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  1. Thought this would be a nice thread to start, I don't think it has already been done (please correct me if I'm wrong). Anyway, please post up any non-standard or above face value coins that you find in your change. I'll kick things off, today I found in my change....... A Jersey brass 1/12 shilling. It's bigger than a 2p by quite a bit, and rather cool. Never seen one before, mintage of 1.2 million so not a huge mintage for a circulating coin.
  2. Danny-boy

    what do you make to this

    No, 54 people have read your posts before and chose not to respond [emoji1]
  3. Danny-boy

    Gold playing cards

    I have some gold banknotes lying around somewhere. Think I have the GBP set of £5 - £50. Pretty cool, but very little gold content. Nice to look at though.
  4. Danny-boy

    BNT - Do not use - Bunch of cowboys - Please read

    Why is the price still £799? Should it not now be £640?
  5. Danny-boy

    Today I bought.....

    You just bought 4 coins at a car boot and your stack photo shows 5 coins in total. Which two coins do you have BBP authenticity for? None of those coins, even if silver, are fine silver so will likely be more like 0.84oz I think.
  6. Danny-boy

    Today I bought.....

    If you can get a rest done for free, then go for it. I fear you will be disappointed though buddy. I'd say you'd be lucky to have 2oz of actual silver in your stack.
  7. Danny-boy

    Today I bought this good. Buy or Bad ???

    I think the seller did well at £45. These coins are not particularly sought after, notoriously hard to sell, and rarely fetch much more than about £20.
  8. I'm not sure Roy. I am thinking of putting some more in, but still to make my mind up. I get crypto coins, I have some, I have made money, it's just difficult to sell (apart from BTC & LTC).
  9. Me. I bought bitcoin at £175, sold at £850. Bought sovereigns.
  10. Danny-boy

    Making a Will

    As an aside, if anybody has any AA products (breakdown cover, insurance etc), they usually have a free will writing service. I did ours last year, they send it to a solicitor for checking, you make the amendments and then print & get it witnessed. You can change your will manually as long as you sign each change.
  11. Danny-boy

    Tapatalk pic loading test

    The paper clip attach works.
  12. Danny-boy

    2017 Portrait of Britain £5 Silver Proof Set

    Ha ha, you know me too well.
  13. Danny-boy

    Metal Detecting

    I think I'd be fairly disappointed with 5p and a bullet casing to be honest!!!
  14. Danny-boy

    silver prices

    Craig, with all your expertise, I'm surprised you were asking for £16 silver the other day!! Especially as you see it being worth around £10. Strange chap
  15. Danny-boy

    i've made a naked lady, what do you think?

    She looks a bit like.........
  16. No, but they won't take silver or gold either. Put it in a paper wallet somewhere safe and you do "hold it".
  17. Danny-boy

    Hot weather

    I'm in Minorca. It's ace.
  18. I paid £3.72 per LTC when I bought.
  19. Yeah, enjoying watching these altcoins at the moment.
  20. Do we know for sure that the refurbishment did pass fire safety standards?
  21. I'm in the construction industry. We have something called "Value Engineering ". When a project comes in from tender over budget (often an unrealistic budget), VE begins. Expensive things are re-specified cheaper, from the same or a different manufacturer. Corners are often cut, because if you can't get the building built (or refurbished) for the money the Client is willing to spend, then it doesn't get built and the project is shelved - nobody in the project team gets any fees. Building Control, on most projects, have had to take on the Fire Officer role also, due to cuts, so the fire brigade generally get no direct say in anything but the largest buildings (maybe £50M plus). Building Control have so much to look at and approve, lots gets missed. LOTS. 90% of my role is compliance inspections, and on nearly every project, I pick up numerous items that BC have missed. I'm a dog with a bone, I will not let anything slip the net, regardless of who has to pay to put things right. If I had £5 for every time I have picked up something that could cause serious injury or death, I'd be sitting by the Med right now.
  22. Danny-boy

    Smok vape

    Exactly what I was going to say Carlos. I have been vaping for 7 years and not touched a cigarette in that time. The new sub-ohm stuff is very strange to me. I'm on 18mg but only use 1.5ml a day.
  23. Danny-boy

    New Member Midlands