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  1. Kinesis Gold and Silver currency

    I do find it hard to believe that a government would entrust an external force with something that valuable unless it's a place where the government has eyes on it. Any ASE's? Surely it would make more sense for them to hold it in delivery bars?
  2. Kinesis Gold and Silver currency

    With banksters they are where there's money to be made especially with JPM if they say do something do the opposite! As the case with BTC they rubbished it before buying it they've probably offloaded it by now if you're looking at videos about them acquiring large amounts of silver it's either outdated or just plain rubbish. I'm not saying it's impossible but more oftern than not the banks will beat us at the money game.
  3. The effort that goes in to your £12 oz silver

    Don't forget there's under the sea as well but if they were to find an abundance of silver under the sea imagine the negative effect that would have on the silver price.
  4. The effort that goes in to your £12 oz silver

    Well either they find a way to become more efficient or they just stop making silver bars. How up to date is the video?
  5. Retirement...

    Currently living in private rented slowly saving up for a mortgage so quite a way off there and got a couple of minor debts to pay off not through fault of my own I believe it's 11-12k a year after retirement it's work place pension where I pay 5% and employer pays 8% I think got to try and get the most out of them
  6. Retirement...

    I'm 31 been paying into a pension for the past 2 years now around about 40-60ish a month depending on what my hours are I did do a quick check a couple months ago and if I continued with that until retirement age I'd get 11-12000 a year from it which would make me well not any better off. I've got a stack which I'll increase throughout this year if the price is right and might need to go into investments also when the right is right, just signed up to my employers share save scheme so I think I'm on the right track
  7. Today I Received

    These are really helping to bring my average down
  8. Just out of curiosity you reckon there was anyone who held it throughout the 90's in the hope of silver being where it is now?
  9. There's usually a moral to the story.....never give up?
  10. price of silver

    Yes it is manipulated but then isn't virtually everything manipulated? like KDave said done and dusted there's been no retaliation of yet just like North Korea when they were testing their missiles. But still it's worth keeping an eye on in case something does come of it.
  11. Customer Service

    Glad to hear of the positive experience was it a good price? Saw a 1 oz JM bar but seemed overpriced to me at almost £35.
  12. Today I Received

    I've never known anyone to acquire a delivery bar. Shall we have a competition to see who can get one first? I have a feeling I know who might get there first @mr-dead
  13. stack total

    Especially if they keep up the pace of 100+oz of silver each month! Have over 1000oz within a year. Depends on what their goal is.
  14. stack total

    I'd take a guess and say my average is around £20 an ounce recently started stacking 10 oz to reduce that and of course it's more difficult if you're focusing on one make!