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  1. Just a heads up in respect of nominated carriers. From my experience DHL are now doing pre customs clearance of all packages leaving from the US and Canada. Thus if the airway bill and/or customs deceleration state a value over the ceiling for zero import tax you are going to have to pay. I have this year had around a dozen packs from the US/Canada via DHL, approximately half I have been able to influence the value declared, while the other half has been declared as full value. All the latter have been hit for tax, (while still in transit) but for the former this has passed OK. From experience USPS usually attracts the least attention from HMRC/Boarder Control.
  2. Wu Qi (aka Lavendersh7) is selling these and although I have not checked against China Medal his prices are usually there or there about Also if you do buy from him, and you build up a sales record, I have found him willing to do a deal on most of the coins/medals that he lists on the bay His email is listed below (jvpc5789@yahoo.com)
  3. Have a look at the US page for Fedex and their service of 'Hold at Location.' (http://www.fedex.com/us/services/hold_at_location_overview.html) AMPEX ( and probably others) use Fedex as their prefered courier, thus you can order and have this shipped to a local Fedex shop in DC. All you need is your passport and they will release the package to you. Just be aware of the time they will hold the package, but with planning this should not be a problem Safe travels, and give my regards to Don
  4. The National Museum of Rome at its Palazzo Massimo alle Terme building houses the nation's coin collection This incorporates the King Victor Emanuel III collection and which at its height reputedly amounted to over 120,000 coins specific to Italy and from the Roman period up to the time of unification. Also the Vatican Museum has a large specimen collection relating to the Papal Territories etc
  5. For those amongst us that like and admire the high relief brass medals that are produced by the PRC mints, this stunning piece has been released by the Shenyang mint for 2017. It measures 68mm and is limited to a maximum of 1000 pieces From what I can see, and what I have been told, each one of the coins inlaid within the bowl is a crafted miniature of a medal/coin that has been issued by one of other of the four state mints over the years A cracking piece of art
  6. They will be treated as a 're-importation' of goods and thus subject to zero tax and duty. The coding on the airway bill will state this
  7. The gold souk in old Dubai ( Deira ) is the place for all things gold. The gold industry in Dubai was historically focused towards what we in the west would deem as exotic ( read Indian) jewellery. Commissions were taken on the basis of an agreed spot plus a margin for the workmanship. Even today you will be able to see craftsman at work producing some really exceptional pieces, and if this type of thing floats your boat you will do no better than spending a few hours in around the market place. Regrettably however I have always found that for bullion grade ( in particular Krugers and various Oz coins are prevalent ) the margin to spot is no better, even worse, than what you will be able to buy via Ebay or HGM etc. Towards the creek end of the souk is the old gold exchange building and you may be able to hunt a bargain down in there You will see umpteen 'sovereigns' in shop windows, but be aware that these are 'costume sovs' and from my experience vary from 18 to 21 Carat and weigh less that a stand sov. In fairness to the majority of dealers these are not sold to deceive but are part of the dowry tradition that underpins the indian jewellery market and are sold on AGW. If you are a collector of coins, you can at times find one or other unusual coin that would be a bargain. With the UAE being a federal state you do find that one or other of the emirates do now and then produce specials and I have picked up a couple of nice coins that were produced by/for the emirate of Ajman. Also as a stopover for pilgrims doing the Harji you can always find one of other commemorative from Mecca I would recommend to stay clear of the gold shops at the airport with the one exception that they do on occasions do specials on UAE specific bullion from the likes of gold.ae and which can add a novality factor to your stack while not breaking the bank to badly Safe travels!
  8. Were a set of four; orange, bronze, red and blue if memory serves. These were produced by the Perth Mint and were limited to sets of 3000 Via the USA they were offered by Talisman Coins and had a special display case with an outer sleeve. Think other markets sold these individually
  9. More than coincidence or a tilt in the same direction ? http://www.ebay.com/itm/2016-Trimetallic-Panda-Gold-Coins-35th-Anniversary-Martin-Weiss-medal-NGC69-/162301273480?hash=item25c9e8e588:g:4QQAAOSwiONYPYyN Did Dragon confirm that the 6000 bimetal are going to be a medal or a fiat denominated coin commensurate with the standard silver panda value, ie 10 yuan? If this is to be a fiat I can understand the rationale behind it as there is such a large market of panda 'coin' collectors, a sizable portion of whom will not consider anything that is not denominated. Medals are therefore off their radar. Similarly medallion collects may take flight and due to the high mintage of 6000
  10. Hi - i have been buying directed from the PRC for come on ten years. Similarly a number of these dealers are now sending via the Ebay Discounted Postal Scheme, and where in the case of the UK the postal details are produced with a dual China Mail/Royal Mail 'air waybill.' The anomaly however is that I have at best had coins/medals delivered in around five days, while at the extreme this has taken nearly six weeks. The one constant however has been the fact that I have never had a package go missing. Similarly I have no reason to doubt Dragons integrity and in my case he informed me that the medals were posted on the 1st of Dec - I thus trust him that this is the case No disrespect to your postie, but he cannot be certain of what is happening upstream of the local sorting centre. Couple to this is the heavy traffic that is indicative of Xmas. Subsequently I always thought that I would be lucky to see these medals this side on the 25th.
  11. Is it just me, or does the head of the Panda on the right look like a raccoon? Along with the Swan and Duck of the traditional culture series, it does appear to be a weak design and may be the rush to get this to market is being shown in the finished product. The more I reflect on the 'Pandamania' for all things Panda, I do find myself believing that a lot of the better quality work coming out of the PRC mints is going under the radar somewhat and in comparison to anything that is Panda or lunar in nature. The Classical Garden Series is a case in hand along with the Prehistoric Series and Buddhist Mountain Series. Similarly a number of fiat 5 and 10 yuan commemoratives are very good ( The rock Carving for example) although in the case of fiat coins the mintage is well north of the 50k mark. Suppose only time will tell how these coins will be viewed in the future.
  12. In the majority of cases I now buy direct from Dragon and not via the Bay and with him passing on the savings. Usually this is about 5-7% . Similarly if he has anything listed on Ebay I ask if he can do a better price. Sometimes he can only offer the saving that he gets from not having to pay fees while other times it can be a good sum If you do go down this route, just be aware that there appears to be some Ebay/Ebay.co.uk arrangement where the postal cost from the PRC is discounted. For this to happen a sale must be shown through Ebay. Thus he will usually ask you to make an offer of a dollar or so on something insignificant, thus triggering the discounted postal rate.
  13. Believe that the antique is going to be selling for around $200 -$230, but with only 39 for world distribution I think getting hold of one is going to be the issue
  14. Hi Russell - Did Dragon confirm he is getting an allocation of the antique?
  15. Also the comment in respect of 'access on demand' is not correct in the manner it is written The Bill sets outs the protocol that is required in order to gain court/government approvals for the request and disclosure of any records. Similarly the records are to be held in something akin to an encryption which means that gatekeeper access is not going to allow random viewing. In practical terms the Bill is actually formalizing what is currently being done by authorities who have in the past regularly requested information from the ISP via court orders In today's age it is always going to be a fine balance between the rights of the individual and the necessity of the state to protect those individuals. Good look to any government that is going to get this right 100% of the time. Although terrorism has become increasingly tech savvy, it does surprise me how it's the simple applications that can be the most effective. I attended a conference where a counter terrorist expert explained that terror cells were planning operations and were communicating with each other via email. However this email traffic at the time was not being logged or picked up and due the fact that they never actually sent emails to each other. They simply saved the message to each other in 'draft' and with all the cell operatives having access to the one account by a shared password - simple yet effective and at the time totally under the radar