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  1. I cant recall seeing any anywhere in this size previously, i bagged a few 1/10 lunar sheep but never seen the 1/4's until today
  2. Welcome @CarlosSilver Ah The Young Ones and Alexei Sayle, they dont make comedies like that any more
  3. x2 1oz gold pandas at HGM if anyone fancies http://www.hattongardenmetals.com/buy/pid30/gold-chinese-panda-1oz.aspx
  4. Brad Birkenfeld: Lucifer's Banker Just how bad is the ongoing fraud in the banking system? Get ready for a mind-bowing expose by a former insider at UBS.Brad Birkenfield, author of Lucifer's Banker: The Untold Story of How I Destroyed Swiss Bank Secrecy, recounts the efforts he uncovered by his employer to help its clients cheat the US government out of tens of $billions in taxes.But despite his working with the government closely to expose the gigantic conspiracy between US-based tax cheats and the giant Swiss bank, UBS, the so-called Justice Department went after Mr. Birkenfeld for abetting tax evasion by one of his clients. After spending thirty months in Federal prison, he was released and three weeks later, received a whistle-blower check for $104 million, the largest such check ever from the IRS Whistle-blower Office. Very interesting content, 'The Swamp' looking after their own
  5. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1-4-OUNCE-GOLD-PANDA-1986-/222474648676?hash=item33cc85bc64:g:td4AAOSwx2dYJ1yV 1/4 gold 1986 panda buy it now for £298 + p&p. which is reasonable
  6. https://articles.royalmintbullion.com/sell-gold-bullion/ I just noticed this while in my Royal Mint Bullion holding today, I cant recall it being brought up here before. They will buy back gold bullion coins and bars for 96% of spot which is fair enough i suppose (Although we know we can normally get a 1% or 4% better elsewhere from the other established bullion players Atkinsons, HGM, Chard, BBP) Looks like Royal Mail Bullion they are diversifying their business model yet further, in addition to them offering world bullion coins last month Better still get 100% of spot here on the forum and cut out the middle men !!
  7. I'm surprised the lame stream media have not blamed Russia for stealing it to order for Kim Jong Yung
  8. You might find one below spot in German I hear on good authority
  9. Many @arshimo2012 forum gold sales for not being fast enough on the keyboard !
  10. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4395042/Collector-finds-2million-worth-gold-bullion-tank.html A military buff who bought a tank on eBay for £30,000 could not believe his eyes when he found £2million in gold bars hidden inside. The five gold bars, hidden in the diesel tank, are believed to have been looted by Iraqi soldiers during the invasion of Kuwait in 1990. Nick Mead, 55, runs Tanks-a-Lot on a site in Helmdon, Northamptonshire and was restoring the Chinese-made T54 tank to add to the collection of 150 military vehicles. The vehicle was restored by previous owner Joe Hewes, 23, who replaced its tracks and fixed its engine without ever discovering the valuable booty inside.
  11. From BBP's email today "Gold jumps 1.3% overnight after US airstrikes in Syria The gold price has jumped 1.3% (£+13.00/oz t) after US President Donald Trump gave instruction to launch a missile attack on military targets in Syria. The overnight surge means that gold has increased by 2.05% (£+20.43/oz t) in the last seven days. The attack, in response to chemical attacks on Syrian civilians believed to be carried out by President Assad, marks a change in US foreign policy towards the Syrian civil war. Throughout his election campaign, Trump indicated that warmer relationships between the USA and Russia would be a priority during his tenure. However, missile strikes on one of Russia’s allies has put this in doubt with Dmitry Peskov, spokesman to Vladimir Putin, condemning the attack. Russia has suspended its air safety agreement with the USA in response. Investors will watch the situation in the Middle East closely over the coming weeks, with the conflict’s potential to escalate seemingly higher than ever before. Similarly, the outcome of Trump’s meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping today could have an effect on financial markets. Investors will be interested to see if Trump maintains his hostility towards China, having accused them of currency manipulation and of ‘raping’ the American economy. "
  12. probably the Trump shennanigans going on in the middle east making headlines around the world
  13. Three Times the Square Root of Sweet Felicity Arkwright for me from EARNIE this month ! But i did withdraw £200 worth to put towards x3 Peter Rabbit proofs I got - so swings and roundabouts i suppose
  14. Herr Farage - giving the EU parliament 'what for' earlier today