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  1. Good to see a sensible response from security.
  2. Apologies for dragging up an old thread, but did you get any interesting questions at the airport when the luggage went through the scanners, or when you arrived back at Gatwick?
  3. eBay shenanigans

    Some crazy bidding on this. It even says "gold plated" in the description. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Gold-Bullion-Bar-10g-24crt-Gold-Umicore-Gold-Bar-/122111107344?hash=item1c6e63a110:g:BxAAAOSwvzRXyUy6
  4. GOLD DEALS - See a deal, post here :)

    I thought all ebay sales had to accept paypal now?
  5. I have a Seiko Monster. Stunningly reliable and accurate for a mechanical watch. I only adjust the time on months where I also need to change the date. Usually looses about 1-2 minutes a month. I'm happy with that.
  6. Stevie Nicks

    Stevie definitely gave me urges as a spotty yoof. Bjork was rather cute in a weird kind of way.
  7. Agreed on TV speaker quality. I am using some very nice active monitors, but it is the recording level of advertisements being significantly higher than the programmes that is annoying. Its a bit like the "loudness wars" on the radio. Music is so heavily compressed to achieve a "high average volume level" that any natural fluctuations and dynamics in the original music have been destroyed.
  8. Hello

    Hi all, as you can probably guess, I'm Andy. I have been randomly collecting 1oz silver bars for a couple of years and am thinking of diversifying. I will likely offload these via ebay and reinvest in coins, as these seem better value to me. I also fancy a few sovs too.