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  1. I've bought a forged Finnish Puukko knife from Kainuun Puukko.
  2. . I bought 20 Silver American eagles mixed date and a 50 Chilean Peso. This is my last order this month though. I've spent enough already.
  3. Yes look at this price chart
  4. Hello and welcome.
  5. Have you checked aurinum. Their prices seem ok. especially on the 1/4 oz gold Noah's ark best price I've seen so far.
  6. 1884 Greece 20 Drachmai.
  7. I've bought a Gold Greek 20 Drachma and a empty Bison monster box.
  8. This is what I got in today 4 roosters and a Chiwoo.
  9. Bought a couple of 1 oz silver bars 1974 First National Bank of Evergreen Park Apmex/RMC american flag design Republic Metals Corporation And a year of the rooster bar from Provident metals
  10. Hello and welcome.
  11. Hello and welcome.
  12. They are beautiful. I haven't bought any of the gold ones yet.
  13. Why not a tube of Noah's ark coins or Philharmonics.
  14. 1973 Isle of Man Sovereign. Chard does a great job at packaging I must say.
  15. Hello and welcome.