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  1. 2017 Indian sovereign availability?

    24,340 INR =286.641 GBP Indian Rupee 1 INR = 0.0117765 GBP ↔British Pound 1 GBP = 84.9147 INR
  2. What would you do in my situation?

    @austack Here is some simple mathematics to use through your life - if you like what you see, it only takes a seed to grow to a massive oak. This is based on buying one full sovereign per month, at minimum Start work 18 - retire at 65 (although it will be much higher in years to come) This gives you x47 working years x47 times x1 sovereign each month (x12) = x564 sovereigns in your nest egg, without really trying too hard at current dealer buy back today of roughly £230 per sovereign today gives you nearly £130,000 of value in you stack, if you had started in 1970 (x47 years back) You will buy on highs but also catch the lows. Guaranteed x564 sovereigns will be worth "£ something" and will always have value. plant your first seed from your first months pay packet. I have used sovereigns as the example, but you could use £ cash savings, pensions, stocks purchases. Where you can benefit from compounded interest, just a shame interest % are so low these days. Sadly sovereigns dont pay dividends and is a barbarous relic to some
  3. Youtube PM Videos

    I you are new to precious metals, this gives a good concise and clear explanation of why it is wise to hold some precious metals Not overly technical or complicated to understand
  4. Gold buyers

    Mods - another newbie needs punting m'thinks
  5. Gold buyers

    That sounds perfectly fair. What could possibly go wrong
  6. U.K coin shops?

    You have Sharps Pixley in Mayfair and ATS Bullion at the Savoy Hotel - both can be visited in person
  7. Gold buyers

    @leowashing I have £5,000 GBP to start with as an initial investment, as i would hate to miss a good opportunity to make a good profit for little to no risk Do you have a UK representative who can visit me to show me samples and I have assay facility in my home workshop to verify purity ? What is your maximum doray you can supply
  8. Gold buyers

    I missed the boat today It is normally, I , who love to troll a scammer I am still waiting my Doray from George Agdgdgwngo, from the arse end of some banana republic His free assay samples, he promised many moons ago never arrived Must have been lost in post {sigh !} boo hoo NEXT !
  9. Youtube PM Videos

    This appeared in my 'recommended' YouTube viewing list earlier. A great collection by the looks of it Who doesn't like a nice big stack video !
  10. http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-08-21/mnuchin-visits-fort-knox-says-gold-safe http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-08-22/us-treasury-secretary-i-assume-fort-knox-gold-still-there http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-08-24/mnuchin’s-pr-visit-fort-knox-proves-nothing-about-us-gold-reserves USA Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin visits Fort Knox for the first time in 70 years. and https://www.ft.com/content/958a2a84-9314-11e7-a9e6-11d2f0ebb7f0 Stanley Fischer resigns as Fed vice-chairman for 'personal reasons' I wonder what is happening Stateside with these two bits of news Rats leaving the sinking ship ? is it a PR stunt to reassure the gold is there in light of the upside in price the past few weeks? Why visit now, and not any of the past 70 years previous ? Why no photographs of inside vault or audit of vaults contents to reassure the mistrusting public ? Is it another hole in the financial dam? We also have had Trump discussing the total removal of the debt ceiling cap. Anyhow, my suspicions aside - Strap yourself in folks and keep stacking. This might not end well here or abroad
  11. question about sovereigns

    Each Sovereign contains 7.3219 Grams Of Gold Sovereigns are constructed of 22 carat gold OR 91.76% purity The remaining 8.24% of renaming metal is 'variant' material that gives the colour appearance differences Different material is used in the modern sovereign to what was used in the older sovereign. They still both hold the same amount of gold
  12. question about sovereigns

    this previous thread will help you out @DaveWheat89
  13. Yay ! and it looks like this thread may have got you a sale !! @Jester Lots of interesting points of views on this thread. Interesting we are not all from the same mould and stack alike or for the same reasons
  14. Very kind offer @morezone - nothing needed for myself Nice for a new, small budget stacker or a for a child wishing to fill a tube as incentive/saving
  15. Nice to read other folks opinions on things