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  1. Hi all As a follow up to my post about this new safety deposit facility last month in Newcastle I thought i would give an update. I have been in and visited and now renting the smallest box. £150 per year payable in advance, (£12.50 month, £2.88 week, £0.41 day) -10% Discount on rentals of 3 years+ -20% Discount on rentals of 5 years+ Any box rents are payable in advance in full, so no direct debits or bank details are needed on set up You can pay by cash to, so minimal paper trail if this is your want. Who may want to keep their box secret from family/wife etc. You can also pay by cheque/credit card/debit card/bank transfer You also have a £100 key deposit to be paid which is returned upon the closure of the box and return of the key. You get free standard insurance cover of up to £10,000 You need photo ID and address proof and submit bio-metric data, face photographs upon sign up ..................................................................................................................................... Impressive place, a cross between James Bond film and Bourne Identity. To repeat some of the points of @SilverTanner the facility is below ground in Cathedral Square in the Cloth Market. Whilst situated in the middle of a big party area of restaurants, pubs and clubs, this guarantees maximum footfall through the day with shoppers & local office workers and also through most of the night 7 nights a week with party revellers into the wee small hours As would be to expected, the places feels very secure at every stage. Very modern, light and bright. CCTV outside building, inside building, in basement. CCTV at every stage inside the facility. Zoned pinch-point areas (ie where you cant enter the next zone until the last zone is closed & locked automatically behind you). x3 privacy rooms within the main vault itself ..................................................................................................................................... If you are a gold stacker only with loose bullion, the smallest box should be sufficient for the life of your stacking for most here under £50k. Loose bullion sovereigns will store 100s of them. 50g and 100g and 250g gold bars will all fit nicely with room to spare for some paper work, cash, passport USB drives Very cost effective The smallest box will quickly fill up if you adding NGC/PCGS slabs,quadrum cases as i took a couple to judge size and how many could be fitted. The next size box up is nearly double the price, which seriously adds to your costs over time. Unless a lottery comes my way, the smallest box will be sufficient for me ongoing I think ..................................................................................................................................... Upon speaking with the staff more in detail, i have been told the vault is the highest grade possible. Grade 7 or 8 i think they said. Build to the custom spec required by the vaults insurers Lloyds of London. Seismic shocks and motion sensors were required to as part of the insurance cover The x3 staff that I have dealt with from sign up and on subsequent visits have all been very professional, courteous, friendly at every stage. All recognised me upon my return which was nice. Hopefully all will be great for years to come and the do good business, my only little worry is them being a newish company but from the looks of the standard of the facility some serious cash has been invested to a very high spec. As with everything, not having all eggs in one basket, but hopefully this basket should be safe for my years to come, for just under £3 a week or the price of pint, this is fair value to sleep soundly your golden goodies are safe & secure Lastly, this video & tour came up on local media of the safe deposit facility & vault in the past month with an interview with the company director (no need to have a facebook account to view the vid) https://www.facebook.com/madeintynewear/videos/vb.1459361290990991/1896393110621138/?type=2&theater
  2. here here !! i'm like a kid who has missed Christmas Day here
  3. Use what works for you, just dont have all your eggs in one basket and have everything in one place
  4. for those with trust issues & fondness for anonymity from family/spouses Step 1 - Rent safe deposit box Step 2 - Place your precious metals acquisitions & invoices in safe deposit box Step 3 - Make a mental note of all your purchases & keep stumm
  5. Even a stopped clock is right twice a day I have been listening to Andrew Maguire on KWN for nearly 10 years, he talks in riddles and with terms joe public doesn't not know or understand. Throw enough fecal matters on the rotary oscillator and some will stick eventually If it happens it happens. I will still be buying my set amount of PMs each month as I always have regardless of what he says
  6. Price isn't always everything
  7. Its a rather pleasant brew Taylors of Harrogate
  8. I am busy mopping a mouthful of Yorkshire tea off my monitor, thanks to your post @lightjaw
  9. http://goldsilver.be/en/gold/1288-the-five-sovereign-piece-2017.html £5 sovereign just gone 'out of stock'
  10. they can hold all they like, my credit card wont strain any more of these this month ! statement date next week
  11. ah right, you can only add one to your cart currently
  12. http://goldsilver.be/en/recherche?controller=search&orderby=position&orderway=desc&search_query=sovereign&submit_search= they have only x1 of each available £5 sovereign = 2025 euros/£1793 and full sovereign 885 euros/£784 Both OK value inline with what current eBay completed sold items have attained
  13. 2,025 EUR = £1,793.69GBP Euro1 EUR = 0.885772 GBP ↔ British Pound1 GBP = 1.12896 EUR from xe.com The issue price at the Royal Mint originally was £1850 if i recall rightly ?
  14. In my few years experience and many successful dealings on the forum here. Price gold/silver things fairly in line with a combination of spot price, eBay prices (minus 10-15% commissions) similar items the major trusted dealers have and you will get a sale For gold if it between spot and 1-2% would item will sell here, since it is cheaper than any comparable dealer source, HGM typically being the yardstick of cheapness with their +3% on most items Look how @arshimo2012 sells his items, never greedy, always priced fairly, a next day service. I remember buying gold from him and spot majorly spiked that day and I ended buying for well under spot and he didn't welch on the deal, as some seller may have chose to do for more money. He was good to his word and his rep here. Things like this have not only got my business, but he also has guaranteed my business ongoing in future I needed to raise approx £5k last year for some works equipment and did it here via the forum, easily in under 24 hours. So didnt need to arrange financing or loan through banks because I priced to sell and people trusted my reputation here folk could buy with full confidence Also do no underestimate what posting of forum content does to elevate you as a seller, post things of value, post experiences and knowledge, go out out of your way to help people for free, It gets rewarded back to you many times in return. I have sent silver 1oz tubes to members for free, empty proof sovereign boxes, odd sized single capsules folk needed, offered my precious metals spreadsheet to all who wanted it for free Come across as an arrogant so and so on or your are just looking to flip for a quick here and you wont be getting a penny of my business. Sell it via eBay, their none personal in and out checkout policy is perfect to take your capital gains and you wont have the forum tattoo of being a greedy fecka Lastly, I would say three quarters of folk here on the forum are switched onto values and know how to research what things have sold for via eBay so if you appear greedy it simply doesn't result in a sale.
  15. Hgm

    @mr-dead might have something to do with that