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  1. Was it not the germans and other EU countries threatening us with tariffs over brexit..now they are being threatened also by USA they are in uproar
  2. 20% off eBay today

    just bought the new marsh sovereign book thanks
  3. For those of you who haven't bought the hardback version about sovereigns by Michael A Marsh here it is for £26 with free delivery https://wordery.com/the-gold-sovereign-michael-a-marsh-9781908828361?currency=GBP&gtrck=cStLbkprZGtibEFCRXNpd215K0pUWjhhSFRZR0ZsdWVzZDBXeW0rSk5HcjFKcFl6VnkxTjFNNllWUGFiV1RuRzlpalV6alB5YUhGSlF4STJhNWxWOVE9PQ&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIib6P3-v51wIVVEAbCh3NMQE1EAQYASABEgIcUvD_BwE
  4. with NK firing a very long missile I thought metals would rise quick..yet gold and silver crashed ?
  5. my dad bless his heart was army all his life passed way 11 months ago aged 75...2 British legion guys arrived at his funeral to play a couple of song for free and a flag banner..teared me up and them..gave them £40 each for their kind gesture ll
  6. congratulations on the raffle idea and to make things even better I won a baby dragon ..well pleased
  7. Selling Gold

    go they have Argos in Israel ? ignore that remark..got gav and gavstick confused...damn bourbon
  8. if silver crashes to less than £11 an ounce im buying as much as I can to go with my 16 kilos lol
  9. wanted 1956 sovereign

    pulling your leg Steve lol
  10. wanted 1956 sovereign

    was willing to pay double spot..probably loads on e bay lmao
  11. wanted 1956 sovereign

    1953 sovereign wanted..:)
  12. Broadband Speeds

    I have virgin media too at 200 mb/s but get about 212 mb/s even stream 24 hrs a day
  13. wanted Silver Pandas

    whats that in pounds jester please ?
  14. Making first purchase from Atkinsons

    I bought 4 2017 sovs from Atkinson's..everyone in perfect condition and well packed