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  1. £1603 on the coin base chart now!!!
  2. And now it seems flatline. Not seen that before.
  3. They are all on paper wallets in the safe, as my BTC was before I sold it. Assume that's ok?
  4. Approaching £700 now [emoji15]
  5. Quite fancy putting a few quid on some new altcoins as my previous speculation worked quite well. But which ones???
  6. Are there any bitcoin in the wallet?
  7. Wow thanks MZ, that was really kind of you mate - it takes an age on the phone!!! Looks like the Doge did best, I nearly bought way more of them too. I'm very surprised they all still exist, I may just leave them all and see how they perform over the next few years.
  8. Maybe I'd better check my "altcoins". I have 290 blackcoin, 100,000 Doge, 10 litecoin, 1700 quark and 200 vert. I bet most of them don't even exist now [emoji1] BLACK Current holding 290 BC Cost of holding £22.09 DOGE Current holding 100k Doge Cost of holding £14.40 LITE Current holding 10 LTC Cost of holding £37.28 QUARK Current holding 1700 quark Cost of holding £10.03 VERT Current holding 200 vert Cost of holding £11.02 I'll check later and see how much I'm worth [emoji1]
  9. for sale

    Revised quantities as below: - 2 x 2oz Queens Beast Griffin - £38 each in capsules. 29 x 2oz Queens Beast Lion - £36.50 each in capsules. 2015 Proof WMF Kookaburra in presentation case - £40.00 Prices do not include shipping, will ship at buyers request. Discounts can be discussed for larger orders. Payment by bank transfer or PPF&F, preferably PayPal. Thanks
  10. wanted

  11. wanted

    Maybe it's a little play on the OP's username? Don't worry about Roy, he's utterly harmless.
  12. Not visible on Tapatalk
  13. I can see both on Tapatalk