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  1. Does anyone have any of these lying around after they've graded coins? I'm looking for the 36mm internal diameter ones not the 38.x ones Thanks!
  2. 1902 Five Sovereign - proof + bu

    @Fivepoundfred There are a few around but this was at my limits for premium, some really nice examples are way over my limits right now Thanks for pointing me to Drake sterling, they have 4 actually, 2 BU and 2 proof. It is extremely difficult actually, even their PR60 + PR62 look totally different, mine could easily be the PR60, or depending what angle you look at it, the BU MS62+. Either way these guys claim the BU are rarer than the proofs due to a huge amount of them being melted, and i paid way way less than they have theirs listed. On another note my 1887 looks to be a half decent grade as well which is good
  3. Today I received.....

    Five (Quintuple) Sovereigns, 1902 + 1887 ! excuse the pictures, handheld macro and bit blurry
  4. 1902 Five Sovereign - proof + bu

    Here is a pic:
  5. Updated Michael Marsh book

    Pete, can you direct link this? its not showing for me
  6. 1902 Five Sovereign - proof + bu

    sure, the reason is i've purchased one and i'm wondering if the difference is very subtle. The one i purchased isn't mint obviously and maybe that's why, i'll add a pic shortly
  7. 1902 Five Sovereign - proof + bu

    bump? @Fivepoundfred @SovTracker
  8. ebay coin

    You're more likely to get a deal on the forums that eBay. I've never got a good deal on ebay but maybe i'm unlucky!
  9. Checking if coins are fake

    After staring at nearly 1000 of sovereigns in depth i'm 99.9% sure i would know a fake now, I would love the opportunity to find some at a boot fair etc, no luck as of yet! protip, if you are hunting in these kinds of places, take your loupe!
  10. Updated Michael Marsh book

    Thanks, just grabbed one as well
  11. 1902 Five Sovereign - proof + bu

    Hi, does anyone here have both of these coins and wouldn't mind putting up a pic? I'm struggling to find reliable pictures of both versions and i fear many sellers may be selling BUs as matte proofs
  12. Old proofs and acceptable levels of wear

    Well as i mentioned in original post it was a 1937 set, they ended up going for 11grand, i feel sorry for the winning bidder!
  13. wanted Wanted 2016 3 gram gold panda

    What's a reasonable price?
  14. So clearly modern proofs, if they are 5 years old and are covered in fingerprints etc the price will hugely be effected. Just wondering if this would be the same for something of a vintage? I've seen some 1937 proofs on ebay for example still going for pretty good money even with scratches and covered in fingerprints. What are peoples views on this?