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  1. for sale or exchange

    If he is in London I have no idea why he is mentioning a polish carrier, but the end result is if he is connecting via an VPN the final hop will be the end of the tunnel. So he is also using a polish VPN provider? The explanation has holes
  2. To be honest I got nowhere trying to find the manufacturer of these, I was only looking to pay a quid or two at the time but have since gone with air tites.
  3. Ah didn't notice there was a scratch as well I was reading @daz's post. Overall not a collection worth getting into then. The BUs are by no means perfect but it's easier to take when you aren't paying more than 4x spot price!
  4. It's not even QC really, they could leave the mint without spots and develop them a day later, or a year later. The BU beasts are the first silver I've bought all year I believe and I'm not buying anymore now until the cause is found and rectified. Last time I read up I think it was something to do with water in the annealing process, not sure if there are any more developments but seems the RM havent sorted it!
  5. wanted

    Do you think they warrant presentation cases? Mine weren't the best quality
  6. Thanks, i added a note about opening them properly, these are resized to 70% of originals so i can upload them too! I got 10 sovs, full tube was pushing it
  7. 1oz gold Griffins, 2oz silver Griffins, 2017 sovs note: right click > open image in new tab (or middle mouse click) to see coins in their true beauty!
  8. As much natural light as possible :). My home office is dark, I really could do a better job if I actually had a setup, but I dont!
  9. Had two tubes turn up today and only looked at the top one currently but it was spotted... Any spotting on yours? Now I remember why I've not bought any silver for essentially a year.
  10. The fact he was using a typewriter doesn't help this joke
  11. I've gone for a few 1oz and 1/4oz BU beasts and also 10 BU sovs. I think this will turn out to be good investment wise but as others say if you don't care about keeping value and just want a great coin then get it, it does look amazing!
  12. Yea same for me, it was my first purchase from them direct and why not at the price the 1/4 was there. Got the 2017 sovs and 1oz coming from elsewhere though, the sovs were particularly cheaper O, and tubes of the silvers!
  13. few 1/4 Griffins, have the 1oz on order from elsewhere. Think this series is great, lovely coin and to the eye looks flawless, i think condition is going to overall be better than the lion 1/4s, though there is a strange amount of "pimples" ? around the edge that i can only see with these macro shots