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  1. What will happen to gold if we go digital

    The thing is with a few additional layers such as LN, and a few other tweaks, segwit being used by everyone etc etc, these fees will be nowhere near what they are now. In turn therse additional layers will reduce the base network fees in my opinion. Trust me, I know fees are high I used bitcoin for payments almost on a daily basis! However, I knew many many years ago that this time would come, but did not envisage the close developer community back then coming to blows and politics taking over, hey ho.
  2. What will happen to gold if we go digital

    I never put it forward as the saviour, bitcoin doesn't need "saving" for a start. My point is that the underlying chain and security of the chain is just the starting point, additional layers were always going to be needed and many more will come.
  3. What will happen to gold if we go digital

    2 weeks (™) But in all seriousness it has been in development for over 2 years i believe and is in the later stages of testing. They've been testing on main net recently, you can see a demo here, so it is "working", albeit still in beta! If you want some more detail on workings and fancy a headache checkout this video:
  4. Sovereigns with (No B.P.) - Exist?

    @sovereignsteve So check these few pictures out, i promise that to the eye or under loupe you can't see the BP at all, only at certain angles with the camera you can see something there. Coin 2 is the example whereby I believe the no BP could be a myth, I know whatever that it is a different variation though. I have many more examples of this, and its always the P that you can just about see sticking up from the field. By the way, the reason i'm so bothered about this is i'm now adding all of these coins to my database, and I can't bring myself to put any of them so far into the no BP slot. This is why i'm wondering if anyone actually has an UNC example with a macro shot at various angles to prove there is really nothing there. @Numistacker maybe your 1882 could show it? Coin 1 1. 2. Coin 2 1. 2.
  5. What will happen to gold if we go digital

    Too many people are focusing on the first layer (bitcoin blockchain), and not the second and third layers to come. Would you have the same view of the internet, and then email ? An example of second layer for the bitcoin blockchain is the "lighting network", which is quite close to launching and will allow virtually feeless transactions. You open a channel with say a merchant or friend, and all subsequent transactions will be free (or near enough). I do think a lot of people look at cryptocurrencies as imagine they are a fad and won't be here next year, when in reality they have already been here for 9 years and are only just getting started. With "bankster" versions of blockchain tech such as Ripple and Stellar, yes the banking system will settle on blockchain in the future, i mean how ridiculous is the SWIFT protocol in 2018.... Gold is not a comparison, gold (at least for me) is a pure store of value, nothing else, suggesting it should be used in transaction is nonsensical.
  6. Sovereigns with (No B.P.) - Exist?

    Well I guess i'm partially questioning it, I have some with no BP that i can't see even under macro, but they are not UNC so I personally wouldn't say its 100%. This is because I have plenty that you would swear have no BP, until you get them under macro and can see something there, not even with a loupe really can you see it. Look at some of the pictures below to see what i mean. I have all versions of 1880 and i'm getting onto sorting the branch versions now. No BP but poor quality coin To the eye or even under loupe you would say this one has no BP, but with macro and right aperture you can see it's there, I have better examples of this where it's even more faint. Clear BP with 8/7 This is another overdate, I assume its 8/7 but it completely different to the other 5-6 i have of this overdate.
  7. Sovereigns with (No B.P.) - Exist?

    I can just about see a raised mark there, can't you?
  8. Sovereigns with (No B.P.) - Exist?

    I think this is the clearest ones I've seen so thank you. Though I would love to see a macro of the BP area. I'll take some of mine with no BP, but you can just about see something there which makes me think these are just like strikes or something, even on gold-sovereigns and other places they don't show clear pictures of no BP variations
  9. So i'm sorting through my coins and getting them onto database before archiving, and I'm a little stuck with the "no b.p." variations as I don't have many UNC examples. Does anyone have a clear picture of an UNC 1880 for example, with clearly no B.P present? I have quite a few where you can barely see the B.P but it is there, and a few where i can't see anything but there is a scuff or small scratch in the area which could hide the very "light strike" version of B.P Thanks!
  10. Today I Received

    You can have the win as its close enough to the 250 that's in the stack!
  11. Today I Received

    Nope unfortunately not! Closest so far but higher, it is a round number (to 10s). Same person can't guess twice!
  12. Today I Received

    Young head and jubilee sovereigns, the game is to guess how many, winner gets nothing, sorry!
  13. Today I Received

    Do you pay much over spot for graded coins? I find it very difficult deciding which coins are "best of the bunch" and wonder if it's even worth the effort!
  14. Today I Received

    Very pleased to receive this today, very hard to get the Quintuple which is what I bought it for. This quintuple changing date collection is going to look epic!
  15. completed Small amount of Bitcoin to trade

    One may note that currently that trade will likely cost you up to 50% in transaction fees due to the current network congestion, especially if the transaction has many inputs.