot price represent to you? How does it affect you? Any comments about spot price will do!
  7. Fake Pandas

    The only way I could tell if they're fake is by using a magnet. Okie doke thank you for the advice.
  8. tubes

    I would just keep them in a tube for now.
  9. Fake Pandas

    The only way I could tell if they're fake is by using a magnet.
  10. New Member

    Thank you everyone!
  11. New Member

    Hey everybody! So I decided to make an account since I enjoy talking about collecting. It'll be great if a get a warm welcome into this community.