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  1. Silver lows, what's the evidence ?

    Agree with Stu, it is largely a byproduct of other metals and there is a lot of it in the ground. A lot of you tubers try to pump the metal to increase sales on their businesses. I think we will see a 2008 again as majority of assets are overvalued at present. The markets will probably do the same again, which means we will see spot prices for gold and silver much lower again before the "safe haven" factor kicks in and moves prices northward again. Just as a side note there is the issue of premiums on the coins, some people think they will get their coins and bars very cheap if the silver price drops further. Kman posted something in 2014 on premium differences. He found an Apmex archive page from 2008 when Silver was $11.60, Apmex were selling 2008 American Eagles at $17.44 for 1 coin and $16.44 if you bought over 500. That is a significant mark up on the coins. As ever those who stack and buy good quality proofs, bullion with some numismatic value etc should do well in the long run.
  2. Milk Spots

    I have 2 tubes of Canadian Peregrine Falcon coins and at least 50% of them have milked. I am slowly flogging them on ebay. One thing I have learned in my 4 years of stacking and collecting, never buy bloody Canadian stuff.
  3. completed 1oz 2011 Silver eagles

    How much is postage for a tube of 20?
  4. completed Stuff

    Hi Can I take one of the 1/10 year of the rabbit coins.
  5. Today I bought.....

    Nipped in a little 40 oz order to take advantage of the sub 10p price mark. 3 Mixed year Phils 11 Noah's Ark 2014 1 1oz Lunar Goat 2015 2 Kooks 2015 2 Libertads 2014 21 Britannia Privy 2014
  6. Great spreedheet, tremendous work Paul.
  7. Average £/oz

    My average is roughly £16.60 at present, that included the early stacking mistake of paying vat on bars etc. I hope to have this average down below £15, if the silver price stays where it is for a while. On a 211 to 1 Silver to Gold ratio at present
  8. Silver Premium Watch

    Fantastic Idea, well done
  9. So where are we now?...

    I am happily stacking for the next 15-20 years. Its important that you diversify your assets. You can also see this as an opportunity to buy cheap and sell coins on ebay, forums etc. Maybe generate a small profit (if possible) to buy more. I hear stories of people going "All in" in 2011. Key is to spread assets, diversify and understand what you are getting into. I know many of you do but its clear the odd individual on this forum doesnt.
  10. Today I bought.....

    STG 30 OZ order to lower average 1 Panda 5 Brittanias 5 USA Eagles 1 1oz Lunar Goat 5 2OZ Lunar Goat 1 Koala 2 Kooks 5 2014 libertads
  11. Guess the physical floor

  12. are we dreaming or just fools

    Some people believe that metals market are not manipulated (I don't). Craig take a chill pill. If it stresses you that much sell and put the money in the bank or blow it all at a massage parlour .
  13. Premium Differences

    Great find Kman. Thanks for the responses. It does look like we are nearly at the floor in terms of coin prices. If silver does drop another 50% we may only see a 10-20% drop in the coin prices.
  14. Premium Differences

    Hi I am relatively new to stacking Silver, started in Feb 2014. I was wondering how long you guys have been stacking for? Were any of you around in 2008/2009 when silver was even cheaper around $8. I Believe it was $3-4 (£2.50 in proper money) between 1990-2002. If so, what premiums were you paying on coins?. I remember seeing a video that said American Silver Eagles were being sold for $16.50 when it was $8 (100% + mark up) in 2008. I think if we do see silver much much lower, the prices of coins are not going to drop that much. The Vendors have to make a profit too. Any thoughts from the veterans of stacking?
  15. Don't Try to Catch a Falling Knife?

    The other point that needs to be mentioned is dealer premiums. Silver go to to £5, £6, £7 or to hell, just kidding. You wont be able to buy at that price. You are buying physical coins or bars, not an ETF. You will still be paying between £10 plus for coins. The more it falls, the more the mark up. When silver was $8 in 2008/9, eagles were selling for $16.50.