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    Cully got a reaction from 999magnum in Queen's Beasts (Gold & Silver) Photo Thread   
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    Cully reacted to Olliecobs in Today I Received   
    Received this big boy today. Managed to grab it during the little dip in price a few days ago! Loving the weight. 

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    Cully got a reaction from shortstack in Sovereign Photo Thread...   

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    Cully reacted to UraaniBarbaari in Today I Received   
    Bought my first old US gold from the local coin shop. Seeing the great condition and a fair price it was an easy decision. I know nothing about coin grading but the shop keeper was certain it is not cleaned and thinks it would grade MS65-66. Also what I noticed when looking the coin in detail is that the top part of the nose looks 'broken' or 'missing'. If I have done my research right, this is actually a known variety 4-F. Hopefully there will be a chance to get it graded one day.

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    Cully reacted to onlyroadtoheaven in Today I Received   
    More 2017 sovereigns for my tube. Need to crack on with only 2 months of the year remaining.
    Tissue paper courtesy of Atkinsons - I really should start a thread about their customer service!
    Table courtesy of the Royal Mint - you can clearly see the milk spots.

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    Cully reacted to PureGold in Today I Received   
    To keep me up to date
    1 oz Gold Queen's Beast Red Dragon
    1 oz Gold Queen's Beast Unicorn 


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    Cully got a reaction from iodio in Britannia Photo Thread...   
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    Cully reacted to Ansel in Today I Received   
    A lovely '63 shield from @austack

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    Cully reacted to Vern in Today I Received   
      Some like the I.
     I do, all three of them!

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    Cully reacted to sg86 in Today I Received   
    O, and someone delivered a few young heads 
    Have an afternoon of sorting them now!

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    Cully reacted to mr-dead in Today I Received   
    Another Johnson Matthey + Umicore Brasil bar arrived.
    Think thats me officially done with stacking now

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    Cully reacted to MrGeorge in Today I Received   
    Top 3 britannias are the ones that arrived today, came in pouches instead of the capsules 🙁 But well on the road now to hitting my fist milestone of 10 oz

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    Cully reacted to mr-dead in Today I Received   
    A bit of gold porn, the bars are starting to arrive (from Canada).
    Due to shipping insurance limits they ship each bar individually and 2 packages at a time.
    I have another 2 bars due for delivery tomorrow then another 4 bars to come soon.
    Would be cool if I end up with 9 different mints
    Also got a peli case so when all the bars arrive I can pop out the foam squares to fit the bars correctly.

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    Cully reacted to LewisRichards in Today I Received   
    2017 Indian Sovereign.

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    Cully reacted to boon in Today I Received   
    nice '63. I got a '62 this week 
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    Cully reacted to mr-dead in Stacking goals   

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    Cully got a reaction from Ollie1016 in 1962 Full Sovereign £240 (spot price) delivered   
    I'm selling this 1962 full sov as bullion for £240 delivered (uk) 
    Paypal f&f

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    Cully got a reaction from boon in 1962 Full Sovereign £240 (spot price) delivered   
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    Cully reacted to DaveWheat89 in My first piece of gold, full sovereign   
    Finally got round to moving a bit of the silver stack for some gold, Aftee discovering hidden postage costs from ATS Bullion ive ended up with this lustreous 1974 full sov from Atkinsons Bullion mixed date range, got to be at least a 60, thought id get a scratched up one judging from the stock pics they use, my camera isnt really doing it any justice, sony m4 aqua for you! 

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    Cully reacted to Hyunchul in Today I Received   
    Second package. 
    It took ten days for me to receive my 2017 silver libertad BU coins. 
    I got the 2 oz and the 5 oz coin from a local shop but couldn't find the fractional coins, so I had to order them on ebay. 
    Now it matches perfectly with my 2017 gold libertad BU 5 coin set. 
    Looking at the photos I think maybe I should have used the direct fit capsules rather than ait-tite ones. 

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    Cully reacted to BackyardBullion in 100g Hallmarked Silver Forum Bars - Update   
    Did I mention production is coming along very nicely!
    1 bar 100% complete
    120 poured, stamped & ready for hallmarking!

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    Cully got a reaction from MrGeorge in What Watches do you own!!!   
    I went through a phase of collecting Rolex watches. Now I'm down to one, the Submariner.
    Can't complain though they turned out to be a nice little investment

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    Cully reacted to whitesands1 in 2017 Full British Sovereign - India Mint   
    I feel it is really important to record when something goes really well - way beyond your expectations.   We can often get disappointments and sometimes become happy with "average" and tolerant to "poor" levels of service and quality of products.
    @Numistacker posted a fantastic video of a great coin - The 2017 British Sovereign minted under license for the Royal Mint in India with an "I" mintmark.  I don't study coins like others on the Forum but I look for something a bit different. 
    We are all to greater or lesser extents bargain hunters so when you see something that it not too much more than the price of the metal content, is unusual and has caught the eye of Forum members then excitement levels start to heighten. 
    Then you spot the £10 discount code for a new customer and before you know it the email confirming your order is in your inbox!
    Fast forward 24 hours and you have a Royal Mail Special Delivery package in your hand, exactly like you see on the video and you cannot fail to be impressed by the care and attention taken of the packaging.  For my personal experience, you come back down to earth quickly as you think; "This is too good to be true" and then; "Calm down dear, it's only a bullion coin, it must have nicks, dents and scratches" but no, the coins are in lovely condition, they have great definition and you cannot fail to be impressed by the effort that has been made in pre-sales marketing, production, inspection, shipping, sale, payment processing, email order confirmation and then packaging and insured delivery - a lot of elements to get right on a low premium coin.
    So usually in the buying process the story would end here, although there are sometimes a lot of frogs kissed that don't make the Forum because, no one really likes to moan, we are all used to problem coins, sometimes we are embarrassed and sometimes you just can't be bothered with the anxiety of dealing with it any further.
    But no, this happy story does not end here......................
    Fast forward another 48 hours in the real world and there is a further positive development in the coin world!
    A call from Brandon, representing UK Bullion.  An exceptionally polite young man asked me if I had received the package in good order.  He explained his top priority was to make sure that customers were happy with their coins.  We got into conversation and it quickly became very evident that he and UK Bullion really understood the needs of the customers.  He asked me if I would feedback on Trust Pilot, which I agreed to do.  There was a further surprise as part of the process - I will not spoil it for Forum members with orders from UK Bullion, but I felt like I was a valued customer - although this must be a small order for such a big company.
    So from me UK Bullion achieves my very highest recommendation, from first impressions, through fulfilment, to lasting impressions I really cannot find any room for improvement.
    Apologies for the long post, but when a firm goes to these lengths to make you happy then I think this sets a really good standard for Forum members' expectations for buying coins in the future.

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    Cully reacted to KDave in From £12 to £13   
    I don't like it when the price goes up. I already know that gold and silver are a good investment but I don't need the market to agree with me just yet, I am still stacking.
    All a price increase means for me at this point is less ounces in my next order.
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    Cully reacted to sg86 in Today I Received   
    I'm in love, these are gorgeous!  
    2002 + 2017 BU (Quintuple) Five-Sovereigns