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  1. Hgm

    Not many people sell immediately after a sharp price decrease. If we stay here for a few weeks then stock will come back.
  2. will take this
  3. wanted

  4. wanted

    Looking for half sovereigns from branch mints, if anyone has duplicates or is selling coins off please PM me! I can buy as many as seller has for sale, or potentially trade if that is of interest
  5. in a 29 deg room with a fan making no difference!
  6. try having a 5month old baby with a virus
  7. for sale

    excuse my ignorance is the the 4th one?
  8. Back on the site and at dealers for sale: https://www.royalmintbullion.com/Products/Landmarks-Of-Britain/Silver/UKBB17AC Like i idea but don't like the design i think, not sure Won't be buying any, just realised they are 25quid at silver-to-go, VAT free... are they deciding to do ridiculous markups now?
  9. for sale

    Hey, will take a 2002 half and full mate
  10. wanted

    Still need these if anyone has some
  11. Mine were 364 and 368, both with damage. Are yours ok? They've asked me to return them for inspection, but say its a one off.... yea right
  12. One is a monkey and one is a sheep!
  13. They are two different coins as well. The thing is if you look under a loupe or with my original images you can see 100s of imperfections, maybe they aren't capable of producing proof coins and its not like the quality control team can fail 1500/1500 coins right
  14. I guess they could easily be missed, but i'm not even being picky these are ones you can see with your eyes, the quality is actually crap if you look with a loupe. Now this isn't proof but what the hell are they doing to them... quite a few of us have 150-200 year old coins without these gouges... O and another....
  15. @Quicksilver @mr-dead Yes are you checking your coins with a loupe? Both of my unicorns and my beast aren't good enough, they are all going back and i've just written a long winded complaint to say that if they aren't capable of producing true proof coins i'll have my 1.5k back and be done with the series. Low quality images but still the issues are clear, the one on the Queens head is ridiculous, check your coins and make a stand! note: the first images are scratches i have a great zeiss loupe!