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  1. I haven't been to the London coin fair, but iv'e been to the one in Wakefield a few times. With alot of the dealers traveling between both i think i can say what its like. In my opinion you would be better buying from ebay, sure deals can be had, but they are few and far between. Most of the stuff on offer tends to be for the Numismatic crowd and alot of the dealers only seem to be interested in the bigger spenders. Don't get me wrong it's still a fun day out and you also get to see/pickup coins that are way out of most peoples budget.
  2. I believe so too, but for some reason PCGS/NGC label them all as PR. Even Baldwin/London coins seem to advertise ones they have sold as proof.
  3. Received my Plain Edge Gothic Crown. A (near) perfect coin only ruined by a tiny scratch. Compared to my Undecimo crown.
  4. I can confirm that it nearly did nearly cost the price of a 1oz gold coin.
  5. A 1937 Half Sovereign, graded PR66.
  6. Very Nice. Had my eye on that too, but decided to bid for the 1902 Crown instead.
  7. I did also place a bid on that, but once it went over £2500 I knew I was bidding against people with much deeper pockets. I already have a pretty decent graded one in PR58, but was looking to upgrade and then selling my current one. I love the design of coins from around that era
  8. I do have quite a few high grade coins now, but I only started collecting numi coins from last year so hope to add many more over the next few years. Made a few mistakes buying cheaper coins over last few years. Am now following the quality over quantity rule.
  9. Thanks. He had a lot of nice coins up last week. That Gothic crown he was selling was also very nice.
  10. I have the 1937 £2. Am looking at getting the half sovereign eventually I regret not buying the sovereign last year when the prices were a little bit more reasonable. The £5 on it's own in decent condition is 4-5k, so way out of my league.
  11. Bought myself another Jon Blyth coin, an 1822 King George IV crown graded MS62.
  12. The £5 certainly looks dodgy, although with it once being mounted maybe the detailing has just worn away. Most people bidding will be just after the sovereign. This year the price for the 1937 sovereign seems to have jumped, remember looking at one graded PR62 for just over £2000 last year and now on ebay for a similar grade people are asking £4000. It's actually cheaper to just buy the £2 in a similar grade with more gold content and still the same mintage of 5001
  13. One of the best looking banknotes out there, hope one day to complete the collection.
  14. My most expensive silver coin is my Gothic Crown, works out at around £80 a gram or £2200 an oz.
  15. I don't think it is dead. I think what really lets the UK down compared to the USA & other countries? is the lack of shops either selling coins for the numismatics or people just looking to buy for silver/gold content. The interest in coin collecting is there, just look at how popular the £2 Olympic coins are or how many people started looking through their change in an attempt to find the Kew Garden 50p. As a young person of 25 I started collecting by just finding a 1928 florin, I then found out it contained silver which then put me on the path of collecting for silver/gold content. I now have gone back to collecting coins, some of which are far more expensive than the silver/gold they contain.