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  1. Few shields, camera focus is on the dates as i would like some opinions on the below! 1859 has an "8" over something, a strange clipped "1" and a die crack. 1852 has a very odd 2.
  2. Well that is what I also assumed, I simply asked them for their tolerances but they wouldn't tell me and I must send it in. Seems like an awful lot of hassle and cost to them that's uncessesary if they check 100% of coins to a tight tolerance don't you think?
  3. I bought some custom boxes for shieldbacks and the beasts by mastercoincases that i'll put some pictures up of at some point. Due to the large order he agreed to make this to my spec also! The box was originally a 2015 premium set, really makes it, its a great quality box actually 97, 06 and the 14,15,16 that'll prove expensive
  4. So I finally got around to presenting these 1/10th brits, using a box from the RM and a custom insert (9mm deep high grade felt with 3mm base), fits perfect! Yes yes it's incomplete, but won't be long before it's done :D. Photos were rushed but i wanted to share, they really do look so good all together in person
  5. Well this turned out to be an interesting thread, and even if parts of the coin are poor quality its interesting and i'd like to keep it if its close to 91.7% gold. I have spent many a 1000s with HGM, they have offered to take it in, take a look, re-test with the machine and return to me if i'd like to keep it, postage refunded also. It's a shame there isn't a list of known faked years and some more information on this, that article was a great read!
  6. Real ones are 4g on my scales so it's probably those
  7. So it's a fake, that's a definite. My question then is what does the middle eastern manufacturer gain from producing them, scraping the 0.006g? I would obviously like to know if it is actually 22ct or close to, as then I would just keep it. Has anyone has this from HGM before and know if they will argue with me about if it came from them? @sovereignsteve regarding the finish, in general parts of the fake look way way sharper than others I have, but then some parts are crap
  8. Ha, yea i know that you mean. If it is actually gold i would also keep it, slightly more interesting than the other many duplicates i have! Even if the design is off...
  9. Weight is 4g, diameter is 19.48 v/s 19.50 on another half. If it is actually gold, why would someone bother to fake a coin, and so stupidly on a year that isn't minted in london? Doesn't make much sense to me. I'll be interested to see what HGM has to say, as i don't have any proof it was from them as they don't record the year.
  10. grabbed a couple of hand macros but they show enough I think. I don't see anything worn, not sure what would make it obvious as a fake either! Looking at it again considering it may be a fake its clearly different in many areas. Was from HGM, dont they test everything?
  11. Hi, just going through some coins and spotted a half sov of 1925 but with no mint mark. Having a Google I see that there were some restrikes of full sovs in 1925 but nothing about halfs. Has anyone come across one of these before?
  12. for sale or exchange

    If he is in London I have no idea why he is mentioning a polish carrier, but the end result is if he is connecting via an VPN the final hop will be the end of the tunnel. So he is also using a polish VPN provider? The explanation has holes
  13. To be honest I got nowhere trying to find the manufacturer of these, I was only looking to pay a quid or two at the time but have since gone with air tites.
  14. Ah didn't notice there was a scratch as well I was reading @daz's post. Overall not a collection worth getting into then. The BUs are by no means perfect but it's easier to take when you aren't paying more than 4x spot price!