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  1. why is it we have spiked nearly £20 higher ? in 24 hours Bitcoin has had a near $500 variance spike in a day Is the gold rocket setting off for the moon ??
  2. I have used silver to go many times without problems, super reliable, super quick, even thought they are based in Germany you can pay in UK £ pounds to their UK based bank account, so no conversion to do. Great company, and forum sponsor to
  3. I have just made a purchase from HGM and notice they are now offering credit and debit card payment options I have always used bank transfer in the past, but tinkering around I went through the 'pay by credit card' link and noticed it doesn't charge you the usual 2-2.5% surcharge that other bullion dealers usually add. Nothing game changing I know, but you are now afforded the protections that using a credit card gives (Section 75 CCA etc which is helpful in its own right) However, if you make bullion purchase using a 'cash back' credit card you can get a little back on your purchases from one of the cheapest dealers to buy bullion I have had a Nationwide Select credit card for years and it pays a none capped 0.5% cash back on all spending annually. So on a 1oz gold purchase of £1,000, you would get a fiver back for the privilege of just using your credit card. A free couple of pints for nothing You also have Aqua Reward cash back credit card pays 0.5% (high APR but wider criteria of acceptance for folk with lower credit scores) Asda & Amazon credit card also offer 0.5% cashback credit cards, Various Amex card also offer cash back but not sure if HGM take Amex I wouldn't advise anyone going in debt to get precious metals, make sure you clear your balance in full each month. Making active use of your credit card for decent sized purchases will also give you good brownie point green ticks on your credit file each month, i hear the rule of thumb is dont use over 25% of your card limits and you will look like a model customer
  4. Bank of Ireland are behind a few UK Post Office products (credit cards & financial services) - Credit card,Mortgage, savings or borrowings with post office ever ? It was also one of the big Irish banks that took a mega smack of 90% odd loss in share price in 2008-2009 and involved state bail outs,. AIB was another one. So it may relate to that possibly ? is the Irish government selling off its share of the bank maybe ? like our trusty Tories are doing with Lloyds
  5. Embrace every day as if it were your last. Don't concern yourself with things you cannot change or influence
  6. Keep things simple - just buy and stack full and half sovereigns once you have enough funds. Lowest % price spread, highly liquid, ready resale market, ease of storage, CGT free.
  7. https://www.bullionbypost.co.uk/info/free-silver-britannia/ To celebrate eight years of BullionByPost we are giving away a FREE 2017 1oz silver Britannia to everybody as part of their next order of £500 or more. The offer is available for a limited time only and ends 31st May. Please note that only one free coin is available per customer. The offer only applies to the first order placed within the qualifying period and excludes storage orders. 1. make an order of £500 or more: online ( www.bullionbypost.co.uk ) or by phone (Tel 0121 634 8060) 2. Your free 2017 1oz silver Britannia coin will be included with the delivery of your order . Not the best deal but thought may be of interest to some here. Funny that even when BBP are offering a free 1 oz enhancer teaser, you I can still find cheaper elsewhere
  8. silver and gold back on the rise past week
  9. Sold

    buzz half sov please
  10. completed

    BUZZ 2017 PLEASE
  11. Bubbles in housing What next a year down the line, Negative interest rate mortgages ? It has happened with savings, nobody thought it was possible Bubbles in personal borrowing, lowest loan rate is TSB 2.8% APR It got to make you laugh they can lend wholesale rate money at near zero percent yet your average credit card for 'Joe Public' APR for borrowing is 15-20% for most Let them bubble away, glad i am no part of it
  12. What is the consensus folks ? are we due to be going any lower this week ? Got an itchy trigger finger here
  13. You lose one bullion sovereign you send in your invoice for your 1989 proof sovereign
  14. graft a 2017 sovereign in the middle and rub a spot of duraglit . bobs your uncle . DIY proof