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  1. I'm also in profit with Bitconnect, (you pay your money you take your chance).. 😉
  2. I'm selling this 1962 full sov as bullion for £240 delivered (uk) Paypal f&f
  3. Today I bought.....

    Or the Kookaburra 😉
  4. Wooden lunar presentation box 1/2oz - 10oz. Excellent condition £25 posted (UK) PayPal f&f
  5. completed 10oz Sunshine Mint Bar

    Reduced £159 delivered
  6. I'm selling this 10oz Sunshine minting bar. Asking £165 £159 delivered (uk) PayPal f&f Thanks
  7. Britannia 2017 release date?

    Probably gone back into the melting pot...😋
  8. Today I Received

    Today I received my first pamp bar. Only 5g but surprised at how much detail for such a small bar.
  9. Today I Received

    My India sov also arrived today. A lovely coin really well presented. Thanks for the heads up @Numistacker 👍