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  1. Thought this would be a nice thread to start, I don't think it has already been done (please correct me if I'm wrong). Anyway, please post up any non-standard or above face value coins that you find in your change. I'll kick things off, today I found in my change....... A Jersey brass 1/12 shilling. It's bigger than a 2p by quite a bit, and rather cool. Never seen one before, mintage of 1.2 million so not a huge mintage for a circulating coin.
  2. completed

  3. Hi all, I have a 50oz lot to get rid of. Only looking to sell as a single lot. Consists of a milky 2oz queens beast lion, 25 mixed maples & birds of prey, 14 Noah's, 8 eagles and a 1oz Indian / buffalo round. QB is definitely milky, the 25 mixed have some milk, the rest is pretty milk free I think. Anyway, looking for £16/oz plus postage, which would be £12 special delivery. So all in, £16.24/oz. Cheers
  4. completed

    Reduced to £16/oz including postage. That's £800 for 50oz of non-scrap silver.
  5. That'll be a no then [emoji1]
  6. completed

    Still for sale.
  7. Lol. Probably a good thing you didn't know it. I'm keeping quiet [emoji1]
  8. Is that not a "teenth"? As in half of an 8th or a 16th of an ounce?
  9. Absolutely no way that's a £3K plate.
  10. If any of you melters / makers are looking for pot-fodder, give me a shout as I have 50oz in coins to get rid of.
  11. Ah I see, sorry. Yes, I can see it on Tapatalk.
  12. I can see it. Woof
  13. for sale

    Nice price.
  14. completed

    All gone I'm afraid mate.
  15. completed

    No problem buddy. I have a fair few kilo coins available, think there are about 12 of them. 2015 Kookaburra x5 2015 Koala 2014 Lunar Series 2 Horse 2015 Lunar Series 2 Goat x2 2016 Lunar Series 2 Monkey x2
  16. completed

    I can do bigger coins for £17/oz plus shipping. Plenty available.
  17. completed

    Nice one guys. Maybe you need a kilo coin to go with that RichRock? [emoji12]
  18. Big drop for a Thursday!!!
  19. Never even seen an advert on Tapatalk, didn't realise it's a thing.
  20. I'm getting no adverts at all using Tapatalk.
  21. Best of luck with the business buddy.
  22. Thanks HH Sounds like there's not much very interesting there. The top two 50's are a Beatrix Potter and a Battle of Britain one. Appreciate your views mate.
  23. Hi all, Just noodled my savings, would appreciate you seasoned noodlers having a look over these for anything worth bothering with....... Cheers all.