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  1. Very interesting read @GoldBenj - thanks for posting
  2. A few odds things occurring in USA , trump opening his mouth about wrong people, new presidential car first airing, CIA bad mouthing, the establishment choice Clinton loosing, I wonder what inauguration day fun n games has to offer soon
  3. Hovering around £1000 per today - good start to the week
  4. This vid popped in my recommended YouTube videos feed and worth a watch
  5. completed

    Very good price - glad you got a quick sale @LongJohnSilver
  6. Gold been on the climb nicely this week - up nearly +8% in GBP for the month I wonder what this next month has got ahead for the yellow metal
  7. This is not to the credit of Royal Mint at all, it should not have happened at all in the first place and this cheque refund to appease you should be the bear minimum to offer refund your postage costs as it was their mistake to begin with due to crap quality assurance internal processes to let this milk spotted coin out and they should be jumping through hoops to keep you happy as a customer. It is very common for them to send out stuff not fit for purpose and you have paid well over the odds for. They have long lost my custom as your experience is neither a rarity or exception. My money spends anywhere and i have no intentions of ever returning to purchase any overpriced offerings The more you guys keep lining up to hand over your fiat debt tokens to them the more things will stay the same and nothing changes, says moany northern Paul
  8. Thanks @ChrisSilver very kind for the multiple prizes - think I will treat myself to a wee little bottle of red wine and toast my New Years stacking & the forum
  9. Super quick contact & totally instant delivery of the prize from @Quicksilver Wonderful service and great prize