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  1. Maintaining purchasing discipline

    I say this to myself "remember that even though you want xxxxxx now, another one will come along at some point, and you dont have to buy it now if you dont want to" It just reminds me that even though i want the instant gratification of getting the coin i have fallen for now, there will probably still be one for sale 5, 10, 20 years down the line.
  2. Today I received.....

    It's 9ct gold. Just my dodgy phone cam! 😁
  3. Today I received.....

    Today a present for my daughter arrived, hand made by Ollie. A beautiful thing. Thankyou @Ollie1016
  4. Storing silver bars...

    for 100g bars can i recommend this https://www.amazon.co.uk/iM2050-Black-Storm-Case-Foam/dp/B006B7GJ2Y/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1505938921&sr=8-5&keywords=peli+storm+im2050 looks great, keeps them safe, space for two layers of bars if you want and a bit of space at the bottom too. I keep my 1kg bars in these cases too. makes me feel like a spy
  5. Today I bought.....

    Bought a 1988 pf70 half sov and a 50g pamp gold bar.....thats me done for a while
  6. for sale Graded silver coins for sale- pandas etc

    no worries, if you change your mind i dont mind doing it for £60 as a sign of goodwill because i cant be arsed with silver coins anymore
  7. for sale Graded silver coins for sale- pandas etc

    there you go, cant see any blemishes on the coin, mark under 999 is on the case also my shitty phone camera No marks on any of the coins, no milk spots, all good as far as i am aware. Just dont need them tbh
  8. Going through my stack and getting rid of the stuff that doesn't fit my strategy. All coins need £7 delivery on top, can combine coins so only pay delivery once. 2015 NGC early release panda MS70 £45 2014 PCGS MS70 panda £45 2013 PCGS MS70 panda £45 2014 NGC Proof Libertad PF70 Ultra Cameo £65 2014 w NGC Silver Eagle MS70 £35 Feel free to send me a pm or just add to this thread. Cheers
  9. for sale Sovereigns for sale

    Got quite a few sovs to sell for a family member, and am selling them in batches of 4 in this thread. Delivery is £7 guaranteed, can combine two in a package. Pictures suck, but that my camera more than anything....and the lighting in my new house If you buy it i would prefer payment via paypal gift, just easier. 2002 full sov x 2 £265 each 1903 full sov £270 1888 full sov £270
  10. Today I bought.....

    Thanks for that. I was tempted by the other one for sale too, but i read up on them yesterday, and wanted one that might have actually seen use rather than just being a token. Thats just me. thanks for the comments.
  11. Today I bought.....

    bought an MS63 BG 229 1/4 dollar. Liked the look of it and fancied something different. @Numistacker maybe you can tell me if it was a good buy!
  12. Today I received.....

    Got my 11th kg of silver today. Target for me is 20kg. Should pay for Christmas prese ts for 20 years at retirement maybe....
  13. Today I received.....

    Ah the internet. Where things are taken out of context and people get annoyed because they cant see each others face when they are talking and get the wrong end of the stick. If we had the internet during the cold war we would now be living in a radioactive wasteland.
  14. Today I received.....

    My 300g silver bar from Japan arrived. Love it. Hate thieving uk customs though....