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  1. Today I received a jubilee and veil head sovereign, thanks @Heisenberg Also a sovereign case off eBay for my small, but slowly growing collection. 🙂
  2. completed

    I'll have an 1890 & 1896 if still available please.
  3. I received these today, a prize draw win from @fehk2001 2017 Panda and some very nice sweets. That's the new year resolution out the window 😉 Big thankyou to fehk2001
  4. Today I received my prize draw win from @seXes thank you very much.
  5. I'm sure mark on the cheek is just on the inside of the plastic. It's the scratch on the other side that's bothering p me. With these medals being at such a high premium I was hoping for better ☹️
  6. Finally arrived today but I'd appreciate some advice on what to do. I've noticed a couple of marks. The one on the pandas face is just some fluff or something on the inside of the plastic. It's the scratch in the sky that's bothering me as I was hoping to get it graded.