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  1. Thanks, yea getting a tray like this may be the best option then. Half sovs are just over 19mm, but coingallery says the CAPS19 is for half sovs? 63 in one tray will keep me going
  2. There might be a few for sale soon, as i said on another thread a few days ago the mint sold the remaining stock to an overseas buyer. I have two of these so may also have one for sale in the future
  3. somewhere safe, but i will like to get it out often. Matters because of looks you mean?
  4. So, i have specific custom cases for my "special" collections, but i'm looking for a solution for larger sets, specifically full and half sovereigns. It looks like i need to be able to store say 60-80 in a single box, what solutions are out there for this? as google isn't turning up much. note: it doesn't need to be pretty right now, i just want to see the date run in front of me rather than on a spreadsheet!
  5. No, you are getting confused with sovereign weight vs gold content.
  6. I have a few Jubilee head shield half sovereigns for sale dated 1892. Can send pics if needed. Looking for 140+ post of buyers choice and risk. Sample photos
  7. Got a reply from the mint, they did agree to sell the rest of them to an overseas buyer. They are still in the mint not shipped so we'll be seeing them at a US dealer soon i guess.
  8. completed

    Have a few of these for sale at 112+ post of buyers choice and risk. Come in capsule 5 available 4 left SOLD
  9. Eventually i hope, but like Steve I'll get stuck with the few crazy rare ones unless I get lucky somehow!
  10. Yes yes more shields , 8 to be exact, and 2 young head st.georges The lustre on 3 of them is incredible, hard to capture in a photograph so i tried with fingers as you can see reflection :D. I've never graded a single coin but this may be worth it. Also a 1891 Sydney half sov photo at the end, little worn but only 154,000 were minted 130 years ago and the first branch mint half sov i have i think
  11. OP, depending on how you want to go, i bought the case which stores 1oz, 1/4 and 2oz silver. Pretty decent i'll put some picks up with coins in at some point. Bit annoying they've since brought out other denominations though
  12. Stopped reading at "The London Mint Office"
  13. Hehe, not my intention , and a lot more money to save and spend yet!
  14. Need these dates if anyone has duplicates or just wants to sell some off: 38,39,41,42,43,44,45,48 L 1872 S 1874 L 1880 M 1881 S 1882 M 1883 M 1886 M 1887 S 1887 M Please pm me!