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  1. How long did it take? They have had my coins since the 30/5 and am still stuck "In Process" Sent mine to the PCGS USA due to the cheaper prices $32 vs 45 euro, in 5 days time will have been 2 months since I sent them; took 1 month just to get to PCGS. Think in future ill just pay the Europe rate.
  2. Managed to win what I have waited all day for, over the higher estimate, but well below what people on ebay are asking for it.
  3. Very Nice, was tempted to bid on that myself. Lovely toning. Won the below myself.
  4. Unlucky, indeed looks like a perfect florin. Watching the same auction. Want to bid on the 1902 proof set, but I know it's probably gonna go way over the estimate; considering people on ebay seem to be asking for 3-4x the upper estimate. Then I'm gonna end up regretting not bidding on something else earlier on in the auction. In this auction there is also an 1817 sov, estimate of 2-2.6k
  5. I'm pretty sure Blue Streak is retired and not in use by anyone. We only have our own politicians to blame for loosing these jobs, be it Labour or conservative both have not been a friend to UK manufacturing.
  6. Of course RT would say Trident is a failure, its a Russian state controlled news network Trident did have a recently failure, but that is the reason why these missiles are tested to begin with; you can identify issues before you actually need to use the bloody thing in real time conditions. The UK tried it's own missile system and it turned into a failure, too big and too expensive. ie. Blue Streak. The Conservative Manifesto isn't brilliant by any means and personally I wish there was a better party to vote for, but with the only other party coming close to gaining power being Labour the Tories are the best of bad bunch.
  7. Very Nice. I love US bank notes, so much better than the older British bank notes which are pretty bland. The only British bank notes that seem to have character are the colonial ones. I myself won the below one at the DNW auction last month. Anyway today i bought myself two uncirculated sovereigns at the Wakefield coin fair, for a great price too.
  8. Tried the number, problem is the automated system doesnt understand me when i try to say the tracking number Damn my northern accent.
  9. Thanks for number. Have just spoke to Royal Mail who say it arrived in the US on 29th and seems to be stuck in customs. Here's hoping it gets released eventually. Will give it a few more days and if nothing happens will get in contact with them.
  10. What is the advantage of the app to just checking the site? As I say I'm still hopeful, but getting less so as everyday passes, especially when I see nothing except the usual "In-Transit". I don't know who to ring as my tracking number shows up on RM/Parcel force and USPS. Parcel force supposedly handle customer service for USPS but when I ring it says that tracking numbers beginning with RN contact RM. RM is all automated and says to wait as delivery to Europe can take 20 days and the rest of the world longer. Puts me off ever sending anything to the US for grading again.
  11. Yeah nothing. Have sent a "Missing Mail" request through the USPS website, but so far not response. I know some people have had to wait over a month before and I'm having the same issues with FedEx at the minute, albeit the other way USA>UK. (Was shipped 24th last month) I just hope they eventually popup or I've lost 4 of my favourite coins 2 x 2017 sovereign proofs and 2 x 2014 Britannia Proofs
  12. How long do your coins generally take to get delivered to NGC via Royal Mail Tracked & Signed? Reason I ask is I sent some coins to get graded on the 26th of last Month and still have the tracking come up as "In Transit", last scan was on 28th when they were sent to the US. Starting to get worried,
  13. I haven't been to the London coin fair, but iv'e been to the one in Wakefield a few times. With alot of the dealers traveling between both i think i can say what its like. In my opinion you would be better buying from ebay, sure deals can be had, but they are few and far between. Most of the stuff on offer tends to be for the Numismatic crowd and alot of the dealers only seem to be interested in the bigger spenders. Don't get me wrong it's still a fun day out and you also get to see/pickup coins that are way out of most peoples budget.
  14. I believe so too, but for some reason PCGS/NGC label them all as PR. Even Baldwin/London coins seem to advertise ones they have sold as proof.
  15. Received my Plain Edge Gothic Crown. A (near) perfect coin only ruined by a tiny scratch. Compared to my Undecimo crown.