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  1. No, but they won't take silver or gold either. Put it in a paper wallet somewhere safe and you do "hold it".
  2. I'm in Minorca. It's ace.
  3. I paid £3.72 per LTC when I bought.
  4. Yeah, enjoying watching these altcoins at the moment.
  5. Yes, I have some LTC.
  6. Do we know for sure that the refurbishment did pass fire safety standards?
  7. I'm in the construction industry. We have something called "Value Engineering ". When a project comes in from tender over budget (often an unrealistic budget), VE begins. Expensive things are re-specified cheaper, from the same or a different manufacturer. Corners are often cut, because if you can't get the building built (or refurbished) for the money the Client is willing to spend, then it doesn't get built and the project is shelved - nobody in the project team gets any fees. Building Control, on most projects, have had to take on the Fire Officer role also, due to cuts, so the fire brigade generally get no direct say in anything but the largest buildings (maybe £50M plus). Building Control have so much to look at and approve, lots gets missed. LOTS. 90% of my role is compliance inspections, and on nearly every project, I pick up numerous items that BC have missed. I'm a dog with a bone, I will not let anything slip the net, regardless of who has to pay to put things right. If I had £5 for every time I have picked up something that could cause serious injury or death, I'd be sitting by the Med right now.
  8. Exactly what I was going to say Carlos. I have been vaping for 7 years and not touched a cigarette in that time. The new sub-ohm stuff is very strange to me. I'm on 18mg but only use 1.5ml a day.
  9. completed

    Sold, thanks
  10. completed

    Taking postage off, this is under spot now.
  11. completed

    Bump - spot is up, price remains
  12. completed

    No capsule, it's bullion not proof. Cheers
  13. completed

  14. completed

    £240 inc special delivery.