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  1. Got a link to one of them?
  2. I'd take one off you for my daughter, she was born on the same day as Prince George. For the right price of course.
  3. Hi all, Got a 50% off FVF voucher this morning, good till 12th December on up to 100 listings. Anybody else get this?
  4. completed

    Same here!!!
  5. Just wondering if anybody liked these coins or has a full set thus far? I have the most recent 4 but am still waiting on a sensible price for the first 3. They really are stunning coins and super low mintage. Mintage of only 5000 from 2008 to 2012, then rose to 10000 for 2013 and 2014. It pains me to pay £100/oz for 2009 and 2010, and the 2008 goes for £250 odd. Wish I hadn't started this set. Ha ha
  6. No problem at all, it's Slovakia. I truly believe that tourism is going to take off in north Slovakia over the next 10 years. Great hiking, superb skiing, €1 half litre beers etc etc. We'll be buying in Slovak Paradise (Slovensky Raj) which is stunning.
  7. We would, but it actually works out cheaper to buy a built house [emoji15] Flights aren't as budget as they used to be, but still reasonable, not cheap at Christmas though. Ugh. But we have to go back to see family anyway, so it is whatever it is.
  8. Hiya Roy, Yes, in my wife's homeland. We have mom & dad there along with a huge family. Luckily, dad is a plumber / handyman/ ex policeman who knows everybody and is very good at building etc. The house would be for our & family use only, and her mom & dad have already agreed to look after it. Plan is to buy close to the national park, so family can use as a hiking base or weekend getaway. £50K should buy a decent 3 bed with land, probably need work but we have that covered. Just need to crunch the numbers and start saving!!!! £ being weak against the euro doesn't help matters [emoji1]
  9. Yes, I have been paying into mine for 23 years now. Since I have more expendable money lately, I have been increasing my contribution by 1% each year and am now at 5% with a 2% employer contribution. I'll continue increasing until I'm at 8% which will be 3 years. I believe in 2019, my employer will be required to increase to 3%, giving me an 11% overall contribution plus government money. We are also currently costing up buying a property in Eastern Europe to diversify. And my metals will just sit there too now, I'm unlikely to add to them unless there is a significant downturn in price.
  10. Yes mate, loose in the tubes.
  11. That's a good start [emoji1]
  12. Exactly.
  13. completed

    Ok, I'll have a think.
  14. completed

    Any movement on price?
  15. I'd say 925 would be better, just my opinion. Would it cost a lot to hallmark every domino?
  16. @morezone OUCH!
  17. Also, personally I'd want each domino hallmarked.
  18. I love the idea. I'd want standard size dominos and let the weight be whatever it would be. Silver, with pressed centre line and recessed black dots. Lovely.
  19. Two out of sixty isn't too bad, there are others with very tiny spots but these two were by far the worst. Overall, pretty pleased to be honest. Two like that, some others with tiny spots, but overall not as bad as I imagined.
  20. Ouch.
  21. Mine arrived yesterday. Going to dig my 60 coins out of storage today and see how many have spotted [emoji30]. Any guesses?