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  1. Thought this would be a nice thread to start, I don't think it has already been done (please correct me if I'm wrong). Anyway, please post up any non-standard or above face value coins that you find in your change. I'll kick things off, today I found in my change....... A Jersey brass 1/12 shilling. It's bigger than a 2p by quite a bit, and rather cool. Never seen one before, mintage of 1.2 million so not a huge mintage for a circulating coin.
  2. I think he means the Germans get charged 7% when they import which impacts on their sale price. You won't get charged import duty or tax when you import within the EU.
  3. for exchange

    10oz bars gone. Everything else still available to swap.
  4. Hi all, As above, I have some silver to sell and I'm planning to buy sovereigns. If anybody is interested in moving some the other way, let me know. I have plenty I'd be willing to swap across, but not limited to...... Kilo lunars & kooks 10oz bars 1oz pandas 1oz other coins, maples, birds of prey, noahs, eagles etc 2oz queens beasts 1/2kg bar 100g bar Proof libs Etc. Give me a shout and we can talk numbers.
  5. for exchange

    Also, and not aimed at you Pete, but I won't be negotiating in the thread. I have said what I have, how I will value both parties offerings, and what I wish to swap for. If anybody is up for it, let's chat via PM. I'm happy to be more specific on my coins and quantities in the thread. Cheers all
  6. for exchange

    Pete, See above for panda. I already said how I would determine the fair swap price. The kilo coins are....... 2015 Kookaburra 1kg x 5 2015 Koala 1kg 2014 Lunar Series 2 Horse 1kg 2015 Lunar Series 2 Goat 1kg x 2 2016 Lunar Series 2 Monkey 1kg x 2 11 kilo coins in total. If I'm honest, I only really want full sovereigns - the halves I would have to re-swap at some point for full so I'd rather skip that step if possible. It depends on the numbers I guess, but I doubt there is anybody who would value two halves less than a full.
  7. for exchange

    It's a tray of 15 x 2016's mate.
  8. for exchange

    Pete, I don't feel spot for spot is fair, as you can't buy silver for the same low premium as you can gold. lI'd be looking at pricing sovereigns by HGM, which is a fair buy price. I'd look at pricing silver at the relevant "available to buy" price. So either STG sale price or eBay minus 13% fees, whichever is more applicable. So in short, I'd be looking for a value swap, open to negotiation on both sides of course. It would depend on what silver is being swapped, and would be dealt with on a deal-by-deal basis.
  9. Hi all, As per title, I have some 2014 10oz Koalas for sale, in the original mint capsules. In perfect condition. There are 11 available, I'm asking £170 each including recorded postage. PM me, can ship on Friday. Thanks
  10. completed

    Ha ha. Unfortunately not mate, just a service & brake pads [emoji1]
  11. completed

    10 sold, I'll keep the last one for posterity. This can now be closed.
  12. completed

    I'll drop to £16/oz for sizeable orders.
  13. completed

    Discounts for multiple.
  14. Dude, I love you [emoji1] Man after my own heart.
  15. No, I know mate. I was just highlighting my perceived differences between "costing money" and "wasting money". It's all subjective [emoji1]
  16. I'm not sure I agree about "wasting money", losing money may be more accurate in my opinion. I don't feel it's a waste of money if you gain huge enjoyment from it. And losing money is the word indeed. I bought my new car for £28K. Less than 3 years and 40K miles ago, a customer rolled off the forecourt in the same car after parting with just over £62K. That's a £34K loss over 3 years, or over £11K depreciation a year. In my 3 years ownership, I won't lose a fraction of that and I will get massive enjoyment from it.
  17. I know somebody with a grey one of those, it's off the scale!!!! Fuel consumption is scary at best.
  18. Insurance is £850 with protected no claims & business use. Not too bad.
  19. Thanks MS. Not a clue on insurance, not even had a quote yet [emoji15]. I'll have a look later and report back. Thankfully I have about 13 years no claims but we will see on price. I looked at the 350z years ago but never ended up in one. I have had German for 20+ years now and don't intend on changing. You get what you pay for I guess. Hopefully I won't need too many parts [emoji1]
  20. Nice mate, awesome engine. The A7 is replacing my current 2015 E220 AMG Sport Night Edition. E class was good but the 2.5D engine is weak and boring, and the automatic gearbox is hesitant at best. Think you made an awesome choice pal. Hope I don't get through tyres too quickly [emoji15]. 275/30 R21 are over a grand for a set of four, plus fitting. Ouch!!!
  21. Thanks mate, it's a Black Edition.
  22. Thanks buddy. What car did you go for? Bet you are excited!!! I get mine on the 28th Feb.
  23. Today I bought a new car....... Excited!!!
  24. 15% fees might harm you here. Seller gets about £16.50 per ounce at £290 for 15oz, and has to pay to ship them. With spot at mid 14's, you may struggle.
  25. Be grateful, it's where this place started!!!