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  1. Today I bought a 2017 half sov and a 1oz gold buffallo. Always liked the look of them.
  2. I changed how i invest this year, and now i only buy 1kg silver bars and the odd silver coin and smaller bar for fun. My reason for doing this is because i like to hold them in my hands, and really wouldnt want to do that with a kg coin. The price difference in buying a kg coin or bar from STG is so minimal when you factor in delivery, that i often pay the extra couple of quid just to be able to get the bar sooner from a UK dealer. My exit strategy is to have 20 kg bars to just sell to a dealer at the rate of one per year in retirement. It will pay for christmas at least. For a more regular income, i still am planning to be able to sell a full or half sov a month for 20 years as a nice little top up in retirement. So far i am about 6 years out of 20 years done. This, on top of the government pension, my two company pensions and my private pension will give me about 20k a year to live on. Hardly amazing, but for me thats the goal.
  3. Haha thanks, i will make sure i get it right in the future!
  4. The only one i ever bought was a proof freedom girl 1oz, which i still quite like. The rest of them are all a bit too "yee haa look at my big gun you filthy foreigners, i hate the government, its all a conspiracy, freeeeeeedum USA USA". Please excuse me to any US members here, i appreciate that these people are a minority, but that's what these coins scream to me.
  5. 1931 50 lira coin bought at the coin fair yesterday. Pretty low mintage for these.
  6. Aha! thankyou
  7. Evening all. I saw on a thread a few days ago that someone had minted a 9ct gold heart for someone. I cant remember who made it though and cant find the thread! Anyone can help? I fancy one for my daughter possibly. Cheers
  8. bought a Tunisia 20 francs gold coin to add to my eclectic collection.
  9. Time for something different from Armenia
  10. Bought a 10oz maple. Got to say, very very nice in person.
  11. Bought a 4 ducats austrian coin. Its been on my list of "i want one of those if i ever have the money" coins for a while.
  12. I started about 5 years ago I reckon. For me it was that I had finally found a way to save money. I am utterly terrible at saving, and if I have easy access to money it just goes. With silver and gold it has made it much easier for me to save. If I want to sell any it can't be done instantly, and gives me the opportunity to rethink my decision. I am small time compared to many I am sure, but have managed to put away a 5 figure sum in gold and silver. It's also a hobby. I enjoy the different designs, and I try to buy more unusual items in gold. Finding weird stuff is interesting to me. Got one of these on the way for example http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ARMENIA-5000-DRAM-GOLD-COIN-BUNC-2016-Vardan-Mamikonian-/172398638390?hash=item2823c27536:g:1lwAAOSw~oFXLggn
  13. 1kg rmc silver bar. Only buying kilo bars nowadays. Can't be arsed worrying about milk spots or tarnishing etc on coins.
  14. This is why a place like this forum is even more Important. Somewhere where trusted people can buy and sell to each other.
  15. Possibly.. ..