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  1. NGC Grading Submissions Open

    2 coins sent today. Hopefully they will arrive tomorrow. Hoping that one of them won't get a "clipped" designation but I think it will
  2. How ridiculous is this getting?

    Voyager was my favourite personally. Enterprise i couldnt stand... Discovery is pretty good, apart from they seem to be trying to please everyone by shoehorning people in. Each to their own i suppose. I cant believe no one has mentioned Babylon 5....a hugely under rated show with a whole consistent storyline throughout the different series.
  3. Midlands Coin Fair to buy bullion gold?

    I was at the coin fair yesterday, I normally go. If you are looking for cheap, then this isn't the place to go. If you are after unusual and rare, then it's worth it. That being said there is a good chap with his daughter always near the entrance who does coins at very reasonable premiums. Look out for the chap with a goatee type beard with his daughter. I have bought quite a bit off him.
  4. Starting a stack

    Welcome to the forum. As others have said, perhaps aim for gold initially. Buy a half sovereign. See if you like it. Gold has the added benefit of being easier to sell close to if not more than what you paid for it. With silver there is always the issue of vat if you buy from the UK, or delivery if buying from abroad. That being said, i started with 1 silver 1oz coin and my "hobby" (bloody expensive one) grew from that. Now i only buy silver bars, and really only 1kg ones. I might buy the odd 100g bar but thats it. The thing that really drove me away from silver coins were the issues with toning/milkspots/badly made proofs (looking at you Royal Mint). I didnt want to worry about if my silver coin proofs were losing money just because they were badly made at the mint or that i stored them incorrectly! With bars it helps as i dont give a stuff if its toned, spotted whatever, and when you come to sell them many people wont care either. Also i can hold them and pretend i am an international crime boss mwuhahaha. Gold bullion coins on the other hand are great as again, with most of them you are just paying for the gold, and not a hyped up design. they are liquid and easy to see and you can get them with low premiums over spot. Ignore "CGT FREE!" signs on websites. Unless you have a shitload to spend, CGT will probably never become an issue. And even if it does...well....there are ways.... So my advice with your budget would be to get either a sov/half sov or a silver bar. Look out for "coin bars" which are silver bars that have a nominal currency value which helps to give them a lower vat rate when buying from abroad. My 2c.
  5. Gold gilded 2000 china 1 oz silver coin

    This does happen so i wouldn't be at all surprised if it is true. See some of the coins on EMK for example.
  6. Today I Received

    Treated myself
  7. Maintaining purchasing discipline

    I say this to myself "remember that even though you want xxxxxx now, another one will come along at some point, and you dont have to buy it now if you dont want to" It just reminds me that even though i want the instant gratification of getting the coin i have fallen for now, there will probably still be one for sale 5, 10, 20 years down the line.
  8. Today I Received

    It's 9ct gold. Just my dodgy phone cam! 😁
  9. Today I Received

    Today a present for my daughter arrived, hand made by Ollie. A beautiful thing. Thankyou @Ollie1016
  10. Storing silver bars...

    for 100g bars can i recommend this https://www.amazon.co.uk/iM2050-Black-Storm-Case-Foam/dp/B006B7GJ2Y/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1505938921&sr=8-5&keywords=peli+storm+im2050 looks great, keeps them safe, space for two layers of bars if you want and a bit of space at the bottom too. I keep my 1kg bars in these cases too. makes me feel like a spy
  11. Today I bought.....

    Bought a 1988 pf70 half sov and a 50g pamp gold bar.....thats me done for a while
  12. for sale Graded silver coins for sale- pandas etc

    no worries, if you change your mind i dont mind doing it for £60 as a sign of goodwill because i cant be arsed with silver coins anymore
  13. for sale Graded silver coins for sale- pandas etc

    there you go, cant see any blemishes on the coin, mark under 999 is on the case also my shitty phone camera No marks on any of the coins, no milk spots, all good as far as i am aware. Just dont need them tbh
  14. Going through my stack and getting rid of the stuff that doesn't fit my strategy. All coins need £7 delivery on top, can combine coins so only pay delivery once. 2015 NGC early release panda MS70 £45 2014 PCGS MS70 panda £45 2013 PCGS MS70 panda £45 2014 NGC Proof Libertad PF70 Ultra Cameo £65 2014 w NGC Silver Eagle MS70 £35 Feel free to send me a pm or just add to this thread. Cheers