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  1. Full silver stack to date

    Seems sensible sir need to get my average down a fair bit before I consider selling any!
  2. Full silver stack to date

    So am I correct in saying you're more of a speculative stacker? Or did you only sell because you felt you had too?
  3. Full silver stack to date

    I've noticed you've been here awhile Mr Dead have you had stacks previously? Or have you only recently purchased?
  4. Full silver stack to date

    I'm nowhere near Mr Deads stack and until recently only stacked 1oz bars, got my first 10 oz bar a few weeks ago.
  5. Full silver stack to date

    I've been stacking for about 5 years and I don''t even have half of that! I've only recently got my first 10 oz! Well done sir and your average is better than mine.
  6. Gold Stacking and Ethics

    Maybe poses the question how did the first gold/silver coin came about?
  7. Yeah I had issues with firefox a couple of years ago now I use chrome
  8. Silvergoldbull

    Well you've come to the best place there are plenty of knowledgeable people here I'm no expert on pamp bars but they are at the higher end of the market I'd say if you paid £106 for 5 ounces that seems pretty good to me!
  9. Silvergoldbull

    £14 on top of the £60? I wouldn't
  10. Silvergoldbull

    Thanks all for your experience with goldsilver bull! You'll get quadruple brownie points if you can provide me with any info on those 1 oz error bars
  11. Silvergoldbull

    Whilst it is a bonus you got consecutive serials and I do have some of the same variety £20 is the max you want to pay especially at todays prices those bars weren't actually produced by JM but were minted by sunshine minting I think.
  12. Silvergoldbull

    £20 per bar depending on which variety is okay does it have JM on the back and the serials begin with a letter?
  13. Silvergoldbull

    What varieties were they? Were they error? Plain back?
  14. Silvergoldbull

    Says in stock. If the link doesn't work just type in johnson matthey in their search bar The description is fairly vague so I doubt they really know what they're dealing with! Purchase This rare find for the best price online! A close look at the serial number will show the error of the letter "A" stamped over the first digit in the serial number. Very few Johnson Matthey bars of this design are estimated to of been made with this particular error. These silver bullion bars are made by Johnson Matthey, a refiner that has been in business since 1817. Renowned the world over for the quality of their products and the reputation that has endured for nearly 200 years. Get your rare find today. These are vintage items and may be tarnished or may have been visibly handled
  15. Silvergoldbull

    That's what I'm thinking chances are would be making a loss so hopefully they'll reduce it!