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  1. Silver Deals.....

    2008 American Silver Eagle for 16,50 euro deal lasts till 19th February https://www.gold-silber-muenzen-shop.de/silbermuenze-american-eagle-2008-1-unze-999-feinsilber.html
  2. Visiting Japan

    There is Tanaka in Tokyo. It is a jeweler but they sell gold and platinum Bullion. Silver as well but not below 30 KG
  3. I use Opera and no problems for me
  4. Today I Received

    300 gram poured silver Kit kat by Backyard Bullion. I love how chunky it is
  5. Most expensive coin

    My 2018 15 gram panda. I don't go bigger than this with modern Bullion. Maybe one day when I have some spare cash. I might pick up a more expensive historic gold coin.
  6. Realistic price for fractional gold

    https://www.gold-silber-muenzen-shop.de This one especially since some of them command a bigger premium if you buy them elsewhere. There is a cheaper shop in Belgium. But it is not worth it because of the expensive shipping costs
  7. A new US (West Coast) collector checking in!

    Hello and welcome
  8. Realistic price for fractional gold

    The old European 20 franc pieces sell for around 2-3 % over spot
  9. Perth Mint Roman Legion High Relief

    To be honest I think the Spartacus one looks better
  10. Britannia Monster box

    goldsilver.be seems to be the cheapest at the moment
  11. 400oz full stack pic

    Very nice stack that is an impressive feat.
  12. Where Can I pick up good quality 2 escudos from

    Here you go the majority are from spain and Portugal. But there are also from South America on there 2 Escudos
  13. New Be

    Hello and welcome
  14. Hello everyone (from Edinburgh)

    Hello and welcome
  15. Hi from the Netherlands!

    Hello and welcome Maurice