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  1. Today I bought.....

    What a Beauty...
  2. Hello everybody

    welcome to our club Dennis...there is a lot of information you can learn from this site
  3. 200 Anniversary "Strike on the day" Sovereign

    they weRe in a gold rush situation in those days in Australia..why the worry of security shipping gold across Australia then docks then UK when it was easier to just make coins in Australia
  4. completed FIRESALE

    hi will you take £70 for the last 2 you have left
  5. its my garage. Had to leave the car outside
  6. cool thank you morezone. Now a real serious collector would start of his stash like this...
  7. yes I know the mint has some because they are the ones minting them. But mine were £300 cheaper..my question was do they make 250 sets and wait to sell or only make them as and when they need them
  8. Hi this set says 250 mintage. Is it there are already 250 sets minted or are they making them as each order comes in please. I am asking because I have bought a set from a well known 3rd party but time from payment to collection could be nearly 2 weeks
  9. Hi all, greetings from Belgium !

    hi welcome to our forum
  10. silver prices

    today again. Silver price smashed down again. Been like this now for 6 months..as soon as it starts to rise. Someone somewhere smashes it down again. Perhaps I should stick to gold
  11. 2017 Britannia proof

    I hope everyone hates the design of the new Britannia set then hopefully my 6 coin set with 250 mintage may become 25 mintage woo hoo quid's in he he
  12. 2017 UK Bicentenary Piedfort Sovereign

    I hope things work out as I have just decided and bought the 6 coin Britannia set better be perfect for that kind of money lol
  13. New marsh gold sovereign book

    Is there any chance of doing a group buy of the new marsh book. Atm £35 from publishers
  14. who really knows

    Just curious who ever checks their slabbed coins to be genuine like I see companies advertising...Proof coins graded by The South African Gold Coin Exchange...are we really 100% or will be save that coin for 20 years ..then pass it to children for another 30 years only then to find out its fake. Could we all be holding millions of pounds worth of fakes. Just curious