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  1. Hi all, Just noodled my savings, would appreciate you seasoned noodlers having a look over these for anything worth bothering with....... Cheers all.
  2. I'd at least have bought two different colours [emoji1]
  3. Trouble is, we are experts. There are hundreds of other expert groups out there that share the same annoyance at replicas on eBay. Not sure what eBay can do really, it's not just counterfeit coins that are listed.
  4. Mike, it's "Pandas", not "Panders". Sorry to be a pedant.
  5. for exchange

    Yeah, no probs. Let me know what you fancy and I'll give you a price.
  6. ShortStack. Bet you are excited mate. There's some very nice cars being released at the moment!!!
  7. Nice SS, when do you get it?
  8. for exchange

    Bump Happy to swap any gold.
  9. for exchange

    I have about 60 lions and 5 Griffin. None of the coins are damaged as far as I can see.
  10. for exchange

    Bump. Interested in any gold, not just sovereigns.
  11. I think he means the Germans get charged 7% when they import which impacts on their sale price. You won't get charged import duty or tax when you import within the EU.
  12. for exchange

    10oz bars gone. Everything else still available to swap.
  13. for exchange

    Also, and not aimed at you Pete, but I won't be negotiating in the thread. I have said what I have, how I will value both parties offerings, and what I wish to swap for. If anybody is up for it, let's chat via PM. I'm happy to be more specific on my coins and quantities in the thread. Cheers all