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  1. I heard that MtGox 'found' a certain amount of their lost bitcoins. If the price goes up a little more they will be able to repay all those who lost bitcoins in dollar value at the time of going bust (not return the bitcoins). Might be worth looking into. https://www.reddit.com/r/mtgoxinsolvency/
  2. for sale

    Link to the pictures doesn't work for me
  3. Apparently the Japanese have come on board recently. It was made a legal payment in Japan. Over 50% of transactions in the last few days have been in Japanese yen
  4. Ah, thanks. I can see it fine on Tapatalk so unaware of the problem.
  5. I think the latest sell-off is related to the rift that's developed in the Bitcoin world between different factions - the core developers and a group who want 'Bitcoin unlimited' (BU) which would involve a change in the protocol to allow bigger block sizes. Basically the BU would allow more transactions per second and keep fees down. They're attempting to force a hard fork by getting over 50% of the hashing power and are not that far off. I think a hard fork would be bad for Bitcoin - even if the new protocol is better, it would destroy trust and create confusion as there would be at least two versions of Bitcoin at the same time
  6. My plan has always been to sell 1btc at $10,000 [emoji55]
  7. I think volatility is an issue but it's decreasing over time. This chart indicates that the peak volatility- if the current trend continues - will match that of major fiat currency in about 2.5 years
  8. What size are you looking for?
  9. Hi Dave. I have some 1oz gold eagle tubes. I'd be happy to send you one (free). They were based on krugerrand size so should fit. Only problem is that you'll need 10 more to fill it
  10. All sold now
  11. Price reduced for the last time - now £260 delivered