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  1. for sale

    Great prices
  2. completed

    Reduced to £16/oz including postage. That's £800 for 50oz of non-scrap silver.
  3. That'll be a no then [emoji1]
  4. completed

    Still for sale.
  5. Hi all, I have a 50oz lot to get rid of. Only looking to sell as a single lot. Consists of a milky 2oz queens beast lion, 25 mixed maples & birds of prey, 14 Noah's, 8 eagles and a 1oz Indian / buffalo round. QB is definitely milky, the 25 mixed have some milk, the rest is pretty milk free I think. Anyway, looking for £16/oz plus postage, which would be £12 special delivery. So all in, £16.24/oz. Cheers
  6. Lol. Probably a good thing you didn't know it. I'm keeping quiet [emoji1]
  7. Is that not a "teenth"? As in half of an 8th or a 16th of an ounce?
  8. Absolutely no way that's a £3K plate.
  9. If any of you melters / makers are looking for pot-fodder, give me a shout as I have 50oz in coins to get rid of.
  10. Ah I see, sorry. Yes, I can see it on Tapatalk.
  11. I can see it. Woof
  12. for sale

    Nice price.
  13. completed

    All gone I'm afraid mate.
  14. completed

    No problem buddy. I have a fair few kilo coins available, think there are about 12 of them. 2015 Kookaburra x5 2015 Koala 2014 Lunar Series 2 Horse 2015 Lunar Series 2 Goat x2 2016 Lunar Series 2 Monkey x2