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  1. Hello... am I in the right place?

    Hello and welcome.
  2. How did i not know about this forum

    Hello and welcome.
  3. Hi all, greetings from Belgium !

    Hello and welcome.
  4. Flip silver for gold

    Why not buy directly a Sovereign. It will cost you less than a tube of silver. Then you don't have to worry about a few pennies profit.
  5. a newb's hello

    Hello and welcome
  6. Silver Deals.....

    Don't know if this is a deal or not. Silver Krugerrand for for 38,74 Euro. https://www.gold-silber-muenzen-shop.de/neuheiten-2016-17/silbermuenze-kruegerrand-2017-50-jahre-anniversary-1-unze.html
  7. Today I received.....

    First coin in the 47 prefecture serie 2008 Hokkaido Silver proof.
  8. Today I received.....

    Japan Dragon Yen Meiji 37 (1904)
  9. I've bought a Japanese kitchen knife.
  10. midnightskirmish - new member

    Hello and welcome.
  11. New member

    Hello and welcome.
  12. Hi Hey Hello!

    Hello and welcome.
  13. 5 gm gold bar

    If you want something seldom seen I would take the 5 gram bar from C.Hafner. Kettner edelmetalle has them only downside is the 24 euro shipping cost.
  14. Today I bought.....

    I've bought the first issue 2008 Hokkaido 47 prefectures Silver proof 1000 Yen. And a Meiji era year 37 (1904) Yen.
  15. Today I received.....

    1 oz silver bar First National Bank of evergreen Park.