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  1. wanted 1956 sovereign

    pulling your leg Steve lol
  2. wanted 1956 sovereign

    was willing to pay double spot..probably loads on e bay lmao
  3. wanted 1956 sovereign

    1953 sovereign wanted..:)
  4. Broadband Speeds

    I have virgin media too at 200 mb/s but get about 212 mb/s even stream 24 hrs a day
  5. wanted Silver Pandas

    whats that in pounds jester please ?
  6. Making first purchase from Atkinsons

    I bought 4 2017 sovs from Atkinson's..everyone in perfect condition and well packed
  7. Stacking goals

    2x personal stack records..hmmm...5 kilos of gold and a full Lego build of Buckingham palace ?
  8. Unknown hallmarks

    correct..EP means electro plated silver
  9. completed Silver 20% under spot POSTED

    damn..always the last one to spot a bargain he he. If the guy finds his bank account has been permanently frozen. Look me up lmao
  10. ATS Bullion?

    I bought 4 2017 sovs with the 200th anniversary mark from them. Cheapest price.. kept me informed with e mails and packaged very nicely..100% pleased and will not hesitate to buy from again
  11. Hello silver people

    hi and welcome
  12. Where are all the 2017 1/10 oz gold libertads

    8 in stock at apmex..$156.71 very sorry my stupidity they have some but not that year DOH
  13. Today I bought.....

    What a Beauty...
  14. Hello everybody

    welcome to our club Dennis...there is a lot of information you can learn from this site