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  1. It would depend on the size of the safe, how much material needs to be removed etc. Speak to some local specialists and get some quotes.
  2. 2018 Sovereigns?

    The 2018 Bullion Sovereign will be released on the 8th of January. I don't have the proof on my list of releases though.
  3. Bullion tester & counterfeit Bullion

    It seems like an expense which is not necessary if you buy direct from a reputable supplier.
  4. U.K coin shops?

    Bleyer are a forum sponsor and based in Devon. We stock a wide range of sovereigns, please feel free to contact us. www.BleyerBullion.co.uk
  5. gold deal

    Gold.co.uk is owned and run by the same company as Bullion by Post. Have you also considered www.BleyerBullion.co.uk?
  6. UK silver

  7. I would think we will see an overall base price rise of around 1 to 1.5%, discounts may be offered for bank transfer. The surcharge costs are more than we can absorb in many cases, certainly for larger transactions.
  8. https://www.theguardian.com/money/2017/jul/19/charges-paying-card-banned-flights-tax-bills The introduction of this law will unfortunately change the pricing structures for many European dealers who offer card payments.
  9. 5 gm gold bar

    We have some really nice pre-owned 5 gram Heraeus/ Austrian mint Gold Kinebars in at the moment. Definitely worth a look as the hologram is quite unique. Page on our website: https://www.bleyerbullion.co.uk/pre-owned-5-gram-austrian-mint-gold-kinebar Short video:
  10. I need to sell our silver collection - Advice Please Thank you

    I'm sorry to hear about you needing the op and wish you all the best. The company I work for (Bleyer Bullion) would offer you spot price for this collection with payment sent the same working day as receiving the coins. Perhaps try and sell as many through the forum as possible during the next couple of days and then approach a dealer if necessary?
  11. Gold as gifts

    Hi Roy, I'm glad to hear that you thought our article was interesting. Personally unless we needed something specific, I would be very pleased to get gold or silver for a gift, far more useful in the long run.
  12. Where are we buying gold

    There's always a bargain to be found on our special offers page https://www.bleyerbullion.co.uk/gold-silver-bullion-special-offers
  13. Queens Beast's Capsules

    Including postage, excluding VAT.
  14. Queens Beast's Capsules

    https://www.bleyerbullion.co.uk/queens-beasts-capsules Updated link
  15. What a huge disappointment...

    These are cheaper rounds. the premium reflects the quality. We have several tubes of this coin (Not purchased from the same company), many are like this. It's almost like machine oil/ lubricant is getting stuck in the ridges.