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  1. 2oz high relief yi soon sin

    Powercoin in Italy has them as well. https://www.powercoin.it/en/oceania-south-pacific/3117-yi-soon-shin-sun-sin-2-oz-silver-coin-10-cook-islands-2017.html?search_query=yi+soon&results=103
  2. Need Advice: Silver Bullion

    Since you live in the US eagles are the best to liquidate. But I believe the cheapest coin on the market are the Niue owls
  3. Today I Received

    1911 Prussia Breslau University 3 Mark
  4. Today I Received

    Unicorn and Black Bull
  5. 2018 Chiwoo pre-order

    This will be delayed guys. I got an email from aurinum and there is a technical issue at the Komsco mint. New delivery date is 16th may. This happened last year as well lol.
  6. Slabbed silver

    Toning does not affect the grade of the coin however milk spotting does.
  7. Lunar 2 w/Privy

    The Dragon was the first year they started with the lion privy. I guess next year will be the last as serie 2 comes to an end. I have a couple of them as well but generally speaking I am not interested in privy coins.
  8. Today I bought.....

    Prussia 1911 3 Mark PCGS MS65 Breslau University. Yeah I am also a collector lol.
  9. Today I bought.....

    I've bought a 2 oz unicorn and black bull. With these two I should be up to date with the serie.
  10. I don't know what you are looking for but plenty of numismatic coins on here https://www.ma-shops.com
  11. Marvel Coins Anyone?

    I watch the movies but I am not interested in the coin series.
  12. Proof coins for investment - worth it?

    For me modern proof coins are not an investment but a collectible. They are for my enjoyment. If I make a profit with them later on then that's fine but it is not a requirement.
  13. Hi guys I am looking for a empty 1/10 oz Philharmonic tube
  14. Hi, I'm Robin from Singapore

    Hello and welcome
  15. Today I bought.....

    Two of the 2018 Chiwoo cheonwang and a 2 oz dragon and griffin.