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  1. for sale

    To sure if the pictures came through but it's 452g
  2. A bunch of sterling silver Includes 2 sets of 6 spoons a set of 4 spoons Broken jewellery and not broken wrist chain Just under spot at £175 Free delivery PPFF preferred
  3. @jayscott47108 I like this video comparing bitcoin and ethereum:
  4. Hi, unfortunately I don't really know enough about ethereum to comment. It seems clever but I kinda lost interest in it when they did a hard fork - which to me went against the spirit of it being immutable. I thought after that that it would not go anywhere (I was very wrong).
  5. I have taken bitcoin in payments from clients occasionally. I chose to hold as bitcoin but it would be straightforward to change for pounds either by selling yourself or automatically with a service like bitpay where it can immediately get changed to your local currency. The fees are currently relatively high due to the system reaching capacity so if the profit margin is slim this could be an issue. It would seem to make sense to use an alt-coin with lower fees and quicker confirmation times but the issue there is that it's more difficult to convert to fiat. Normally people covert to bitcoin then to pounds or dollars so unless you have many small transactions that you convert to bitcoin at the end of the day once then covert the bitcoin to pounds once it's also an issue. In satoshi's original white paper he/she describes bitcoin as 'digital cash' but at the moment it seems to fit the purpose of digital gold more closely - and has become the stable 'reserve' for other cryptocurrencies. Of course this may change but something to think about is that if it does lose this status as the main cryptocurrency and the role goes to another e.g. Litecoin then confidence will plummet in ALL cryptocurrencies as store of value. This is because - if it can happen once (bitcoin loses its crown) then there's nothing to say it can't happen again and people won't be able to fully trust any coins to hold value. People know this and the fact that they know it means -imo - that bitcoin is here to stay as the main store of value.
  6. I read the article too. It's really so half-witted I didn't know where to start and didn't have the energy to retort. There are so many intelligent commentators on this subject you're spoilt for choice. This guy is not one of them.
  7. Estimated value of all gold: $8,200,000,000,000 Approx value of all cryptos: $65,000,000,000 Still less than 1%
  8. I heard that MtGox 'found' a certain amount of their lost bitcoins. If the price goes up a little more they will be able to repay all those who lost bitcoins in dollar value at the time of going bust (not return the bitcoins). Might be worth looking into. https://www.reddit.com/r/mtgoxinsolvency/
  9. completed

    Link to the pictures doesn't work for me
  10. Apparently the Japanese have come on board recently. It was made a legal payment in Japan. Over 50% of transactions in the last few days have been in Japanese yen
  11. Ah, thanks. I can see it fine on Tapatalk so unaware of the problem.